Sometimes, Final Fantasy IX still hits me in that emotional part of the brain. Recently in the mobile game I play, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE), there was a FFIX event, and the second part of it was Pandemonium, and the song playing the WHOLE time through it?

This song. This fucking song. It still gets me, even now! Hits me right in the heart! The point where the ever-cheerful Zidane is broken by Garland, and the other characters have to try and pick him back up again, all while THIS SONG plays. It’s a gut-wrenching, beautiful moment and it still gets me.

Well, in the Japanese version of FFBE, there’s another FFIX event, and this time, it’s not the music causing the emotion, but the actual summonable unit. There’s a new version of Garnet, and, well. Remember this scene?

With that absolute iconic image?

Garnet’s limit burst (FFBE’s limit break/overdrive/trance/etc) has this animation:

When I first saw that, I GASPED and went wide-eyed! It’s amazing! It’s one of the most memorable moments in FFIX and it looks absolutely stunning here.

Anyway, emotions. Gotta love them.


  • Quina. I know I know, blue mages are weird and generally kinda bad and Quina has the added factor of having to catch a shitload of frogs to power Frog Drop enough that it does max damage, but I have a massive soft spot for Quina, who just wants to travel the world and eat all the things! They receive barely any character development because, as mentioned by Quan later in the game, they don’t NEED to change. Quina is the only character who starts off, and stays, content with exactly who they are.
  • Superboss is a ball. Heh, balls. He’s also capable of killing himself with Doomsday if he’s low on health and you did the (easily missable and lengthy) sidequest with friendly enemies.
  • Kuja’s possibly the most successful of all the Final Fantasy villains, in that he does gain ultimate power, and ends up using what remains of his (by design) dwindling lifespan to devastating effect.

  • Really, he attains every goal he set out for, even when he starts to go off the rails, and the only reason he didn’t destroy the universe when he destroyed the original crystal is because literally NOBODY saw Necron coming. Kuja may not have caused the apocalypse, but he came damn close, and awakened the being that would easily have brought it about.

I exist for one purpose… To return everything back to the zero world, where there is no life and no crystal to give life.

  • Chocobo Hot and Cold! Best mini game!
  • You face General Beatrix at numerous points in the story, and each time you put up a decent fight, she takes off the kid gloves and wipes the floor with you because she’s motherfucking General Beatrix, and you are nothing. Then later in the game, she has a change of heart and even briefly joins the party as a playable character. The best thing about this? She is EVERY BIT AS STRONG WHEN SHE’S ON YOUR SIDE. All those Shocks and Climhazzards that were fucking up your day? Well, now you can fuck up everyone else’s day.
  • It’s rare that a game lets you use a fully powered character like that. Normally when a bad guy turns good, they take some sort of accidental power degrade to go with it. Not Beatrix!
  • That ending scene. God damn, that ending. Another of those glorious emotional hits.


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