Legion: Destruction Overview

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The second spec overview of three, Destruction doesn’t see too many drastic changes thankfully. If you played it in Warlords or Mists, you’ll know what you’re doing in Legion.



  • Burning Embers are replaced with Soul Shards, of which you can have a maximum of 5. Soul Shards mainly fuel your usage of Chaos Bolt. You start a fight with 1 shard, and need to build them up, much like Burning Embers.
  • Mainly unchanged, thanks to some changes to Havoc it looks to be amazing at 2 target cleave fights, and with the right talent setup, looks to excel at AoE too. You can’t do both at the same time though. It’s either brilliant cleave or brilliant AoE.
  • Single target looks to be the same as now; competitive.
  • New Mastery is horrible.


scepter of saggy

The Scepter of Sargeras! Supposedly the weapon that destroyed the real Draenor, when Nerzhul opened a shitload of portals. If Demonology has the most unique artifact, Destruction has hands-down the plain best-looking one!

When the artifact abilities are known, I shall plonk them here.


Talent choices in Legion seem to be more meaningful this time around, most of them having some sort of impact upon your rotation. Your basic rotation itself is simplified, and you add complexity through your talent choices!


Backdraft no longer has charges, and instead reduces Chaos Bolt and Incinerate cast times as long as the buff is active. Burning Embers extends the buff time! From this, it seems it’s no longer worth chain-casting Conflagrate, else you end up wasting the first Backdraft buff.

Fire and Brimstone has changed dramatically! Now it just turns Incinerate into an AoE attack, so is probably the go-to talent when you need strong AoE (add fights like Hellfire Assault spring to mind here). No idea how “near” the enemies need to be to one-another.

Shadowburn is now a talent too, and works much the same as before, although it’s not an execute; it’s usable at any time now! Probably best used as a way to generate shards, by finishing off weakened enemies. That 0 shard cost is most like a 1 shard cost.


Life Tap is now a thing for Destruction again; it loses Chaotic Energy (or rather the ability is reworked; it makes your Haste reduce the cooldown on Conflagrate and Havoc) and this loses the massive in-combat mana regen. Reverse Entropy seeks to negate the hit of this a little bit. Find yourself low on mana a lot? Want to reduce your Life Tap usage (and thus reduce your healers’ hatred of you)? Take this and worry less.

Roaring Blaze powers up your Immolate DoT when a target with it is hit with Incinerate. Unsure whether this 10% increase stacks with repeated Incineratings. If you take this talent, then whenever you Immolate something, immediately Incinerate, for maximum uptime of damage boostings!

I don’t like the idea of Mana Tap. It would force more Life Taps, and siphoning off your health often is a fantastic way of getting unexpectedly killed by things. Still, maybe the 15% damage boost is worth it?




These are all the same as on live. Soul Leech no longer procs from Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn, only Incinerate now. Incinerate’s your main filler though, so you’ll probably end up using it a lot, and passive damage reduction is always nice.

Mortal Coil would be useful as a self heal if it worked as it did in Mists of Pandaria, where it healed you regardless of whether the Horrify worked or not. If it’s as current, then it’d be useless in PvE.

Shadowfury is always good if there’s a lot of stunnable adds! Stops them running around causing havoc for a few seconds. Melee’d love that, and would in turn love you, Mr Popular.


Eradication sounds cool in theory, especially if you double up on Chaos Bolt casting. Cast one, cast a second that does more damage! Probably useless if you’re switching targets a lot.

Cataclysm is back, it’s now available 40 levels earlier, and will probably be the AoE talent of choice, especially when it pumps out that much damage. 750% of Spell Power? Oh God imagine the critical strikes on that beauty. Ties in nicely with Channel Demonfire too, one of your Level 100 talents. Cataclysm to mass-apply Immolate, then throw Demonfire at them all.

Soul Harvest comes across as “Warlock’s New Cooldown.” Probably something to pop at the start of a fight when all your enchants and trinkets go off so you can cast ALL OF THE CHAOS BOLTS. Later in a fight, if you have another powerful proc and you’ve got 5 Soul Shards, you can cast 2 Chaos Bolts, a Conflagrate to regen a shard, a third Chaos Bolt, then Soul Harvest to repeat.


Situational talents for situational uses. Need to move quickly out of voidzones that aren’t in predetermined locations? Burning Rush! Need to move from place to place in a predictable manner? Demonic Circle! (you can probably combine it with Demonic Gateway usage too, to easily move back and forth) Need to flatten out/negate large damage spikes? Dark Pact!


Supremacy and Service, in terms of a single-target fight, come down to personal preference (at least at this point in time, when there’s a LONG way before number tuning). Sacrifice is most likely most viable in an AoE fight, due to it hitting an 8 yard area.

That being said, I don’t like how it’s reworked in theory. In practice, it might be amazing, but I lament the loss of the passive heal and flat, non RNG-based damage boost.


Wreak Havoc is the talent I am most excited for! It turns Destruction, a spec that already is amazing at 2-target cleave situations, into one that can PERMANENTLY CLEAVE. See, much like Backdraft, Havoc was reworked to not have charges, but to function for the full duration. So, rather than be able to just cast 1 Chaos Bolt or 3 other single-target spells, it now works for as many spells as you can cast in its duration. The only limitations were the 20 second cooldown, and the fact that it’s only active 8 seconds. This talent changes that to a 20 second duration with no cooldown! Got a fight like Twin Ogron or Hanzy & Franzy? Take this talent and CRUSH THE METERS. MAXIMUM CLEAVE POTENTIAL.

Channel Demonfire, as mentioned above, ties in nicely when you take it with Cataclysm, and if Havoc is the cleave choice, this is your AoE choice.

Demonic Servitude fulfills the single-target role, as Havoc won’t see use in those fights unless there are particularly long-lived adds (a la Brackenspore), and you won’t need the mass targeting of Channel Demonfire.

The only thing missing from all these talents? Movement DPS. Destruction is still the turret it became in Warlords.


Your core spec abilities are a skeleton, to which you can take talents to flesh out. Here’s Destruction’s baseline abilities!

