Things I’ve Learned in Legion So Far

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Okay so we’ve had Legion in our greedy little mitts for over a week now, but what have we learned so far? Well let me tell you.

Gul’dan is a bit gullible

So every spec in the game gets its own unique artifact weapon, and for Destruction Warlocks, that weapon is the Scepter of Sargeras. Problem? It’s in the possession of Gul’dan. Oh dear.

It’s up to YOU to infiltrate his forces, sabotage them, nab the fancy stick and make off with it. AND IT WORKS. Eventually you come face-to-face with Gul’dan, and rather than turn you to dust on the spot (you’ve been a thorn in his side for a while now, of course, he KNOWS you and how you’ve foiled all his nefarious schemes), he does this:



He basically does the typical villain thing of “I INSTANTLY BELIEVE YOU!” and tells you and the Nightfallen next to you to fight over who gets to use the scepter while he buggers off to Argus through the portal behind him. He even tells you he might’ve helped that Nightfallen kill you but decided against it.

Yes, he regretted it, as you open a massive amount of portals, decimate his small army, steal his fancy stick and leave him shaking his fist in the wind. Silly Gul’dan.

Khadgar has been perfecting his ways to annoy you


Khadgar pls. Khadgar no why are you here, you CAN’T SIT WITH US.

There’s a crapton to do!

Once you hit level 110 and get Friendly rep with everybody, you unlock your World Quests and BOY OH BOY is there a lot to do! If you’ve been ignoring profession quests too (why?) then you have even more stuff, and honestly this looks like they’ve addressed the whole “there’s nothing to do at level 100!” perception of Warlords. There’s a TON to do! Go do it!

It’s not even “kill 10 badbads” quests either. There are fishing WQ’s, pet battle WQ’s, kill a superpowered boss WQ, even “craft this item then give it to someone” WQ’s! So much to do! So little time. Grind that rep! Grind that artifact power!

I do enjoy grinding, so to speak.

Vanessa VanCleef ain’t dead, yo!


As a lot of people thought/hoped, it turns out you never actually killed her in the Deadmines, or potentially ever even fought her, as you were afflicted with mind-altering poisons at the time! Hallucinations!

She pops up in the Rogue order hall, tries to kill you, fails, and ends up working for you. Happy days! Vanessa is a pretty damn awesome character and I’m glad she makes her triumphant return!

Hunters are even worse now

Barrage seems to be pulling everything ever. Through walls, probably through instance portals or something. It’s maddening, and a poorly-timed/positioned Barrage can end up causing you a lot of trouble. Have fun with that.

SuRrEnDeR tO mAdNeSs!

Priests are dying all the bloody time, and it’s because of this talent. It’s hugely powerful provided you have enough haste to sustain it, and the trouble is, at this stage of the expansion? Nah, that horrible death the tooltip advertises comes a lot sooner than you’d like.


Guards are annoying


Flimsiest disguise ever.


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Invasions invasions invasions. That’s pretty much all I’ve done since they came out, and man am I having a good time! Best experienced in groups with your guild chatting shit on Discord, or at least in my experience, invasions are at the moment the tip-top way to level a character! But what have the invasions taught us? Say hello to Muirisc, the mighty warrior I’ve been spamming these invasions on:


(Muirisc, Muireasc, or Muireasg was a legendary but possibly historical woman who ruled over a territory called Mag Muirisce, because most of my character names MEAN SOMETHING)

Everything has a limit

Or more specifically, Nethershards cap at 2000.


No limit on the amount of treasure chests though, it seems! It’s best to save these as even if you get them at a low level, the items inside scale to the level you opened the box at. I’m gonna get a lot of level 100 shiz, yo.

Hell is other people

I’m “fortunate” enough to be based on Sylvanas EU, which is one of the PvP servers. I know I know, complaining about PvP on a PvP server? How COMMON. But we’re meant to be fighting the Legion here together, stop specifically targeting me and my friends because we’re low level, you level 100 dickheads.

The accidental, passive AoE is less annoying because it’s built into the rotation I guess, but point your Fel Rush elsewhere, and is Barrage really necessary?

(Says the Warrior deliberately Whirlwinding in melee because if you make me suffer, I’m making you suffer too)


It’s really an impressive site when phase 3 begins. We defeat the Demon Lieutenant in Sentinel Hill or Kharanos or wherever, then EVERYBODY mounts up and flies to the bosses and works together, even if they’re not grouped together, to defeat the common foes!

…But that Fel Reaver’s a right bastard, maybe let’s skip that one.

