The internet is fixed! Turns out it got disconnected by a careless maintenance man and not reported, or fixed, or anything like that. Just a cable left in the grass. Mr Sky Man came, he fixed, he left, and here I am online again! Able to play WoW (my LFR day will be tomorrow instead of Thursday now), and FFXIV (I had JUST got Ikralla to level 10!).


THIS MEANS I CAN CHANGE CLASSES. I need to get Pugilist to level 15, stop me if you’ve heard this before, then I can switch to ROGUE.


Yesterday, while I was internetless, I did a bit of combo practice with Gouken and Poison in Ultra Street Fighter 4. The idea is, you do something, then you repeat it endlessly until you can do it at the drop of a hat. I can’t just yet, but I can combo into Poison Kiss from a red-focus-attack-dash-cancelled Whip of Love, and I can FADC Gouken’s Tatsumaki Gorasen into his EX Tatsumaki Gorasen, which seems kinda pointless but looks WONDERFULLY flashy.

This happens to his characters A LOT.

In case you forgot, this is part of Poison Kiss. Yes indeed.

I need to practice comboing out of Gouken’s Denjin Hadoken. It causes a wall bounce which, if you’re fast, you can follow up with an attack. I can do a follow-up when he does a partially or fully charged Denjin Hadoken, but not on an uncharged one. Heck, I’m not even sure it’s possible.

One interesting thing from the Street Fighter wiki is that Gouken’s Denjin Hadoken, when fully charged, is the MOST POWERFUL ULTRA IN THE GAME.

Yeah, I like my characters strong.


  • I may do solo guides for the other Cataclysm raids, then make a start on Mists ones. Gonna focus on Warlock and Monk strategies, but may branch out. Who knows?
  • That’s about it really.


My internet is busted sadly. We’re phoning Sky later, hopefully sort this shit out. For now I am typing this on my phone and UGH it’s so annoying. Fat fingered me making typos left right and centre!

Yesterday I talked about progress in a game and how it keeps you interested and invested. Levelling up, getting better gear, even just getting better at how you yourself play! There are other factors in keeping people interested though, so where is WoW failing? People seem to have stopped playing in droves, and while there will always be a sizable amount leaving for personal reasons (work, family etc), there will be others leaving due to the game itself.

My question for you is this: If you have recently stopped playing due to the game itself, why? No challenge? Lack of interest? Burnout or just a simple “I wanna play other games too!” feeling? I’m genuinely curious!

In other news, I feel like my spine has been punched repeatedly by Bruce Lee. Such intense pain in my back! Having to work today really didn’t help either. Still, I am home and sat down now, watching daytime TV and chomping ibuprofen like there’s no tomorrow!

In my internetless state, I may jump into Training Mode in Ultra Street Fighter 4! Experiment with Poison and Gouken a little bit, see if I can improve my terrible execution level! I’m pretty decent, but there’s always room to improve, and FADC combos are a bit of a weakness of mine! Thankfully Gouken doesn’t rely too heavily on them, he hits hard enough as it is!



It’s important to feel like you’re making progress in a game. In Final Fantasy 14, my progress is constant, as I have a new character. I level up every so often, instant progression! A quest reward may give me a new piece of armor, or a weapon, or just some experience and gil, and the effect is that it moves me forward.


I’m progressing in Warcraft too, though not in a similar fashion, considering I’m at max level. I’m only an LFR player so my progress will likely be slower than most, but my warlock is slowly gearing up. She’s got the first of 3 Elemental Tablets (made from 300 Elemental Runes! 9 or 27 of them drop from bosses, plus there’s missions for 18 of them and you can get them in work orders too), she’s got a couple new pieces of gear too. Progress.

Working towards things, striding ever onward, but what happens when you’ve progressed as far as you feel you can? Numerous people seem to be quitting the game, citing “nothing to do.”

I can sit here and say “YES THERE IS THERE’S SO MUCH!” but what I have an interest in (LFR, collecting things, levelling alts, etc) may not pique the interest of someone who’s a hardcore raider done with progression, or someone who’s collected all the battle pets and beaten all the trainers, or someone who may have just hit a stumbling block (seeing you have to collect 900 Elemental Runes is EXTREMELY daunting, considering how long it’s taken some to just get 125 Abrogator Stones).

So, I guess what I’m saying is it’s important to instill a sense of “I’m making PROGRESS!” in players, lest they feel like they’re done and move on, potentially never returning.

A tough ask, to be sure.



In Other News!