  • Immolate is your DoT, and you want maximum uptime on it. Critical strikes generate 1 Soul Shard, no ifs, no buts.
  • Conflagrate has 2 charges on a 12 second cooldown, is instant cast, and generates 1 Soul Shard when used. It also provides the Backdraft buff, which reduces the cast time of both Incinerate and Chaos Bolt by 30%. This buff lasts 5 seconds.
  • Incinerate is your main filler, and there’s nothing particularly of note to say about it.
  • Chaos Bolt costs 2 Soul Shards, and is your primary nuke spell. It always critically strikes, and your Critical Strike rating increases the damage it deals. If your Crit rating is 25%, then Chaos Bolt will deal 1.25x its normal damage.
  • Life Tap makes a return for Destruction! Restores a flat 30% of your mana, at a cost of 10% of your health.
  • Havoc, as mentioned above, works slightly differently in Legion, in that it debuffs an enemy for 8 seconds, and copies all spells cast on another target to it for the entire duration of the buff, as opposed to working on a charge-based system. You can only have 1 Havoc spell active at a time.
  • Rain of Fire makes a comeback, though it never really went away, just… went useless for a while. Not instant anymore, it now has a 2 second cast time, and hits an 8 yard radius of your choosing with fiery rain for 8 seconds. At least it’s not channeled! It’s your baseline AoE spell, and you improve your AoE capabilities through talents.
  • Chaotic Energy reduces the cooldown of Conflagrate and Havoc, based on your Haste stat. The more Haste, the lower the cooldown.
  • Mastery: Chaotic Energies sounds, in my opinion, horrible. It increases the damage your spells do by x% (where x is your mastery rating) RANDOMLY. If your Mastery is 50%, then your spells can hit 50% harder, but they’re just as likely to hit 1% harder, or 25% harder, or 15.34% harder. It APPARENTLY smooths out over the course of a fight, but I still dislike that I can perform flawlessly on a fight, but RNG dictates that my damage is rubbish anyway.


These haven’t been dug out (or implemented) yet, but when they are I will list them here.

Legion: Demonology Overview

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We are many; you are but one.

I’ve decided to say “fuck the alphabet” and make the first spec overview not Affliction, but Demonology! It’s the most changed, and therefore the most interesting. Let’s begin, kids.

(disclaimer: this is all information obtained from the beta, and is thus not set in stone. Things can and will change, and I will update this post as and when in order to reflect them)


  • Demonic Fury is gone, replaced by Soul Shards, of which you can have a maximum of 5. Some abilities will generate shards, some will cost them.
  • Spec focus is changed! No longer is it about becoming a demon, but about summoning them.
  • Has probably the most unique artifact weapon: Skull of the Man’ari!



Unless it ends up changing in future, this is our artifact; a big ol’ demon skull! It’s… unclear as to what weapon type it is, and therefore we don’t know what you will have to transmogrify it to if you don’t like it.

And nor do the devs just yet.

(when it’s revealed what the artifact abilities are, they will go here)



Talent choices in Legion seem to be more meaningful this time around, most of them having some sort of impact upon your rotation. Your basic rotation itself is simplified, and you add complexity through your talent choices!


Here’s your first tier. Two of the talents are improvements to your Shadow Bolt spell, and the other gives you a button to press when you are forced to move (and also gives you a second DoT to manage!), so this talent choice boils down to “Do I need to move in this fight?” and if the answer is no, “how do I want to improve my Shadow Bolt?”

Though you could take Shadowflame anyway, seeing as it adds a stackable DoT into your rotation.

Bear in mind Demonwrath, a baseline ability, also functions as movement DPS, though not as strong an ability as Shadowflame.


Tier 2 seems to be an imp-based tier. Impending Doom effectively spawns 2 bonus imps every 20 seconds (the duration of Doom), and is probably best taken in a cleave or multidot situation with long-lived enemies, where you can have multiple Dooms rolling on enemies, but less so in an AoE situation with short-lived enemies, as Doom won’t get a chance to tick. In that situation, I guess you’d want Implosion. Improved Dreadstalkers is probably the single target talent of choice, as it gives you 2 bonus imps every 15 seconds (the cooldown of Call Dreadstalkers.

Let’s assume there are 2 fights that both lasts 4 minutes, but one has 1 target, the other has 2. In the single target fight, Impending Doom will summon 24 imps in total, Improved Dreadstalkers will summon 32 (provided you use Call Dreadstalkers on cooldown). In the 2 target fight, Improved Dreadstalkers will STILL summon 32 imps, but provided you keep Doom up on both targets, Impending Doom will summon 48 imps.

Implosion just blows everything up.


Tier 3! All familiar stuff, all fight-dependent. Want passive damage mitigation? Soul Leech. Need an on-demand heal? Mortal Coil (provided it goes back to the Mists of Pandaria version, which heals even if the enemy is immune to the horror). Need to stun adds? Shadowfury.


Hand of Doom is a strange one. The application of Doom to a large number of enemies SOUNDS good on paper, but then you realise Doom ticks once after 20 seconds, and you think “adds don’t normally live that long, do they?” It’s probably best taken when there’s 2+ main targets that are tanked close together, rather than in a fight with lots of easily-killed adds. That being said, it does seem to have good synergy with Summon Inquisitor, one of your level 100 talents.

Power Trip is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of powering up 3 demons, it powers up all of them. Demonic Empowerment has 3 charges, a 12 second duration, and a 12 second recharge time. It’s here to take the hassle out of the decision of when to empower your demons!

Soul Harvest sounds great for when you need to summon a shitload of demons to take advantage of a boss taking increased damage (Gorefiend comes to mind here, when he starts doing Feast of Souls).


Again, depends on what an encounter throws at you. Predictable damage spikes? Dark Pact’s your go-to. Need to move to a set place during the fight? Demonic Circle. Need to just generally move out of stuff quickly, but in a less-predictable fashion? Go for the speed boost of Burning Rush. Simples. It’s just a shame these have all been moved to the same talent tier, as I use all of these currently! I guess that’s what they mean by “meaningful choices.”


The 6th tier, and it looks familiar. It’s the old 5th tier! Supremacy sounds like it no longer changes the demons you summon (eg Succubus becoming Shivarra, etc), which leads me to believe that you’ll be able to glyph those abilities to use the other model. Here’s hoping. Synergy only procs from your permanent demon’s attacks, not from your Wild Imps/Dreadstalkers/others.

Synergy is as RNG as ever though probably powerful if you take advantage of it probably. Service can function as an interrupt, albeit on a 2 minute cooldown, and Supremacy is the “easy” choice, being a flat 20% boost to your Felguard’s damage.


