The Tough Thing About Alts

So we come to that time of the expansion cycle when there’s a heavily speculated date for the next expansion pre-patch. Numerous people seem to be hyping the 14th/15th of this month as the date when we’ll finally get 6.0.2. We’ve had the PVP Season End warning yesterday, which traditionally heralds the coming of a new patch 2 weeks later.

It therefore comes to the time where people are deciding what characters and classes they will play in the next expansion. Naturally, it’s always subject to change, even halfway through the expansion, but we start off with the best of ideas.

What Will I Do?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going to focus on 3 characters in Warlords of Draenor. Raenah the Warlock was the first one. I write about the class after all, why would I not continue to use her? The other two being the Shaman Shamwhoa, and Lixiu the Hunter.

"Hey Gul'daaaaaan. What're you doing?"

“Hey Gul’daaaaaan. What’re you doing?”

Since then I played as a Warrior on the beta, and while I was still underwhelmed by the gameplay of Arms and Fury, the new level 100 talent for Protection that gives Gladiator stance is IMMENSE fun! Finally, a sword & board DPS! I have no qualms about saying that I will use my Warrior, and she will be a gladiator. I just need to get an appropriate transmog for her…

As a knight she looks cool, doesn't scream "GLADIATOR!" though

As a knight she looks cool, doesn’t scream “GLADIATOR!” though

That increased the number of characters I wanted to play as to 4, and therein the issues began.

There’s Always Something…

I watched the Lords of War video featuring Maraad, and it made me want to race-change my Paladin to a Draenei, give her a badass 2h sword, and smash the crap out of everything.

She sure looks the part.

She sure looks the part.

Then I realised I actually LIKED the Retribution play style. I wanted to play it MORE. Having a 2-hander heirloom from Garrosh for her certainly helped matters too. She wouldn’t be at a disadvantage levelling, as she’s got a powerful weapon to take the heads off of orcs with.

That bumped me up to 5. But wait! Inxy, the Horde Warlock is another! I already know how to Warlock, I have a Hellscream’s War Staff for her, and she’s guaranteed the Green Fire title as Raenah has it. She makes 6, but she’s the only Hordie. I said I want to play both sides of the story this time around, so she is a definite.

Then I played the Monk. Lunchi, my blindfolded homage to Chun Li.


But it’s more than being an homage to the First Lady of Fighting Games. Monks are fun to play as. Storm, Earth and Fire is probably one of my favourite abilities in the game. Monks look BEAUTIFUL when you play them properly. The movement, the animations. They just look stunning as they carve their way through the battlefield.

Plus, 2h Agility heirloom. Can’t go wrong.

I want to level up Vanlew as well. She’s my lockbox opener if nothing else.

Also a master of disguise

Also a master of disguise

So basically, so far I have narrowed it down to “not the mage, not the druid”.

I think I need to refine my choices again.

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What’s in a Name?

So today, for want of something better to blog about, I thought I’d talk about my characters on World of Warcraft! Specifically, their names and where they come from. Because I can, you see.


Raenah is named after Raena, a character from the Deverry books by Katharine Kerr. She’s the high priestess of Alshandra, a bad decision maker, and the reincarnation of a generally awful woman called Merodda.


Speaking of Merodda, she had a daughter named Lillorigga, or Lilli for short. Gifted with magic, but meets a tragic end indirectly due to her mother. Of course I made her a warrior. Because my decisions are LOGICAL.


Ellesario is another character from the Deverry books, and the daughter of Alshandra, the not-quite-goddess mentioned above. In Warcraft, she is my mage, and she is weaponless because her staff went to…


Inxy, which is a name I made up one day. She’s on the RP server Argent Dawn, and she’s a warlock of immense power. Immense ineptitude too, her engineering proves that she gets confused between ambition and ability.


The name Shamwow was already taken on Nagrand. Terrible, I know! What was the next best thing? SHAMWHOA. Because every shaman name is a terrible, terrible pun involving the SHAM part.


Li Xiu was the daughter of a military commander way back in the 4th century. When her father suddenly died, she took command of his troops herself, and put down a rebellion in Ningzhou

Naturally, a fitting name for a Pandaren hunter. Of course.


Continuing the Chinese theme, Sun Bu’er was one of the Seven Masters of Quanzhen, the only woman to become so. As is seemingly typical in ancient Chinese stories, her birth involves dreams, cranes, magic and deities. As a significant figure in the religion Taoism, why not name my devotee of the Light after her?


