OPINIONS: Everyone’s Different!

I WAS going to go over the logs from Thursday, publicly analyse my performance in Highmaul and look at where I’m going right, and where I am going wrong, but you know what?

I’m not going to just yet. Soon.

Instead, let’s talk about a seemingly innocuous topic, suddenly thrust into the spotlight.


Polygon published an article yesterday about 6 things to know about WoW’s new zone, Tanaan Jungle, including chat with Ion Hazzikostas, aka Watcher. It made points that most of us knew already (we’ve been there before! Gul’dan is NAUGHTY. There will be THINGS TO DO), but all that got ignored. It also mentioned that 6.2 may well not be the end of Warlords, that there’s more story to come, but that also got largely ignored. No, the major focus of EVERYBODY has been point number 4.



Well, Ion goes to explain;

Having looked at how flying has played out in the old world in the last couple of expansions, we realized that while we were doing it out of this ingrained habit after we introduced flying in The Burning Crusade, it actually detracted from gameplay in a whole lot of ways. While there was certainly convenience in being able to completely explore the world in three dimensions, that also came at the expense of gameplay like targeted exploration, like trying to figure out what’s in that cave on top of a hill and how do I get up there.

So, basically they want to introduce a sense of exploration in the game, reintroduce a sense of danger, make the game world feel bigger, rather than have you soar over it, fly directly to your objectives, land, do, fly off again.

At this point, we feel that outdoor gameplay in World of Warcraft is ultimately better without flying. We’re not going to be reintroducing the ability to fly in Draenor, and that’s kind of where we’re at going forward.


So, this has divided people, it seems. There are those who agree; they feel that the lack of flying in Warlords has proved successful! The world feels bigger again, there’s no trivialising of leveling content by the aforementioned “fly over, land, fly off” tactics of quest completion. There are some who feel that it’s not a lack of flight that’s damaging the game, but the whole “MUST STAY IN THE GARRISON” mindset, or a lack of any real story progression at 100 outside of the weekly Garrison missions. We’ve been going for 6 months with no story outside of what we got through levelling, the Garrison plotline, and the 2 raids, that’s a more important thing to focus on.

There are those, however, that disagree. They feel that being able to fly, even if just at max level (a la Wrath or Mists), is something they’ll really miss. It breaks their immersion, to go from “you can have this!” to “NO. NO MORE” It may also particularly gall them to see this:


A mount that a LOT of these people just dropped £17 on. A mount that can FLY… so long as you’re not in current content. A mount that’s advertised above as flying in Shadowmoon Valley, where you CAN’T FLY.

The people who don’t mind no flying and the people who are upset about this development are both fine. They have every right to feel how they feel. I would feel pretty pissed off if I had dropped money on a mount that can-fly-but-can’t-fly too, knowing that you can’t use it to its full purpose in this (and potentially future!) expansions.


What is NOT okay is the apparent GLEE some people are taking in the unhappiness of the latter crowd. The people who seem genuinely pleased that people are quitting the game over this. We should be UPSET that people are leaving. These are your friends, your guildies, or potential raiders. These are the randoms you may have been grouped with in LFR gone, or the healer/tank that’d FINALLY fill that LFD group so you can get your legendary items.

What’s NOT okay is accusing the former crowd of being big ol’ brown-nosers. Just because they don’t take umbrage with this, doesn’t mean they don’t have other, more pressing (to them) concerns. It doesn’t mean they kiss the ass of the developers, but that, to them, the flying debate is pretty low down in the echelon of issues they may or may not have.

Have your opinion. Like flying, hate flying, it’s fine.

Other people will have their opinions too, and that’s also fine.

Don’t be a dick to them because their opinions differ from yours.

Don’t laugh at them because they feel let down by Blizzard. For all you know, it could be the straw that broke the camel’s back, rather than just this.

Don’t accuse them of being stuck up Blizzard’s ass because they don’t have a problem with it. They may have other concerns and issues they have a greater focus on (like the state of Demonology Warlocks in 6.2, or the LONG IGNORED plight of Rain of Fire!).

Just… don’t be a dick.


WoW Selfie Competition!

Yesterday, Blizzard announced a Selfie Scavenger Hunt competition-thing. They post a picture, you figure out where it is, take a screenshot of your character there, and enter it in a special website where you may win FABULOUS PRIZES. They’ll do this weekly, and the grand prize at the end? Blizzcon tickets!

Obviously this competition has detractors, because who likes fun any more?

Let’s have a look at what some people are saying!

You have got to be kidding me….

NOPE. This is a thing and it’s happening. Get over it.