Final tier! Summon Inquisitor is most likely your AoE/Cleave talent. Cast Doom on your targets (either manually or with the Hand of Doom talent), summon this dude, and watch him blast everything.

Demonbolt and Demonic Servitude are both single target talents, though I suppose a permanent Infernal would be good in an AoE fight, provided you had like 8 permanent targets or something. The latter talent functions as it does now and provides the simple choice, whereas Demonbolt requires a bit more work to take advantage of properly, though I guess it’d be easy to use a 5-shard Hand of Gul’dan to summon 5 imps, Soul Harvest then recast Hand of Gul’dan for 5 more. This gives you a Demonbolt that hits for 400% of Spell Power. Cast once, use Call Dreadstalkers with the shard you gain, gain a further 4 demons (with the Improved Dreadstalkers talent!) for Demonbolts hitting for 520% of Spell Power.

Imagine the crits on that. Bear in mind Chaos Bolt, Destro’s nuke of choice, hits for 319% of Spell Power. Ouch.


Here’s the basic rotational abilities for our shiny new Demonology spec. Remember that you use the above talents to add in complexity, either through modifying the existing abilities, or adding new ones!

  • Doom is your DoT, and you want to maintain as high an uptime as possible on it. Unlike current Doom, however, you DO NOT want to recast it before it drops off. New Doom’s duration is 20 seconds, and it deals a large hit of damage (600% of SP!) ONCE, at the end of its duration. If you recast it, you’re just extending the time before it does any damage.
  • Hand of Gul’dan no longer applies a DoT, nor does it have charges or a cooldown. It costs all of your Soul Shards to cast, deals damage to a target and anything 8 yards around it, and summons a number imps based on how many shards you spent to cast it. 5 shards? 5 imps.
  • Shadow Bolt is your filler, and generates a Soul Shard on hit.
  • Call Dreadstalkers costs 1 Soul Shard, and summons 2 Dreadstalkers, which attack your foes. They last 12 seconds, and the ability has a 15 second cooldown.
  • Demonic Empowerment strengthens 3 of your currently active demons, granting 50% increased health and haste, and boosting their damage based on your Mastery, thanks to Mastery: Master Demonologist. This effect lasts 12 seconds, the spell has 3 charges, and each charge takes 12 seconds to recharge. It prioritises stronger demons, so your permanent demon and Inquisitors/Dreadstalkers over piddly imps.
  • Demonwrath is your baseline AoE ability. It requires you to channel for 3 seconds, and deals damage every 1 second if an enemy is within 10 yards of any of your demons. The more demons you have? The fewer safe areas! I assume, based on the wording of the tooltip, that it only deals damage to an enemy once per tick (i.e. if an enemy is near 3 demons, it doesn’t take 3 lots of damage per tick, but just the 1). Each time it deals damage, you have a 15% chance of generating a Soul Shard, and you can move around while casting it.
  • Summon Felguard is pretty self-explanatory. It summons a Felguard, the Demonology-specific demon. He has an axe, and likes to hit enemies with it.
  • Soul Link is not a talent any more, but a Demonology-specific baseline ability! 20% of all damage you take is split with your demon, and you both get healed for 3% of damage you deal. So, as it works on live then.

Interestingly, Rain of Fire is also showing up as a Demonology and Destruction ability now, as opposed to being Destruction-specific. I bring this up because of an interesting datamined ability called Lord of Flames.


This is speculated to be one of the artifact weapon abilities, and while Rain of Fire is (currently) a Destruction spell, the effect is more akin to Demonology (summoning Infernals? Yes please!), and considering Rain of Fire is currently showing up in Demonology’s spell list, it’s worth mentioning here.


Glyphs are working differently in Legion. Major glyphs are apparently gone, and now you apply the glyph directly to the spell, meaning you can have one per (eligible) ability, I guess? No glyphs have been found yet, but when they are, I will list the ones available to Demonology here.

Legendary Items

Legendary items are also seeing a change. Gone is the idea of an item you work over the course of the expansion to acquire (a la the cloak or ring), in favour of a crapload of randomly dropped legendary armors that have a profound effect on your abilities! Apparently the idea is very Diablo-esque, not that I’ve played it.

Here’s the ones that have specific functions for Demonology:

  • Fatebender: A chest armor that allows you to cast Life Tap while you’re casting other spells.
  • Wilfred’s Hood of Superior Summoning: Named after Wilfred Fizzlebang, master summoner, this hat makes your demon-summoning spells instant cast (whether it’s JUST the permanent demon pets, or whether it works on Call Dreadstalkers/Summon Inquisitor too I don’t know), and your demons do 20% more damage. This is probably a must-have for Demonology!
  • Cannibal’s Fervor: This waist armor makes every use of Life Tap grant you 5% Leech for 10 seconds, which can stack 3 times. Means healers don’t hate you as much, I suppose?

There are others that function for casters in general; here’s a list on Wowhead of all the items mined out so far!

Any more Warlock-specific ones that get discovered, I’ll post here!

Next overview? Probably Destruction, seeing as that’s my “main” spec at the moment.

Legion: Warlock Talents Overview

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EDITED 22 NOVEMBER 1015: wowdb.com has a beta talent calculator, so I now know the current positions of the talents, so this post has been updated to represent that!

The big ol’ beta button for Legion was pressed this Friday, and while nobody seems to be actually IN it yet (Overwatch has its first stress test this weekend and I doubt they wanna split their base), it is ripe for the datamining!

I woke up this morning to see Warlock talents and spells staring me in the face on Wowhead, so today and the next few days I’ll be giving it a look-over and trying to make sense of it all!

DISCLAIMER: This is all BETA stuff. A lot of this stuff is subject to change, and we may not even see any of it when Legion is released, so PLEASE take everything with a pinch of salt. This post is merely looking at the stuff we may get, and me throwing opinions out there.

DISCLAIMER 2: Some tiers may have 4 options, some may have 2 or less. This is not indicative of any sort of change in the talent system, but of me operating with incomplete/unclear info. Some of these might not be talents at all but regular abilities, but their tooltip corresponds to a level you unlock a talent tier. As more info materialises, and things clear up, I will edit this post to better reflect the changes!

Let’s start alphabetically, shall we?