*fel reaver noise*
*fel reaver noise*

The amount of times I’ve been killed deliberately by a Horde as well, and a fellow Alliance person has seen it and obliterated them for me has warmed my heart too. Thanks for killing on my behalf!❤

Eleventh Hour Superpower


In terms of Warlords of Draenor’s relevance clock, it’s 11:50, the curtains are being drawn and we’re putting it to bed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use the tools the game gave us to make us extra prepared for Legion. Invasion gear is item level 700, the weapons go up to 725, the experience gain if below max level is roughly INSANE, Kazzak drops some hefty good shiz, as do the Broken Shore and after quests. Use this time to get your mains and alts prepared for the new expansion. Sure, you’ll probably replace half this gear at level 104 or something (and those weapons 5 minutes in!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the first 3 levels a breeze.

Bear in mind that total time played in the picture above is SLIGHTLY skewed by being on a Panda (meaning being locked into the Wandering Isle, awesome as it is) and a fair amount of AFKing. I have absolutely no doubt someone can do 15-95 (so far) way faster than me.

In conclusion? YOU ARE GOING TO BE PREPARED or something suitably Illidan-themed.

Panda Steve’s Current Pokemon Y Team

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I am progressing slowly but surely in Pokemon Y. I’ve just got my 4th badge, I’ve got a Lucario that I threw in the PC as soon as I could, and I have not got enough fabulous clothes for my character to wear. Important things, yes?

Current Team


Sitting pretty at level 34, Lapras pretty much single-handedly demolished the 4th gym thanks to her Ice Beam move. Apparently of a Docile nature, though she seemed anything BUT docile when she cut an icy swathe through whatever is in front of her.


Doublade is level 39, and his obscenely high attack stat and good movepool so far means he’s probably got something that can knock you down, even if he’s not getting STAB.

Speaking of STAB, despite him being a boy I called him Stabitha.



Deino is level 42. I got him from a Wonder Trade for a Wurmple to my great (lack of) shame. He was a little level 1 powerhouse with Earth Power and Dragon Pulse! Goddamn this line of dragons evolves late.


There are a criminal lack of Golett gifs. Anyway, Tetsujin here is level 30 and a recent addition to the team.



Pangoro is a pokemon that will be in every team I make, because to exclude him would be to invite terrible misfortune upon myself. I mean damn, look how he just throws Meowth like he’s NOTHING.

Penelope the Pangoro is level 37 and likes punching.


At the moment I don’t have a 6th. Ideally I want a Fairy type, and it’s a toss-up between these two, though it looks like Clefairy is winning.

… Damn they’re fighting like Peggy and Pat in Eastenders.

“YOU BITCH!” *slap*
“YOU COW!” *slap*

I’ve put a level 1 Spiritomb up on the GTS for a level 1-10 Clefairy. You know you wanna.

The Positives (and Negatives) of the Prepatch So Far

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Legion’s prepatch has been released for over a week now, enough time for 2 raid test days in the guild, and enough time to begin to form opinions about how I’m going to approach the newest expansion come the end of August. Plenty of positives to draw on thus far, but also a couple of negatives, so let’s get stuck in!

Positive: Warlocks!

Demonology is probably the most fun spec I’ve played in years. It feels great to summon a small army of demons to do my bidding, and the playstyle of the spec itself is very involved. It’s not an easy spec per se, given there’s a lot to track and small mistakes can cost you, but when it all comes together, it’s something very special. It’s kind of lacking in the AoE department mind, but I’m unconcerned about that at the moment.

Demo isn’t the only fun spec, however. Affliction, which I have RAILED on for years as being dull and uninspiring is kinda sorta actually pretty fun now. I don’t know what did it, perhaps the fact that it feels like the DoTs actually hit hard now, or the extra DoT to manage if you take the Siphon Life talent, or that Soul Effigy turns even a boring single target yawnfest into a 2-target multiDoT extravaganza. Affliction is very speedily becoming my go-to offspec of choice. Perhaps… perhaps it’ll displace Demo? Who knows? The fact it has a LOT of survivability too (Siphon Life as a DoT, and Drain Life as filler grant a good amount of healing to you) means it’s the spec du jour for old raid soloing.

However, not all is sunshine and sparkles in Warlock land…

Negative: Warlocks?!

My main spec for the last 4 years, Destruction, just doesn’t FEEL right any more. Perhaps it’s the loss of Burning Embers as the resource in favour of Soul Shards, perhaps it’s the feeling that something’s just… missing? I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something about Destro in Legion that doesn’t gel well with me. It’s sad because as mentioned, for the last 4 years Destro has been my THING, but while Demo is the new hotness and Affliction has gained something, it seems to have been at the cost of Destro’s interest. Perhaps it’s just stagnant? The fact that it hasn’t really gained anything of note could  be the problem I am having. Hopefully the artifact weapon will solve that? I sure hope so.