This is why i’m quitting wow. Bunch of sissies running the company now…

Sissies? So, them running a competition with ACTUAL PRIZES utilising an item introduced in 6.1 is them displaying hyper-femininity? Or are you making a gay/trans/generally offensive joke here? You are trash, and trash goes in the bin.

How about fixing content issue, there is very little. How about fixing the no flight in max in current content? How about fixing professions and garrison facebook games? Stop trying to make us advertise for you.

a) 6.2 is on the way, and if you think there’s nothing to do right now, you need to open your fucking eyes and take a look.
b) I LIKE not being able to fly, it makes you actually EXPERIENCE things.
c)Okay the garrison is a bit meh but frankly you get what you put in.
d)How are we advertising for them by taking amusing screenshots and submitting them into a contest? Do you even know what you’re saying? I’ll be honest with you, most people who post WoW selfies on Twitter would be posting screenshots on there with or without the camera item. I know I was, long before the camera was but a twinkle in a dev’s eye.
e) Speaking of the decs! If you seriously think that the people creating actual in-game content for Warcraft are also having to run this competition, then you’re an idiot.

As long as you don’t get any good gear from it I’m fine

Yay elitism.


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. What on Earth constitutes a “real fan”? Let me guess, straight/white/male/raider/typical idiocy? Fuck off.

They are complaining because it’s just another sign that the game is losing its dark and foreboding aspect in favor of cutesy pop culture. WoW is losing what makes it special.

Oh my god what? Okay, Mists of Pandaria wasn’t overtly dark on the face of things, but shit got CRAZY real once you actually got to places like Kun Lai, Krasarang, and ESPECIALLY the Dread Wastes, and stuff only got darker from then on, which has continued into Warlords, yet you say the inclusion of a selfie camera and a competition about it is turning the game into “cutesy pop culture”?

Wow! Hey everyone, cows and pandas shooting lightning bolts from their hands is DARK AND SERIOUS. Hammy villains chewing the scenery (Hi Kael’thas/Deathwing/Ragnaros/etc) are DARK AND SERIOUS.

They have no idea how offensive the concept was to a significant number of players, or they just don’t care

Offensive? Offensive to whom, exactly? In what way? I get easily offended by shit and I see nothing here to get offended by. Do you know what offensive means? Do you mean something like abhorrent? ’cause it’s not that either.

this is what blizzard thinks of as content

No, it’s taking existing stuff from the game, and making a competition of it to win ACTUAL PRIZES while we wait for 6.2 to come out, which will be soon. Hold your horses, kid.

I bet this cost us a raid tier.

I assume you’re joking, in which case HA HA SO HILARIOUS. If you’re not, then ohmygod get in the bin.

This is like a big middle finger to all WoW players.

“We’re running a competition where you can win prizes because FUCK YOU.”

People need to stop. Just stop. Stop bitching. You obviously derive no enjoyment from the game in the state it is in now, so why are you playing? What are you doing here? Why even bother?

Now if you don’t mind, I have selfies to take and games to ruin.




Jem and the RAGE

I have opinions. Opinions on things. Here I will throw out a few opinions for you to mull over.

Jem and the Holograms (2015)

Jem and the Holograms was this weird, dated-even-for-the-80’s, occasionally badly animated cartoon that was basically a means to sell toys, revolving around a woman called Jerrica Benton. By day, she’s the owner of a record company, Starlight Music, and also runs some sort of orphanage or foster care centre, because of course she does. By night, she’s JEM, the lead singer of Jem and the Holograms! She has a computer called Synergy that can basically do anything. She uses it to make earrings that project holograms over herself and her bandmates. Disguises!


It’s disgustingly 80’s and it’s AMAZING. It had the best intro music, it had songs throughout the episode, it had weird, fantastical sequences that defy explanation, and it spawned an INCREDIBLY funny (and entirely sick, NSFW) spoof series on YouTube called Jiz and the Mammograms.

(seriously, if you’re easily offended, I’d recommend not searching for it)

To great fanfare, a live-action movie was announced last year. To greater fanfare, the first trailer for it was shown yesterday.

Where is Synergy? Where are the Misfits? Where’s Jem’s record label? Where’s her AGENCY? Where are the goddamn motherfuckin’ HOLOGRAMS?

We’ve gone from the animation that had Jem as a reasonably strong, successful, capable woman, who runs her own record company, fronts a band, and is generally all-round awesome, to this live-action abomination that turns her into this… drippy wet-blanket that gets shunted around and turned into Yet Another Drone of the Music Industry. They turned what could be something truly awesome into another teenage drama movie with the Jem license painted sloppily over the top of it.

She is not Jem.