Level 15

  • Writhe in Agony: Agony’s damage may now ramp up to twice as high.
  • Drain Soul: Drains the target’s soul, causing (600% of Spell power) Shadow damage, and restoring 6% of the caster’s health over 6 sec. If the target dies while channeling, generates 1 Soul Shard. Replaces Drain Life.
  • Haunt: A ghostly soul haunts the target, dealing (1+600% of Spell Power) Shadow damage. If the target dies within 15 seconds, Haunt’s cooldown is reset. (15 sec cooldown)

These abilities seem to tie primarily to DPS, powering up one of your rotational abilities, or introducing a new nuke. Haunt looks like it’ll be a heavy hitter, and Writhe in Agony will probably make Agony your highest damaging DoT. Drain Soul replaces Drain Life and thus serves as a boost to your filler, so it’s good if you’re casting it a lot. The more you cast, the more benefit. Nice to have a choice between passive and active abilities, for those who want more or less in their rotation!

Level 30

  • Absolute Corruption: Corruption is now permanent (60 sec against players).
  • Contagion: Unstable Affliction also increases all damage you deal to the target by 5%.
  • Mana Tap: Consumes 40% of current mana to grant 15% increased damage for 20 sec.

Permanent Corruption? Meaning no having to redot? It simplifies gameplay, sure, but I quite like it. It allows you to spend more time using your filler I guess! Save the GCDs. The other two are straight +dmg talents, though Mana Tap has a higher cost the more Mana you have remaining.

Level 45

  • Howl of Terror: When you are reduced below 30% health, you release a Howl of Terror. Your howl causes 5 enemies within 10 yds to flee in fear, disorienting them for 20 sec. Damage may cancel the effect. This effect has a 1 min cooldown.
  • Mortal Coil: Horrifies an enemy target into fleeing, incapacitating them for 3 sec and healing you for (11 * Total health / 100). (45 sec cooldown)
  • Soul Leech: Drain Life and Drain Soul grant you and your pet shadowy shields that absorb 30% of the damage they dealt for 15 sec.

Howl of Terror is reworked, becoming an ability that activates when you hit a certain health percentage. Unless boss fights contain adds that are vulnerable to fear effects, this is probably going to be a PvP talent. Even if adds ARE vulnerable, having them run all over the place might be rather annoying. The others are as they function currently, though it’d be nice if Mortal Coil still healed you even if the target is immune to the horror effect, like in Mists.

Level 60

  • Siphon Life: Siphons the target’s life essence, dealing (100% of Spell Power) damage over 15 sec, healing you for X each time it deals damage.
  • Sow the Seeds: Seed of Corruption will now consume a Soul Shard, if available, to embed a demon seed in 4 additional nearby enemies.
  • Soul Harvest: Refill 5 Soul Shards. (2 min cooldown)

Soul Harvest will probably be good for when you require heavy burst damage (Unstable Affliction and, if you take it, Haunt both require shards to be able to cast), and Sow the Seeds sounds like it makes Seed of Corruption actually a viable AoE ability now! Miracles do happen. Siphon Life gives you a 4th DoT to manage, and also functions as an increased survival ability, thanks to the heal, though it remains to be seen how much healing it does!

Level 75

  • Burning Rush: Increase your movement speed by 50%, but also deals damage to you equal to 4% of your maximum health per second. Movement-impairing effects may not reduce you below 100% of normal movement speed. Lasts until cancelled.
  • Dark Pact: Sacrifices 20% of your demon’s current health to shield you for 400% of the sacrificed health for 20 sec. If you have no demon, your health is sacrificed instead. Usable while suffering from control impairing effects. (1 min cooldown)
  • Demonic Circle: You summon a Demonic Circle for 6 min. You may then cast Demonic Circle again to instantly teleport to its location and remove all snare effects. You can only have 1 Demonic Circle active at a time.

Burning Rush is as current, as is Dark Pact, though you know it currently as Sacrificial Pact. Demonic Circle is now no longer baseline, but a talent! It’s about whether you want to sacrifice health for speed, or for a super-shield, or whether you have predictable movement that you can take advantage of (e.g. Kilrogg’s Heartseeker ability. Demon Gate over to the back of the room, then Demonic Circle back to where you were). Situational!

Level 90

  • Grimoire of Service: Instantly summon a second demon which fights for 25 sec. The demon will instantly use one of its special abilities when summoned. (2 min cooldown)
  • Grimoire of Supremacy: Empowers your demon pet, causing it to have 20% increased health and deal 20% increased damage.
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice: Sacrifice your demon to gain Demonic Power. Demonic Power causes your spells to sometimes deal an additional 0 Shadow damage to the target and other enemies within 8 yds. Lasts 1 hour or until you summon a demon.

Service is as usual. Supremacy sounds like we’re losing the upgraded demon forms, though they may well come back though glyphs. I’ll be sad to see Kergolon the Observer go if they don’t come back, but Wraadrom the Feldog will definitely be happy to make a return! Sacrifice is REALLY different now, having a random +damage and AoE proc rather than a direct power boost. I’d wager Supremacy will do better in short, tight DPS fights as you have a flat 20% damage boost as opposed to having to rely on RNG.

Level 100

  • Soul Effigy: Create a Soul Effigy bound to the target, which is attackable by only the Warlock. 0% of all damage taken by the Effigy is replicated on the original target. Limit 1. Lasts 10 min.
  • Phantom Singularity: Place a phantom singularity above the target, which consumes the life of all enemies within 25 yards, dealing 0 damage every 2 sec for 16 sec, healing you for 30% of the damage done. (1 min cooldown)
  • Demonic Servitude: You are now able to maintain your control over even greater demons indefinitely, allowing you to summon Doomguards and Infernals as permanent pets.

Soul Effigy allows you to multidot on a single target fight, which seems hilariously strong. Having Agony on a second target even on a single target fight will increase the proc rate of Soul Shards, so there’s a nice bonus. Phantom Singularity is another AoE talent, with a self heal attached to it. Great for add fights or when you need increased survivability! Demonic Servitude is how it is on Live, so it’s nice to have that option still I guess.


Level 15

  • Shadowy Inspiration: Demonic Empowerment also causes your next Shadow Bolt to be Instant.
  • Shadowflame: Lob a ball of Shadowflame at the target, dealing (100% of Spell power) Shadowflame damage, and (120% of Spell power) Shadowflame damage over 8 sec, stacking.
  • Demonic Calling: Shadowbolt has a 10% chance to make your next Call Dreadstalkers free.

Demonic Calling is subject to RNG, which everyone loves, but the chance to have more Dreadstalkers sounds good. I hope it resets the cooldown when it procs too, else the proc could go to waste (unless the buff lasts longer than the Call Dreadstalkers cooldown).