Destro? No thanks!
Destro? No thanks!

Positive: The Wardrobe!

My transmog items are FINALLY account-wide! I can doll up my low-level characters as I level, I can collect items and looks and clear out my fucking bags and void storage! There’s no excuse for ugly characters now! The UI is really good too, even if sometimes items take a while to load properly. Perhaps that’s just my laptop acting stupid though.

Negative: The wardrobe?!

Gotta go to Firelands.

Gotta get the clothes.

Gotta go to Dragon Soul.

Gotta get the clothes.

Gotta go to Mount Hyjal.

A million waves of adds.

Oh god help me.

Gotta get the clothes gotta be fabulous gotta collect them all WHY WILL THAT HELM NOT DROP GOD FUCKING DAMN YOU

Aysa's upset that Kargath didn't drop The Bladefist AGAIN
Aysa’s upset that Kargath didn’t drop The Bladefist AGAIN

Positive: Pirates and Martial Artists

Windwalker, much like Affliction, seems to not have gained much at all on the face of things, but when you really look at it, it strikes you as being completely different. Combo Strikes, the new Mastery, rewards you for using different abilities in succession, granting 10% increased damage to abilities that aren’t a repeat of the ability that preceded it. It changes the spec from “spam BOK when things are on cooldown” to making you think about what you are actually doing, and rewards increasing the complexity of the spec through active talents. More buttons to press means you’re less likely to repeat an ability, meaning you can keep Combo Strikes going!

Similarly, Outlaw Rogue is the shiny new hotness. It’s certainly very RNG with Roll the Bones, but you know what? I kinda like that. Predictability, while safe, is rather dull, and RtB is certainly unpredictable. I also love the swooshing noises when you attack, and Grappling Hook is an awesome ability that I will never not use.

Negative: Animal Lovers

The above specs have seen either a small but significant change, or an entire revamp. A class that has seen both are Hunters, in that Beast Mastery and Marskman have seen small changes, while Survival is now completely different, going from ranged to melee. I’ve not dicked around with Survival yet (need to get an heirloom polearm for the baby Gnome Hunter), but if the other two specs, I may end up underwhelmed. I’m utterly uninspired by both BM and MM, which is a shame because I DEFINITELY want a Hunter in Legion for the added extra stuff (mechanical pets, Thok, Iron Juggernaut, aaaaaaaah) and if I dislike Survival too? Poor TrebuWHAT may end up stuck in New Tinkertown forever and ever.

Trebu... what?
Trebu… what?

So that concludes my list so far. Other changes that I enjoy include the Silence penalty (though I’ve not personally seen it in action, I appreciate that it’s there) and the addition of new toys to the toybox (RAINBOW GENERATOR!) What changes are right up YOUR alley? Let me know!

Transmog Items I Want in Warcraft

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Just some looks I’d like to see added to WoW somehow, either as armors or purely cosmetic items!

Plague Doctor Costume


I’m a big fan of the Plague Doctor in Darkest Dungeon. She’s pretty damn badass, and the mask has a basis in history; it’s not just for awesome looks. Back in t’day, it was believed putrid air was the cause of infection, rather than germs, and so actual plague doctors wore heavy, waxed fabric overcoats and a large mask with glass eyeholes, and a “beak” filled with scented substances and straw, to protect from the “miasmasmatic bad air” around them. Can you imagine a Pandaren dressed like this?! Awesome.



Yeah, not generic matador, but Boss Matador from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. With his badass hat, capote that could TOTALLY function as a cloak and his saber, he’d be a good look for my Warlock.

He’s hard as fuckin’ NAILS in the game he appears in. Like damn. MATADOR EVADES EVERYTHING. NO PRESS TURNS FOR YOU.



Sure, sure, he drops the shoulders and his hat in Hellfire Citadel, but I want the bare-chestedness.

Now, there IS a quest reward that is an invisible leather chest, but it’s apparently STILL NOT TRANSMOGGABLE in the Legion Beta, and this is a TRAVESTY.

Speedwagon’s Hat


Just fucking look at it. It’s glorious. We need more top hats in game, especially black & white checked ones.

Also add new emotes to make our characters pose like a JoJo character.



Do it, Blizzard. Do it do it do it.

Just Anything Brightly Coloured



Okay so I’m angling for more pink here. Sue me. But it does feel like a lot of the tier sets recently have been either dark in colour, or pastel. I want GARISH. BRIGHT. Searing your eyes!

I mean, if you don’t like it, just mog over it, right?

Cool Leather Transmog Items

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With all the political drama going on in the world, it’s important to focus on the important things in life.

Important things like making Pandaren look fucking fabulous.