Today is LFR day, the day I spam LFRs on my characters for legendary quest items. To prevent a sort of LFR burnout, I’m only queuing for the instance relevant to the stage of the legendary quest I’m on. Raenah is collecting Elemental Runes, so I will queue her for Blackrock Forge, and ignore Highmaul. Lillorigga and Lunchi are still collecting Abrogator Stones, so I am ignoring Blackrock Forge in favour of Highmaul.

Lunchi has the added incentive of not having the item level for BRF yet, so there’s that.

I will do Lillorigga and Lunchi’s runs later. For now, I’m gonna have a shower and go out to lunch.


Persistence! Determination! Sheer, bloody luck.

Sorry 'bout that.

Sorry ’bout that.

I’m of course talking about soloing old raids for mounts. Over the course of yesterday evening and this morning, I have soloed Ulduar 6 times across 3 characters, hoping for Mimiron’s Head to drop (and Fragments of Valanyr on the monk too).

I have Ashes of Al’ar. I have Invincible. I have the mammoth from Wintergrasp and the horse from Karazhan. The ones I am focusing on now are the above-mentioned Mimiron’s Head, and the mounts from Ragnaros, Ultraxion and Madness of Deathwing.

I don’t do every boss every week, that’d drive me insane. Sure, my way of “focus on a few at a time” may take longer, but that’s just the way I roll!

I really, really want Mimiron’s Head though. I love the model, I love the noise it makes when it flies. I love the fact I’d be the only one in my guild with it!

Yet here I am, doomed to wait another week for another failed attempt, ever hopeful that THIS TIME, this time it WILL drop.

At least it’s easy to do now. On my warrior and warlock, the fights are easily nuked on 10 man, and when you defeat Vezax, you just switch to 25 man and face down Yogg Saron.

For the monk, I’m doing it on 25, primarily because the bosses also drop Fragments of Val’anyr, a legendary weapon I’d quite like to acquire. Feat of Strength, and I think it’s one of the weapons nobody in the guild has yet, so guild FoS too!

Look at me, being all considerate. Ish.

*shakes fist*

*shakes fist*

FFXIV and WoW and Terrible Weather

Final Fantasy XIV


Say hello to Ikralla Adnap (yes that’s “panda” backwards), a Pugilist. I resubbed to FFXIV the day before yesterday, and finished updating it last night. I plan to get her to level 15 in Pugilist, then make her a Rogue! I was slightly confused when I couldn’t make her a Rogue straight off the bat, but apparently you can’t choose it as a starting class! You have to make another class, get it to level 10, do the special class quest at that level, THEN you can make a Rogue.

A site I read advised getting the Pugilist to 15, as this is one of the prerequisites for the Ninja class, which is just too badass to NOT be.


So yes, while WoW!Ikralla is a chunky Pandaren monk, FF14!Ikralla is a scrappy catgirl that’s probably gonna steal anything not nailed down.

World of Warcraft


Maintenance today for NA servers! Maintenance tomorrow for us EU folk! It’s introducing the 6.1.2 patch, which brings in the WoW Token! It’ll cost $20 (or some equivalent in other currency), but gold prices for it haven’t been specified yet. There’s more information here, so check it out!

Let’s all jump on that slippery slope to WoW going Free to Play! (no I’m not being serious, I went over this a while ago, GOSH)

In Other News

  • What the actual frig it’s HAILING out there
  • This is my 24th blog post in a row!
  • No seriously it’s 8 degrees out there why the fuck is it hailing
  • I have a pack of 5 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. The whole furore over how the chocolate is different and they’re ruined forever? THEY TASTE THE SAME AS THEY ALWAYS DID.
  • Maybe I just have an unrefined palate?
  • Maybe all the spicy food over the years has killed my taste buds.

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A Word from Ikralla


“Oi! Since Warlords dropped, you’ve totally forgotten about me, Ikralla, your grumpy panda monk.”

I’m sorry Ikralla, I’ve been building garrisons and recruiting an army!


I needed the heirlooms for a Blood Elf! Besides, you don’t look too bad.


“A Blood Elf? Have you seen the size of them? How on Azeroth do you think MY heirlooms would fit a tiny elf?”

I… don’t actually know, that’s a good question. Anyway, you can have your heirlooms back!


“Well, where’s the nearest mailbox?”

You don’t need to do that anymore! Since 6.1 there’s heirloom storage! We can just open a window and create the items again!

“I have literally no idea what any of that means.”



Lookin’ good, Ikralla!

“IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME. You know you left me naked over the winter? Just because I have a furry coat doesn’t mean I’ll be warm in freezing temperatures.”

Yeah, sorry about that dude. I did manage to get you a couple of compensatory bonuses though!


A chauffeur! That… technically you have to share with all the other characters on my account.


Um, that’s not all!




Heirloom fist weapons!

“Oh. Oh yes, yes I like these!”

Somehow I thought you would.

“So… do you remember where we were when you ABANDONED me?”

I… have no idea. We’ll just wing it, I guess!


In other news:

I’m in the process of reinstalling Final Fantasy 14 on my laptop. I’ll be based on the Cactuar server!

Sunbuer is level 97. Spires of Arak tends to slow me down massively for some weird reason, so my progress through it is not as swift as I’d like.

Remember I was playing King of Fighters 13 with the boyfriend the other day? Well, I decided on the 3rd character I will use most. Joining Mai and Andy is a dude called K’, which is apparently pronounced “K Dash” despite that not being a dash after his name, but who am I to argue?

You’re all wonderful people <3

Answering Questions

So looking at my blog stats, people come here for all sorts of reasons, so I’m gonna answer a few questions that lead people here!


How to start the Nefarian fight

Blackwing Descent, I’m guessing? ’cause in Blackwing Lair you just go up and talk to him. You need to defeat all the bosses in the raid first, so Magmaw, Omnotron, Atramedes, Chimaeron and Maloriak. Outside Atramedes’ room there’s an orb to activate which allows you to start the Nefarian fight.

WoWScrnShot_072414_135228Best Warlock levelling spec

Frankly, any of the specs are good ’cause you can use a tanking pet (Voidwalker/Voidlord or Felguard/Wrathguard)  to distract the enemies from you. However, Demonology and Affliction have Health Funnel, which increases the survivability of your demons exponentially, and of those two specs Demonology has the higher DPS.


How to solo Freya

Um, really easily? Even on 25 man with all elders active, you just nuke her until she stops moving. Go in with 4 Embers filled or full Fury, pop Dark Soul, pop Grimoire of Service, then go to town. If she’s recovering too quickly, then you need to kill add waves she summons. Stand under the mushrooms she summons to prevent silences. The more add waves you kill, the weaker her regeneration will become.


Destruction or Demonology?


  • Single target: Demonology. Use Grimoire of Service and Demonic Servitude.
  • Cleave: Destruction. Use Cataclysm and Grimoire of Service OR Supremacy.
  • Burst AoE: Demonology. Use Cataclysm and Grimoire of Synergy.
  • Sustained AoE: Destruction. Use Charred Remains and Grimoire of Sacrifice. Only really usable with a high level of Mastery.


Best Alliance race for Warlock

For PvP? Can’t beat Every Man for Himself, so Human. Yay free trinket.

For PvE? Dwarf has Might of the Mountain, which boosts damage from Critical Strikes, which means a direct boost to Chaos Bolt damage!

I will stress however that the difference in DPS between the highest simming race (Orc) and lowest simming race (Forsaken) is a negligible 400 DPS, so frankly go with whatever you bloody well like.


How to solo Maloriak

He has this irritating thing where at 25% health he summons every single small add plus several large ones and they will bludgeon you to death very quickly. You have a couple options here.

  1. Wait for him to summon the aberrations over the course of the encounter. Kill them, then wait for him to summon more. This means when he releases “all” aberrations at 25%, he just summons the 2 big ones. Kill all!
  2. When he’s about to hit 25%, wait for him to cast Engulfing Darkness. This locks him into the move for nearly 10 seconds. Use this time to pop every cooldown you can and burst him down. Keep away from the aberrations!


Soloing Lose Your Illusion

Defeat Thorim while Sif is present. It’s not difficult any more. Kill the initial adds, open the gate, run on through to Thorim, knock him off, jump off the ledge, burn him down.


Raiding with Leashes 3

I made a neat little guide for that a while back.



He’s a bastard. It’s just a DPS race, though. 10N is very easy, 10H a bit less, 25N slightly less than that, and 25H harder still. Basically, if you can’t do it on one difficulty, tone it down a little bit or come back with better gear. Burn the fucker down.


Is the Terrorguard worth using in 6.2?

We’re not in 6.2 yet, silly! But yes, Demonic Servitude is a VERY worthy talent still. It’s now very good for Demonology too, what with the nerf to Demonbolt.

So! Got any other questions you’d like me to answer in a future version of this? Let me know either in the comments, or on my Twitter, @ikralla!