Shadowflame looks like something to cast when you need to move, and there seems to be a lot of moving around with boss fights nowadays, so this talent will probably get a fair bit of use. Shadowy Inspiration giving instant Shadow Bolts is fairly straightforward. More Shadow Bolts also means more Soul Shards, which fuel your other abilities.

Level 30

  • Impending Doom: Doom also summons 2 Wild Imps when it deals damage.
  • Improved Dreadstalkers: Call Dreadstalkers now also summons 2 Wild Imps.
  • Implosion: Demonic forces suck all of your Wild Imps toward the target, and then causes them to violently explode, dealing 0 Shadowflame damage to all nearby enemies.

These talents share a theme around your Wild Imps. Implosion sounds like the fun talent, Impending Doom will have greater potency the more talents you can plonk Doom onto, and Improved Deadstalkers will probably be better in a single target fight, as you can get two bonus imps every 15 seconds (the cooldown of Call Dreadstalkers) as opposed to every 20 seconds (the time it takes Doom to tick). Also, if a fight has adds that don’t live more than 20 seconds, Impending Doom will also be of little use.

Implosion still sounds the most fun. Boom!

Level 45

  • Mortal Coil: Horrifies an enemy target into fleeing, incapacitating them for 3 sec and healing you for (11 * Total health / 100). (45 sec cooldown)
  • Shadowfury: Stuns all enemies within 8 yds for 3 sec. (30 sec cooldown)
  • Soul Leech: Shadow Bolt grants you and your pet shadowy shields that absorb 30% of the damage they dealt for 15 sec.

Same old, same old! I’m disappointed that these abilities are in the same tier as I love them all, but I guess that’s part of what “meaningful choice” is all about.

Level 60

  • Hand of Doom: Hand of Gul’dan now also applies Doom to all enemies that it hits when it consumes at least 3 Soul Shards.
  • Power Trip: Demonic Empowerment now affects all of your active demons.
  • Soul Harvest: Refill 5 Soul Shards. (2 min cooldown)

Hand of Doom is probably going to be be best taken in fights with long-lived adds, or in cleave situations. It’d be very effective if taken with Impending Doom too! More Doom ticks would make more Imps, and you’d have a simple way of putting that DoT on everyone.

Power Trip powers up ALL your active demons rather than your 3 strongest, and you can potentially have a LOT of demons stomping around thanks to the level 30 tier. Soul Harvest refuels your shards instantly, which means MORE DEMONS. This is the MORE DEMONS tier!

Level 75

  • Burning Rush: Increase your movement speed by 50%, but also deals damage to you equal to 4% of your maximum health per second. Movement-impairing effects may not reduce you below 100% of normal movement speed. Lasts until cancelled.
  • Dark Pact: Sacrifices 20% of your demon’s current health to shield you for 400% of the sacrificed health for 20 sec. If you have no demon, your health is sacrificed instead. Usable while suffering from control impairing effects. (1 min cooldown)
  • Demonic Circle: You summon a Demonic Circle for 6 min. You may then cast Demonic Circle again to instantly teleport to its location and remove all snare effects. You can only have 1 Demonic Circle active at a time.

I don’t really have much to say here that I didn’t say in the Affliction section.

Level 90

  • Grimoire of Service: Instantly summon a second demon which fights for 25 sec. The demon will instantly use one of its special abilities when summoned. (2 min cooldown)
  • Grimoire of Supremacy: Empowers your demon pet, causing it to have 20% increased health and deal 20% increased damage.
  • Grimoire of Synergy: When you or your demon deal damage, there is a chance to trigger Demonic Synergy, granting the other one 15% increased damage for 15 sec.

Same as above again, bar Synergy. Synergy would potentially be VERY useful if it had a chance to proc from ALL your demon damage, but the wording makes me think it only procs from your permanent demon’s attacks, and that you only proc a damage boost on it, rather than on ALL your demons.

Why no Sacrifice, like Affliction and Destruction? Because Demonology is about having MORE demons, not LESS, and so the talent goes against the lore and intention of the spec.

Level 100

  • Summon Inquisitor: Summon a demonic Inquisitor that will launch Shadowfrost Volleys at all targets that you have Doomed. Lasts 18 sec. (24 sec cooldown)
  • Demonbolt: Draw energy from your demons and launch a ball of demonic energy at the target, dealing (100% of Spell Power) Chaos damage. Damage is increased by 30% for each demon you have. Generates 1 Soul Shard. Replaces Shadow Bolt.
  • Demonic Servitude: You are now able to maintain your control over even greater demons indefinitely, allowing you to summon Doomguards and Infernals as permanent pets.


This is apparently an Inquisitor and it looks BADASS. This is evidently an AoE talent. Doom a load of enemies up, summon this guy and watch him go to town!

Demonbolt has an interesting change. It becomes your filler and does more damage the more demons you have out. Spew out those imps with Hand of Gul’dan, crank out those Dreadstalkers (which can be a free cast, and who will also bring imps if you have taken the appropriate talents!), and watch yourself have a filler spell that sometimes hits for 400% of your Spell Power.

I’m excited thinking about it.


Level 15

  • Burning Embers: Your Backdraft from Conflagrate now lasts an additional 3 sec.
  • Fire and Brimstone: Incinerate now hits all enemies near your target.
  • Shadowburn: Instantly blasts a target for (340% of Spell Power) Shadow damage. Generates 2 Soul Shards if the target dies within 5 sec.


Shadowburn now doesn’t appear to have a health limit, whereas on live it’s only usable on enemies with 20% or less health. Roughly half the damage of a Chaos Bolt (maybe just under?) for half the cost? Movement DPS for Destro finally! Fire and Brimstone making Incinerate passively AoE without a damage reduction is nice I guess.

Backdraft in Legion doesn’t seem to have charges, instead it reduces the cast time of Incinerate and Chaos Bolt for 5 seconds. An additional 3 seconds of fast casting sounds good, though I imagine you’d not want to double-cast Conflagrate any more, or waste precious Backdraft seconds!

Level 30

  • Reverse Entropy: Chaos Bolt restores 25% mana.
  • Roaring Blaze: When you Incinerate an Immolated target, the remaining damage of the Immolate is increased by 10%. Refreshing Immolate will return it to its normal damage.
  • Mana Tap: Consumes 40% of current mana to grant 15% increased damage for 20 sec.