They are not the Holograms.

I am NOT happy.


Other major controversy that occurred yesterday was the banning of (supposedly) 100,000 accounts that used programs to play World of Warcraft for them. From dungeon botting, to battleground botting, to fishing botting, if you were automating your gameplay, and they found you out, then you got flushed. Well, for 6 months at least.

Now this is all well and good, cheaters who break the ToU that Blizzard CLEARLY set out (and evidently nobody reads) should get banned, but it’s entirely possible that it’s hit some innocent people too. People who use a virtual private network because they don’t trust, say, a hotel network, or people who use background programs like autoclickers to play Clicker Heroes, or those that run some programs that they HAVE to as a programmer might set off a flag to Warden, and got swept away too.

Now, for those innocent people, there are ways for you to hopefully get your account back, and I encourage you to do them!

There are, however, a small amount of people that feel they SHOULD be able to use programs to play the game for them, and that it’s Blizzard’s DUTY to change the ToU to reflect this.

No, really.

’cause Obama doesn’t have anything better to do, right?



And yet again, we see NO CHANGES for Destruction Warlocks. No change to the Rain of Fire issues they said they’d look at way back in 6.0. No change to the spec to make it actually viable in single target. Nothing to change the fact that you’re basically a turret and are absolutely fucked over when you have to move.

Meanwhile, Demonology is getting further smashed into the ground, thanks to a nerf on the Shadowflame DoT from Hand of Gul’dan, and Affliction is increasingly looking like the go-to spec for 6.2

It’s a shame that Affliction is just so cripplingly DULL.



Other Niggles

  • The Demonology 4-piece tier bonus has a chance to summon demons to aid you when you proc Molten Core. One of these demons is Prince Malchezaar from Karazhan. He’s big, and he will run into melee and you poor Rogues, Warriors et al will not be able to see a damn thing.
  • There’s apparently some RAGE about the new store mount but frankly I don’t care. Don’t like it/the fact Blizzard are charging £x for it/SLIPPERY SLOPE? Don’t fucking buy it and move along.
  • Retribution Paladins are also crying out for changes, it’s not just us Destruction fiends, and they’re getting jack too, which is a shame. Plus, Warlocks and Paladins joining forces and going “GIVE US SOMETHING!” is a weird thing, but there you go.




I thought about doing a serious blog post.

I thought about commenting on Steve Dansur’s appointment as a senior designer for Blizzard, and how it could be potentially exciting stuff for the future of WoW, but we should probably temper our enthusiasm so that we don’t get disappointed in what ACTUALLY happens versus what we WANT to happen, but that’s adequately explained in a large run-on sentence anyway so I don’t need to go further into that point really and when will this sentence end?

I thought about making a rage post. I’m not happy about the Conservatives being elected, seeing as the first things they’re doing is apparently scrapping the Human Rights Act and bringing back fox hunting, but I imagine it’d go down like a lead balloon. Also, ugh politics. We’ve had so much of it recently, I’m now having a small detox where I fill my bloodstream with frivolous news to flush out the SRS ISSUES.

I thought about talking about the new Avengers movie, and how awesome it is, and how much I liked it, and how the thing about you-know-who is kinda a matter of interpretation, and I can SEE how people are upset about it, but I read it differently, but SPOILERS, also I just don’t want to, all you need to know is that it’s a fucking amazing movie, and Ultron is magnificent.

I thought about talking about Samurai Warriors 4, or Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, or Mortal Kombat, but I’d rather just play them at this point.

Then I saw this.


And now I want to go to China. I wanted to ANYWAY, I wanna walk the Great Wall. I want to go to the Red Cliffs, to see the Wuzhang Plains, to basically see the places mentioned in Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Warriors.

But now you can add GIANT PANDA SCULPTURE to the list of why I wanna go there.

Oh, like I wasn’t going to see as many pandas as I could. Pfft.

Onward Ever Striding Onward

So, Raenah the Warlock has her legendary ring upgrade, and the legendary follower Garona. She’s got numerous Treasure Hunter followers, most of them at 675 item level (which is higher than hers, a mere 663. Mutiny?). She’s done until 6.2, or when the Twitter Casual Raid Team begins on the 21st.

Lunchi is sitting at 38 or so Elemental Runes. I’ve not thrown her into Blackrock Foundry yet, because… I have no good reason. Too busy soloing legacy raids for gold, I guess. I purchased the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth with her, and now I need to recoup that 20k, after all.

Lillorigga is still in the Abrogator Stone stage, despite being my 2nd 100. I haven’t played her beyond garrison junk for… weeks now. I have no idea why, I LOVE Gladiator.

