Twenty, But Also Nine

It’s going to be a Final Fantasy post, here. Why each game I have played is both the best and the worst in the series.

Despite the picture I’m not including the Dissidia games!

Final Fantasy I

  • BEST: I’m a sucker for a class system, and while you can’t change classes you can customise the party you take through the game, which means FULL WHITE MAGE PARTY CHALLENGE!
  • WORST: There’s a story there, sure, but it’s so so basic.

Final Fantasy II

  • BEST: The villain is basically David Bowie, and Minwu is badass.
  • WORST: The levelling system… kinda makes sense? Stats randomly increase as you use them, but it means one of the best ways of boosting stats is to beat up your own party members, and that wearies eventually.

Final Fantasy III

  • BEST: Oh look another job system! This time with classes that aren’t locked in forever!
  • WORST: That fucking Nepto Shrine where you have to mini yourself. NO THANKS.

Final Fantasy IV

  • WORST: The game, at least in the SNES translation, seemed to never want to use words specifically related to dying or death, hence the wonderful lines like “fall flat in the deep ravine!” or “a girl from Baron was kept from falling down.”

Final Fantasy V

  • BEST: Another job system! Also Faris the pirate queen king and Gilgamesh rule.
  • WORST: idk Exdeath is pretty basic, but to be honest there’s not really anything overwhelmingly bad about this game.

Final Fantasy VI

  • BEST: You can suplex a train, have a moogle in your party, the villain is genuinely terrifying, you can break the game well and truly with the right equips and party setups, the music the story the characters the EVERYTHING.
  • WORST: That god damn Steam version looks terrible!

Final Fantasy VII

  • BEST: I mean, it has THAT emotional gut punch with THAT music playing as you face a boss before THAT super-sad cutscene, but… does it really compare to the fact that you can take Barret on the Gold Saucer date? No, I don’t think it does. Can’t wait for that in the remake!
  • WORST: Ugh the whole mountain climbing, warming yourself, ice cave, Malboro, Schizo fight section bums me the fuck out.

Final Fantasy VIII

  • WORST: I dislike the fact that the enemies level with you, so to trivialise the game, you just don’t level, and use spell junctioning to compensate for the low stats, meaning NO USING YOUR SPELLS, meaning every fight is just basic attacks and limit breaks.

Final Fantasy IX

  • BEST: I recently talked about why it’s an amazing game, go read that. Also, another card game yay!

Final Fantasy X

  • BEST: This is a character driven story, and the characters are all bloody amazing, so while the game is relatively linear, it doesn’t FEEL it.
  • BONUS BEST: Blitzball is one of the best minigames. Fight me.
  • WORST: HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Final Fantasy X-2

  • BEST: Job system! Also a fun and light-hearted take on Spira!
  • WORST: The final boss is a moth with a church organ on its back, come the fuck on.

Final Fantasy XII

  • BEST: The gambit system is actually a really cool way of doing AI team members! Give them commands they perform with a specific criteria in the order of necessity, and watch them go! Also the scene at the top of the Pharos at Ridorana with Cid, Gabranth etc is *chef kiss*
  • WORST: Vaan.

draw me like one of your french girls

Final Fantasy XIII

  • BEST: ?
  • WORST: It’s basically a pretty corridor for 20 hours, with the most cardboard protagonists ever.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • BEST: It’s an MMO! That means you can save the world as a group of friends LOOK FABULOUS ONLINE!
  • WORST: Can I justify two MMO subs a month? As well as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify? Probs not.

Final Fantasy XV

  • BEST: Hot boys car journey where you come up with new recipeeehhhhhs.
  • WORST: Is it even possible to lose the fights? I mean short of your AI comrades fucking up entirely, which they will frequently because somehow between 12 and 15, the series AI took a MAJOR step back. Look, just bring back the gambit system.

Final Fantasy Tactics

  • BEST: It’s the best because it is. It has the strongest story, a JOB SYSTEM which we know is important to me, and it has Agrias.
  • WORST: idk Argath’s a bit of a dick I guess, but on the upside you get to kill him! Twice! Three times if you include 14 as well!

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

  • BEST: Okay the job system is a given, but also how ridiculously overpowered you can make your characters, especially viera! Assassins with the Concentrate skill will blow the game WIDE!
  • WORST: Marche is the bad guy, let’s be real here.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Grimoire of the Rift

  • BEST: This time your main character is like “okay I DO need to go back home, but I’m gonna enjoy myself while I’m here!” and that’s actually refreshing compared to the last one, where the overarching message seemed to be “ESCAPISM IS BAD, CONFRONT PROBLEMS HEAD ON OR DIE” or something like that.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

  • BEST: idk, Vincent’s cool I guess.
  • WORST: oh my god everything, but the thing that bugged me most was that one character was called Rosso the Crimson. I’M SORRY, RED THE RED? GET OUT.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

  • BEST: You play as Zack! Also the combat system, besides the slot machine thing, is actually really good, despite it not being a traditional turn-based thing.




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