Reverse Entropy would probably ensure no mana issues for Destro, and thus no need for Life Tap. Roaring Blaze seems like a good damage booster. Cast Immolate, follow up with Incinerate imediately, and boom! Super-powered DoT.

Mana Tap I’ve mentioned above, and would probably make your healers hate you (it’d make you Life Tap a LOT).

Level 45

  • Mortal Coil: Horrifies an enemy target into fleeing, incapacitating them for 3 sec and healing you for (11 * Total health / 100). (45 sec cooldown)
  • Shadowfury: Stuns all enemies within 8 yds for 3 sec. (30 sec cooldown)
  • Soul Leech: Incinerate grants you and your pet shadowy shields that absorb 15% of the damage they dealt for 15 sec.


Level 60

  • Eradication: Chaos Bolt also increases the damage you deal to the target by 20% for 6 sec.
  • Soul Harvest: Refill 5 Soul Shards. (2 min cooldown)
  • Cataclysm: Conjures a cataclysm at the target location, dealing (750% of Spell power) Shadowflame damage to all enemies within 0 yards, and applying Immolate. (1 min cooldown)

Soul Harvest I’ve mentioned already. If you have hardcore strong trinket procs, then being able to cast more Chaos Bolts when it’s active makes Soul Harvest an attractive prospect. If you’re double-casting Chaos Bolt often, then having a second one do 20% more damage is a nice little DPS boost, courtesy of Eradication.

Cataclysm has been moved down from level 100, but otherwise is unchanged. It’s probably going to be the AoE talent of choice. AoE fight (like Hellfire Assault)? Take this and Fire and Brimstone for super AoE!

Level 75

  • Burning Rush: Increase your movement speed by 50%, but also deals damage to you equal to 4% of your maximum health per second. Movement-impairing effects may not reduce you below 100% of normal movement speed. Lasts until cancelled.
  • Dark Pact: Sacrifices 20% of your demon’s current health to shield you for 400% of the sacrificed health for 20 sec. If you have no demon, your health is sacrificed instead. Usable while suffering from control impairing effects. (1 min cooldown)
  • Demonic Circle: You summon a Demonic Circle for 6 min. You may then cast Demonic Circle again to instantly teleport to its location and remove all snare effects. You can only have 1 Demonic Circle active at a time.

Ugh, see above. It still applies.

Level 90

  • Grimoire of Service: Instantly summon a second demon which fights for 25 sec. The demon will instantly use one of its special abilities when summoned. (2 min cooldown)
  • Grimoire of Supremacy: Empowers your demon pet, causing it to have 20% increased health and deal 20% increased damage.
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice: Sacrifice your demon to gain Demonic Power. Demonic Power causes your spells to sometimes deal an additional 0 Shadow damage to the target and other enemies within 8 yds. Lasts 1 hour or until you summon a demon.

I still don’t have anything to say about these that hasn’t been said already.

Though the RNG-ness of Sacrifice (“…to sometimes deal…”) and the RNG of Destruction’s new Mastery (random damage boosts) may be too much RNG to want to have to cope with.

Level 100

  • Wreak Havoc: Havoc now lasts 20 sec, and has no cooldown.
  • Channel Demonfire: Launches 15 bolts of felfire at Immolated enemies within 40 yds, over 3 sec. Each bolt deals 0 Fire damage. (12 sec cooldown)
  • Demonic Servitude: You are now able to maintain your control over even greater demons indefinitely, allowing you to summon Doomguards and Infernals as permanent pets.


Demonic Servitude is again unchanged from Live. It’s still cool to roam around with a burning hunk of rock at your side, though if the Infernal was as (or MORE considering we have to spend a talent on it!) good at tanking as the Voidwalker/Voidlord, I might consider taking it.

Wreak Havoc sounds AMAZING, and will make Destruction the king of double-target cleave fights (Hanzy and Franzy, or Twin Ogron, for instance), as you can just keep Havoc at 100% uptime, and effectively double your DPS. Channel Demonfire is another AoE talent.

Hm. A single target talent, a cleave talent, and an AoE talent. How convenient.

Anyway, that’s the talents overview! Next post I’ll probably do an overview of a spec’s abilities (probably Demonology, as it’s shiny and new).

Until next time!


Warlocks in Legion: Class Preview Blog

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INFORMATION! We have some at last! Here’s my take on it all.


To this end, we’re going to once again standardize Warlocks on their most class-defining resources: Mana and Soul Shards

This means that all three Warlock specs will be using Soul Shards. Not only that, but all three specs will also be using Life Tap. Currently, Destruction has a passive ability called Chaotic Energy that replaces Life Tap, which increases mana regeneration by a huge amount (further increased by haste); presumably, this is going away so we become more mana-dependent again.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I know they want to get closer to the class fantasy of trading one’s soul for power, and I’m all for that, but… I did like how Chaotic Energy worked. You still were capable of running out of mana, which is why you used Chaos Bolt to effectively “recover” it; thanks to its long cast time, you took advantage of your 625% increased mana regen.

But yes. All specs use Soul Shards now. 5 is apparently the maximum.

We want to re-incentivize demon variety, strengthening the various utilities that each demon supplies, and causing some demons to be favored based on the Warlock’s spec.

According to a tweet from the developers, Affliction will favour the use of Felhunters, Demonology the use of Felguards, and Destruction will see best success with Imps. I like this idea! I’m sick of seeing observers all the damn time, cool as they are.



Affliction is staying mostly the same, except Haunt is apparently being relegated to a talent and is being reworked. Drain Life becomes your filler ability, which I quite like the idea of. It’s still regenerating your health, and for each DoT present on your foe, it increases the damage of Drain Life by 50% (so up to 150% increase!). I like how in keeping this is with the Warlock fantasy; curses to empower your spells, your opponent’s life to replenish yours.

Agony and Corruption are mostly the same. The Nightfall effect gets baked not into Corruption, but AGONY now, and isn’t capped at one target, so the more targets you throw Agony on, the more chance you have of generating a Soul Shard.

Your spender of shards is apparently Unstable Affliction now, so I’d imagine it will see a boost in power to compensate for the potential inability to cast it (shards being bound by the RNG of Nightfall, of course), so potentially like a Shadow Priest’s Devouring Plague spell. There’s also a talent that makes Seed of Corruption cost a Soul Shard, but makes the application of the spell an AoE (currently the only AoE part of it is the explosion, so this is a marked improvement over the current spell!).