Sunbuer is still collecting damn Apexis Crystals. I just can’t be bothered.

Vanlew is a panda now.

I have numerous pandas at level 90 or above.



Everyone likes pandas.


I now own Samurai Warriors 4 on the PS4. It’s fantastic. The soundtrack is different to that of Dynasty Warriors, in that instead of being Chinesey rock music, it’s Japanesey techno. This pleases me greatly.

I created a character, I’m messing around in Chronicle mode, I started the story of the Oda, because Nobunaga is my favourite Samurai Warriors character, bar Ranmaru.


It’s going well so far. It’s mechanically mostly similar to Dynasty Warriors, in that you mash Square and Triangle until you’ve cut a swathe through the battlefield, but it also adds a new type of attack string! Previously, you had the S-String, using Square, and you could press Triangle at different times during the string to pull off Charge Attacks. Well, now you have a T-String! Called Hyper Attacks, it reverses the strings effectively, so you hammer Triangle, and can use Square to pull off new Charge Attacks. The key is to know what to use at what given moment; your S-String is best when facing a small amount of enemies, like individual officers, whereas the T-String is best to clear out large amounts of enemies, but useless against individual officers as they will mostly outright deflect your attacks, or are just plain immune.


Okay, it’s not exactly Ninja Gaiden here, but it’s INNOVATION. In a KT Warriors game.

Yeah, it’s awesome!


Now that just sounds DIRTY.

Yesterday, I ended up redownloading Skyrim, then a couple of mods that prevent a small glitch affecting my game. For some reason, if you alt-tab out then go back in, it’d duplicate the crosshair with your mouse pointer, and everything’d be out of sync and just generally annoying. Now? I can alt-tab with gay abandon!

I reinstalled, added those mods, then created a new character, a Khajiit lady named Frisky McBiscuit, because THE LEGEND OF FRISKY MOVES ONWARDS. Frisky McBiscuit has been a name I’ve used in both Skyrim and Oblivion, as well as both recent Fallout games, and Mass Effect (where she sadly had to be Frisky Mc Shepard). Why? I don’t know, but I like to maintain that they’re all the same person, or reincarnations of the same person at least (considering one’s a Khajiit, another is Argonian, and the rest humans).

She’s gonna sneak, fire arrows, steal all your belongings then sell them back to you at a premium. She’s invisible, she’s fuckin’ with your mind, she’s got a silver tongue and a love of gold.

There’s also no pictures of her because I forgot to take screenshots while I was playing OOPS. Maybe tonight.


In Other News

New PTR Build! Warlock changes?! NOPE.

Oh sure, there’s some stuff changed, but it’s all tooltip stuff, nothing mechanical.

As for Warlock set bonuses, Demonology’s 2-piece bonus sees a change.

  • Your Soul Fire increases the damage done by your Demons by 5% for 15 sec. This effect can stack up to 5 times.

So basically, thanks to the 25% nerf to EVERYTHING Demonology-related, your pet will probably do most of your damage. Thanks to the set bonus here, it’ll push pet damage out even further, and turn you into your demon’s buffer bitch.

“I’m sorry, Arakzekeel!” *casts Soul Fire 5 times*

Now who’s the master?



I HAVE GARONA. YAY. That’s me all caught up, Legendary-wise for now, at least on the Warlock. Next, the Monk, who has 18 runes thanks to the garrison mission, and will apparently get a bonus to rune collection thanks to the fact I have a character who has done the quest already. Huzzah!


I’m levelling another character to 100 for some strange reason. Here’s Vanlew.



I’m considering changing her to a Pandaren at some point, but for the time being, here she is. She’s currently level 93, and she likes daggers, skinning things, picking flowers, and pickpocketing.

Levelling a rogue is actually pretty fun! Stealthing around, pickpocketing enemies for items you can sell to a fence NPC called Griftah. One of the first enemies you pickpocket will quite likely drop an item called the Secretive Whistle, and you can get a few cool things out of it!


When she hit level 92, she got the Assassination perk that makes Slice & Dice entirely passive, which is fantastic as she can now spend points she WOULD have spent on refreshing SnD on other, more damaging options. Rogues are also pretty hot at soloing old (pre Mists) content, due to Leeching Poison. It gives you 10% Leech, which means 10% of damage you deal is healed back to you. You put out a LOT of damage in Cataclysm content and below, so barring some massive catastrophic blow or weird mechanics, you never die!

Also I wanna advertise this. I’m gonna be a part of it too, ’cause it’d probably do some good to finally get me some raid time this expansion, as much as I LOVE LFR. JOIN US. WE WANT YOU!