Here’s my rogue Vanlew. She’s named after Elizabeth Van Lew, the woman who created an extensive network of spies during the American Civil War. She also modernized the postal system of Richmond in Virginia, because why the hell not?


Lunchi is named (and styled) after Chun Li from the Street Fighter series.


Buns and all.


Disgleirio is my paladin, and is the Welsh word for “shining”. I wanted her name to be a word that had something to do with the concept of light, and I translated various words into various languages before settling with this one.

Formerly known as Patrianna, a character from the Wonderella webcomics. A series I wholeheartedly recommend to all!


Gestherya was a random name my boyfriend came up with one day. She’s my little unholy elf, and she will kick your ass.


This name is what occurs when I get uncreative. I couldn’t think of a name for a druid, so I just took the name of my main, and swapped two letters around. GENIUS.


Sha Wujing is from Journey to the West. Those of you may remember the story of this from the TV show Monkey! He’s also known as Sandy, and his name translated from Chinese means “sand aware of purity”

He’s a monk, and along with Sunbuer, my healer.


My 2nd shaman Korbenik is named after Corbenik from .hack, and is known as the “8th phase of the Cursed Wave, Corbenik, the Rebirth”

Sadly that wouldn’t fit in the name box, and Corbenik on its own was taken.


And here’s Ikralla. Ikralla’s the name I use on Twitter and various other websites, and is a misspelling of Irkalla (a misspelling that I liked enough to keep anyway). Irkalla is the name for the underworld in Babylonian mythology. It’s ruled by Ereshkigal and Nergal, the Death God.

This isn’t where I first heard the name Irkalla though.


This is Zasalamel from Soul Calibur 3. He’s my favourite character in that game, and he also acts as the one of the main antagonists of it. When you play the story mode, depending on decisions you make and your performance, you may well face him when he turns into Abyss, due to his combining and subsequent absorbing of the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge blades.


You see that scythe Abyss has?

That’s called Irkalla.

And that’s where I leave you. Hopefully soon we’ll get a beta build that actually has more warlock changes. If we don’t, I’m sure I can think of more fluff topics to write about!

Until next time!

Warlocks of Draenor: Build 18927

Ugh. Here we go.


Why not begin with the change that has annoyed me the most?

  • Ember Tap: Now heals 6.2% of your health, down from 13.6%

Why has this annoyed me? Well, it’s an apparent nerf because of the talent Searing Flames, which doubles the healing of Ember Tap. It’s also a massive nerf to our PET healing as well.

You remember? The pet healing which comes as part of one of our Draenor “Perks”? The pet healing we may not even get until we hit level 98?

Improved Ember Tap: Your Ember Tap also heals your pet demon for 20% as much.

Let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

Raenah has 200k health. Her Voidlord has 100k. You use Ember Tap while not talented into Searing Flames (because gosh, you just love to use Soul Leech!).

You are healed for 12,400 and your pet is healed for 20% of that, which is 2,480. Let’s say your pet is nearly dead. He’s at 1 health! Too many enemies hit him and he’s on the verge of returning to the void from whence he came! How many embers will you need to heal him to full?

FORTY ONE. It’s at this point it feels like this “perk” we have is absolutely and utterly pointless. Not only that, but the perk is rendered useless ANYWAY if we take Grimoire of Sacrifice, as this perk is dependent on you actually having a pet out.

No. That’s just utterly terrible. I can’t. Scrap the perk, give us back Health Funnel, and make the perk something else.


Oh gosh, the spec that’s reliant on RNG. I bet you can’t wait.

  • Nightfall: Soul Shard generation proc rate is now 6%, down from 10%.

Don’t worry though, you still have the Enhanced Corruption perk, which increases that proc chance to…


Because we were absolutely SWIMMING in shards before, weren’t we? What with the double shard cost on Soulburn: Soul Swap and Soulburn: Haunt.


Affliction & Demonology

Oh yes, don’t think you’re getting away unscathed.

  • Life Tap: Demonology and Affliction only.
  • Health Funnel: Now restores 6% of health, down from 9%.

So this just means we’ve got a class that’s pretty well known for having strong self heals, and they’re nerfing them. Lots.

Set Bonuses

  • Demonology 2pc: Hand of Gul’dan now has 1 additional maximum charge, and Corruption has a 10% 4% chance to generate 1 charge of Hand of Gul’dan when dealing damage.