In conclusion, Affliction is going back to being all about those DoTs, less about the filler. Single target fights will probably not be your strongest type of battle, but add a target or two more into the mix? Affliction will be the KING.



I suppose I won’t be able to use that picture to symbolise Demonology anymore, will I?

Demonology is going to be all about the demon summoning, and the empowering of those demons. I’ll go through abilities a bit more specifically here.

  • Shadow Bolt: This is your main filler, and regenerates a Soul Shard. Same old, same old. Well, apart from the Soul Shard bit.
  • Call Dreadstalkers: A new ability! This costs 2 shards, and summons 2 Dreadstalkers for 12 seconds, on a 15 second cooldown.
  • Hand of Gul’dan: For the cost of 1 to 5 Soul Shards, a meteor full of Wild Imps smacks your target on the head. Hits everyone in 8 yards of the target, and depending on how many shards you used to cast it, you get that number of imps to bombard your foe.
  • Doom: Plonks a 20 second DoT on your foe. At the end, your enemy takes massive damage, and you regen a shard.
  • Demonwrath: A channeled spell that has no maximum duration! Every second, your demons crackle and inflict damage to every enemy within 10 yards of them, and each time it deals damage, you have a 15% chance to regen a shard.
  • Demonic Empowerment: This empowers 3 of your your demons with 50% increased Haste and health for 12 seconds. More haste means they attack quicker, which means more DPS! It favours your stronger demons, so probably your Felguard and Dreadstalkers before your Wild Imps. Has 3 charges on a 12 second recharge time.

And for the preview talent:

  • Implosion: Pulls all your summoned Wild Imps to a target. They then explode, dealing damage to every enemy nearby.
  • Power Trip: Mentioned in a tweet, this talent apparently makes your Demonic Empowerment power up ALL your active demons, not just 3 of them.

So Demonology is all about summoning and empowering a demonic army to assault your foes! I’m REALLY excited about playing this, I’ve gotta say. The current Demonology is a bit clunky, this new hotness looks really fun to play. Can we have it now?



Destruction, like Affliction, is not seeing any overwhelmingly drastic changes, though as I mentioned above, Burning Embers are being replaced with Soul Shards. Immolate is the DoT you want on your enemy at all times (still), Incinerate is your filler (still), Conflagrate provides Backdraft and has 2 charges on an 8 second recharge (still) but also replenishes a Soul Shard. Chaos Bolt functions the same as now, but costs 2 shards. Havoc seems to have changed a bit; rather than affecting the next 3 spells cast (or 1 Chaos Bolt), it places an 8 second debuff on an enemy and copies ALL spells to that enemy for the duration, so you can Havoc-cleave multiple Chaos Bolts! This makes me happy.

The preview talent, Channel Demonfire, throws fireballs at all enemies with Immolate on them over 3 seconds, but this isn’t the only AoE talent. Fire and Brimstone is now also a talent, which passively makes Incinerate into an AoE, but no word on whether it reduces the damage of it, like current Fire and Brimstone does. Also, for those of us concerned at Conflagrate being our only shard generator, according to @WarcraftDevs, “there are several talents that deal with Soul Shards,” so fret not!

Shadowburn returns as a talent too, with “improved usability,” but no word on what that actually is, so wait and see I guess?

The final thing to note is our mastery. Chaotic Energies makes your spells deal up to x% additional damage randomly. So with a (for example) 50% mastery rating, if your Chaos Bolt does 100,000 damage normally, then with this new mastery, it can do anywhere between 100,000 and 150,000 damage, based on luck I suppose.

I… actually kinda like that. It fits with the Destruction fantasy of using chaotic, destructive energies to deal damage. If our very damage has to be chaotic to fulfill that, then I am more than happy to oblige.


So! In conclusion, on the face of it, Warlocks look to be going into a good place come Legion, and I definitely want to carry on playing as one. Phew! Affliction still looks rather boring, but to me it always did compared to Demonology and Destruction, and those two specs looks fantastic! I can’t wait to try them out!

Legion Release WINDOW Announced/Leaked/Whatever

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Website updates happened. This was posted, then rather quickly taken down, but never quick enough, darlings. The typical stuff is on here. Pricing (same as last expansion, I believe), pet and mount, level boost, the norm.

A couple of things stand out though.


For pre-purchasing Legion, you get (at least) a week early access to the Demon Hunter class, before it’s officially released to the rest of the world. This is certainly new and different! The hero-class-restrictions of old apply to Demon Hunters too; you can have only 1 per realm, and you have to have at least a level 70 character, so you can’t start a new account and have Demon Hunters straight away.

Though with the level 90/100 boost from Warlords and Legion, I doubt that’s an issue for, like, ANYBODY.

It’s a nice little perk for pre-purchasing I suppose. Gives you an opportunity to test out the new hotness, see if you like it and wanna stick with it, before proper leveling begins in earnest.

The second thing is a small picture, I do apologise.


“expected game release on or before September 21st 2016″


This is not a release date, people, it’s a release WINDOW.

I’ll put that in big.


Tattoo it onto yourself if need be. The LATEST it will be released is September 21st. Obviously if it DOES come out that date, then it will be an unmitigated disaster for Blizzard, they who said “we want to release stuff faster” and said the 14 month Siege of Orgrimmar patch was unacceptable and wouldn’t happen again (surprise! You get a 15 month patch instead!).

I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt here though, because I am a gloriously optimistic person, and say that it will release sooner than that, probably in July, however I am fully prepared to eat my lovely panda hat if that proves to be hopelessly wrong.

(DISCLAIMER: I am not going to literally eat my hat, that’d be ridiculous. I like that hat too much)


  • Obviously Blizzcon starts today. I won’t be watching the opening ceremony as I will be out with my boyfriend and his aikido buddies, eating lovely food in an Indian restaurant. I will be coming home after though as I have to be up for work at 3am tomorrow, so I may look over what happened, then do a quick blog post about it before bed.
  • He’s staying out and getting drunk, because he DOESN’T have work tomorrow, the lucky swine.
  • I’ve been playing the recent Disgaea game recently. It’s AWESOME. I’ll probably do a full blog post about it next week sometime, but I’ve finished the main questline, and I’m in the postgame now, and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

  • Disgaea is all about crazy numbers. Crazy, impossible numbers. I love it.