Over the weekend, I played on my Rogue, respecced her to Assassination for a bit of variety, then threw her into every raid instance from Molten Core onwards. I stopped after doing Bastion of Twilight and Throne of the Four Winds, mainly because I had to go to bed, but I will resume later on, most probably. The reason for all this?


Her void storage and bank was relatively empty, and as I’m gonna play two leather-wearing classes in Legion (alongside my Warlock of course), I figured I’d get on with filling the wardrobe. Both Lunchi and Fujikomine would be able to benefit! Let’s have a look at some notable items!fuji1

This set is one of the Bind on Account transmog sets (The Thunderlord Set) you get from the Dwarven Bunker in exchange for Iron Horde Scraps. Her daggers are called Shard of Azzinoth, dropping from everyone’s favourite boss, Illidan Stormrage. The eyepatch, as you will no doubt gather, is the one mainstay I have on Fujikomine, and drops from Hurley Blackbreath in Blackrock Depths. It’s called Ragefury Eyepatch.


Here we have the Sanctified Shadowblade Set from Icecrown Citadel. The chest, head, shoulders, gloves and legs are purchasable from the Rogue vendor at the start of the instance, and you “upgrade” those pieces using tokens gained from normal/heroic bosses. Here, I am using the ilvl 264 version of the set because I prefer the colour, but there’s a matching set both higher and lower in item level, of different colours.

The matching belt and boots you have to get from bosses. Professor Putricide drops the Astrylian’s Sutured Cinch waist piece, and Lord Marrowgar drops the boots, Frostbitten Fur Boots.


The heroic Wind Dancer’s Set is another tier set, this time from Cataclysm. It’s the Bastion/Throne/Blackwing Descent tier, and it’s relatively easy to get thanks to Al’akir. Any token you DON’T get from the other bosses, you can use an Essence of the Forlorn to purchase instead, and on 25hc, Al’akir drops 3 of these lovely things. The waist is a seperate item, dropping from the Elementium Monstrosity in Bastion of Twilight. It’s called the Dispersing Belt.


This slightly garish, terribly mismatched set isn’t a set, but some random items thrown together. The mask is the Bonechewer Skincloak (world drop), the shoulders are Runetotem’s Mantle from Lady Vashj, the chest is Vest of the Changing Heart (quest reward, Redridge, “His Heart Must Be In It”), the legs and feet are Leggings of the Lifetender and Boots of the Prolific Sire (Freya in Ulduar, Redridge Quest “Still Assessing the Threat”). Those gloves are the Lakeshire Gloves from a Redridge quest called “Surveying Equipment”, and the daggers are called Blade of Tarasque, from Icehowl in 25 Man Trial of the Crusader.

More random cool items?


Now NONE of these match, and they’re not really meant to, I’m just highlighting a few favourites. The head item is probably the most well-known, the Cursed Vision of Sargeras which drops from Illidan Stormrage. Look like a Demon Hunter before the Demon Hunters become a thing!

The chest item is one of those skimpy armours I like so much, and is actually just as skimpy on the men too! It’s the Murkblood Chestpiece. Your best bet to getting this and other items in the Murkblood set is to kill things in Burning Crusade raids and dungeons, or just buy it on the Auction House. It’s never terribly expensive from my experience.

Those fancy-lookin’ white gloves are the Boneshredder Gloves which, again, drop from Burning Crusade mobs, so get grinding those old raids!

The dagger on the left is Soulscribe which is dropped by everyone’s favourite god of death himself, Yogg-Saron (25 man). The dagger on the left with the natty purple fire is Alysra’s Razor and is dropped, strangely enough, by Alysrazor in the heroic version of the Firelands.

Sometimes the best way to come up with a transmog set is to take one item you like then build around it, which is why I highlighted some of my favourites here. I’d recommend using the MogIt addon, which allows you to sort items by colour (among other things), so if you want to use those fluffy white gloves, but not the rest of the items in that set, you can find items that are similar in colour!

Maybe I’ll do another of these posts for the other armour types! But for now, what are YOUR favourite leather pieces?


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Perhaps to avoid people getting the Fabulous achievement as soon as they log in, Blizzard made an update to the beta that saw the requirements for said achievement increase dramatically.

This is the most important change ever and so will be what I focus on today. Class changes? Who cares?! Not I!

Having copied my 3 most played characters over to the beta (Shokei the Warlock, Lillorigga the Warrior, and Lunchi the Monk), I was greeted with, well, everything bar the Fashionista: Shirt achievement, and that was only because said shirts were not yet soulbound.


So frankly I wouldn’t worry too much about these stringent 100/200 item requirements. At least shirts/tabards are reduced to 15!

Bear in mind I am a fairly active, rabid transmog item collector, and your mileage may vary. Still, I AM NOW THE FABULOUS.