  • Us Twitterfolk began officially raiding as a proper guild last night, and we made good progress! We went 5/13 (N), though it shows 6/13 because a bunch of us killed Gorefiend a while back, but not as a guild group. YAY US.

That’s it. You can go now.

Legion Wishlist 1: Demon Customization

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We all have things we’d like to see in Legion, and rather than keep them in our heads, why not write them down for all to see? Here’s my pie-in-the-sky Legion Wishlist number 1, where I detail how I’d like to see Enslave Demon get revamped!


It’s not a spell we use very often, as the demons we enslave aren’t really brilliant compared to the demons we summon ourselves, outside of the Pit Lord from the green fire questline. I’d like to see it keep the same functionality in the field (control an enemy demon for 5 minutes), but also have a second effect.

If we enslave a demon that is a counterpart to the ones we can summon ourselves (different colours/skins, but same model), then the look gets “saved”, and by visiting an NPC in our class hall (which I assume is still Planet Awesome?), we can swap out the way the demons we can summon look. Maybe expand it to bosses too! So instead of summoning a normal Shivarra:

"Really? YOU summon ME?!"
“Really? YOU summon ME?!”

Have us be able to enslave, and thus use, the skin of Mother Shahraz!

"So, business... or pleasure?"
“So, business… or pleasure?”

Maybe if they’re a unique model (as above), they can use their different soundbites too!

Maybe we can enslave Durumu, and he can be a replacement for our Observer demon? Seeing as he’s an Aberration, perhaps Blizzard can add an item to his loot table that works like the Vial of Fel Cleansing that drops from Fel Rangari Anaara. We beat him one week, we get an item that turns him from an Aberration to a Demon, then the following week we can use it, enslave him, and use that AWESOME skin of his.

"Do you see what I did there?"
“Do you see what I did there?”

This way, we can have different coloured Imps, Succubi, Felhunters, the lot! Add a special Incubus demon that acts like the Molten Front hunter tames, in that we have to beat it to half health before we tame it, then we can finally get a male Succubus! Something that I think gets requested quite a bit, in terms of cosmetic Warlock stuff. Add it, but make us work for it. We all like having to earn our happy ending!

So there we go. Let us enslave things, and swap out how they look, but keep the “imp/succubus/voidy/feldog/felguard” thing going. We’re not Hunters who have 5 hydras about their person, we’re Warlocks with a balanced set of demons! Just let us choose what they look like.

(yes my Hunter collects hydras, they’re awesome)


Panda Steve Lists: 4 Worst Fight Archetypes

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I rather enjoyed doing a top x list yesterday, so I’m doing another one today! It keeps me writing, which is good. I mean, this is my third post in 3 days! Normally it takes me three weeks to do that.

This post is about boss fight archetypes that I, personally, dislike.

4: Add Fights

e.g. Galakras, Hellfire Assault

A boss encounter that often doesn’t feature an actual boss, the add fight is one of those long, annoying fights against constantly-spawning enemies. While most normal boss fights get easier and faster as you gear up, in an add fight you are restricted by spawn timers. In Hellfire Assault for example, a vehicle spawns every so often; defeating the vehicle makes it drop ammo for a cannon, and you need to fire the cannon a certain number of times. Sadly, you can’t speed up the spawning of the vehicles, meaning the time you’ll complete the encounter with an average item level of 660 will also be the amount of time you complete it at 720+.


3: Duel Boss

e.g. Kanrethad (WoW), Wiegraf (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Most RPGs that feature some sort of party system tend to also feature a boss (or bosses!) that eschews normal party-based mechanics, forcing you to engage in a one-on-one fight. Kanrethad Ebonlocke is the final boss of the Warlock green fire quest, and you have to face him solo. Back at level 90 he was one of the hardest encounters in the game, though he became trivialised first by gear, then by the fact he’s a level 90 boss in a level 100 world.

While Kanny-baby is an optional encounter for 1 class in the game, Wiegraf is an encounter you HAVE to face as part of the story, and man-oh-man is he a bastard to an unprepared player. While I’ve gone in-depth on this encounter before (here) I will summarise the Wiegraf encounter as thus: if you have developed your main character in the “wrong” way (i.e. as a fragile magic-user) then Wiegraf will probably kill you in one or two hits every time, and it’d be easier to just restart the damn game from the start.

“lol a white mage? Silly Ramza!”

2: WTF Boss

e.g. Prince Malchezaar (WoW), Necron (Final Fantasy IX)

A boss with little plot relevance that just… comes out of nowhere.

Karazhan was Medivh’s house, and as such features ghosts and magical constructs (including the ghost of Medivh himself, who challenges you to a chess match, because of course he does), but at the top, the final boss is Prince Malchezaar, a big ol’ eredar lord of the Burning Legion. While every previous encounter was explained by the context of the raid itself, Ol’ Malchy is just kind of THERE, with no real reason. More odd than that is the fact he has Gorehowl on his loot table. You know, Garrosh and Grommash’s weapon? Which Garrosh had up until he left it in Pandaria, and Grommash still has?

Necron is the final boss of FFIX (spoiler alert? Though it’s a 15 year-old game so get over it) who appears with literally no build-up whatsoever. You fight Kuja, he throws a tantrum and uses Ultima, and then you’re fighting whatever the frig this is:


You beat him, and he’s never mentioned again. Cool.

1: Council Boss(es)

e.g. Illidari Council, Blood Prince Council, Ascendant Council, Council of Elders, Hellfire Council (WoW)

And that’s just the ones from World of Warcraft with council in their name! WoW features over 30 council fights. Sometimes the bosses share health (Stone Guard, Twin Emperors), sometimes they don’t and have a specific kill order (Hellfire Council, Spirit Kings), or maybe you need to kill all of them within a certain amount of time from each-other (Fallen Protectors, Conclave of Wind) otherwise they resurrect.

These fights are generally chaotic, especially on the pull, and tend to require a lot of co-ordination, which makes LFR versions of these encounters absolutely dreadful. They also need to come up with a new way of doing this style of fight because dammit we’ve seen it all before. The Klaxxi Paragons encounter just turns it up to 11, with 9 bosses to slog through, each with varied, dangerous attacks. Kill one, the others heal and power up and a new paragon flies in.

Okay, the Klaxxi encounter was my favourite in Siege of Orgrimmar, but still I’m sure there’s some sort of new take they can do with this encounter style.


What encounter styles do YOU dislike? Let me know!