I’ll be honest with this one, it was kind of expected. Remember my testing from a few days ago? Hand of Gul’dan was by far the most used spell with this set bonus. Maybe now you’ll have a chance to actually cast something else.


Remember this is beta, this is all subject to change. Remember this is beta, this is all subject to change. Remember this is beta, this is all subject to change.

At least we still have green fire.

At least we still have green fire.

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Affliction Test and Grumpy Panda


I said I wouldn’t test Affliction because I was bored of it, and didn’t want the hassle of going to Stormwind to respec.

Then I remembered I can make a level 100 premade Warlock and make it Affliction!


It is just not interesting. I picked Grimoire of Supremacy and Demonic Servitude, because I wanted to play around with the new demons too. His Doom Bolts do more total DPS than your Corruption!

All you are doing is making sure you have 100% uptime on DoTs, throwing out Haunts to keep the debuff up as much as you can, and channeling. It got almost mind-numbing.

Affliction needs something. Anything. Give us another DoT, a proc to watch out for/react to other than Nightfall, ANYTHING.


Again, bear in mind I am not an amazing player, but that’s just terrible. It’s a full two thirds of the DPS of Demonology, and Destruction isn’t much better. Thankfully, these are the two specs that have seen the least tuning as of yet. Demonology got a few changes recently, let’s hope the next build brings something for the other 2. 6.0 may seem like it’ll be a while away, but time has a habit of catching up with you.

Grumpy Panda

Recently on the live servers, I made a Pandaren named Ikralla. Yes, that’s my Twitter/Wordpress name. For some reason, I am getting a great amount of amusement portraying him on Twitter as a grumpy, miserable old bastard of a bear.

He laughs at your feeble army!

He laughs at your feeble army!

He’s a monk, he’s just left that infernal turtle, and he’s got the whole wide world to explore. Though I’m not on an RP realm with him (he’s on Runetotem-EU, because it’s connected to Nagrand-EU and that’s where most of my characters are based), I’ve decided to make his journey to level 90 a little story. He will travel Azeroth, bringing joy to all.



Since arriving in Stormwind, he’s been disdainful of the architecture:

"Rebuild your statues, but leave your park a smouldering ruin?"

“Rebuild your statues, but leave your park a smouldering ruin?”

Nearly picked a fight with a child over race:

"Oh no you DIDN'T"

“Oh no you DIDN’T”

Been amazed at the stupidity of his comrades:

"Jojo, it's what helps us see in the dark. For goodness sake."

“Jojo, it’s what helps us see in the dark. For goodness sake.”

And assaulted royalty with a chop to the groin:


“Come on, Pandaren! HIT ME!”

Ever since, he’s work a mask to hide his identity from those wanting to bring him to justice, and has taken to getting drunk before going out:

"Nobody'll recognise me now!"

“Nobody’ll recognise me now!”

He’s at the level range for Westfall. He’ll head there tonight, and I will post an update on progress when I have made… progress.

"Your tenuous grasp of the English language has put me RIGHT off my dinner. Thanks."

“Your tenuous grasp of the English language has put me RIGHT off my dinner. Thanks.”

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Warlocks of Draenor: Cursory Single-Target DPS Testing


In Stormwind, Flaskataur sells your PvE tier 17 gear! It’s the Heroic version, it’s item level 680, and it allows you to use your tier set bonuses! I equipped all 5 pieces, it shot my item level up to a mighty 624.

Raenah's got nothing on Chun Li though.

Raenah’s got nothing on Chun Li though.

I pointed Raenah in the general direction of the garrison training dummies (located near the mine, or if you have a Mage Tower in there for some filthy reason. Ugh, mages) and fired a few spells at them. Do bear in mind that I’m not used to the Charred Remains Destruction playstyle yet, and Demonology is always one of those inscrutable mysteries to me.

Let’s remind ourselves of what the tier bonuses are for these 2 specs!

Tier Bonuses

  • Demonology 2 piece: Hand of Gul’dan now has 1 additional maximum charge, and  Corruption has a 10% chance to generate 1 charge of Hand of Gul’dan when dealing damage.
  • Demonology 4 piece: Hand of Gul’dan has a 50% chance to empower your inner demon, temporarily bringing your Metamorphosis form out even while you are not transformed.
  • Destruction 2 piece: When Immolate deals damage it has a 4% chance to generate a Burning Ember.
  • Destruction 4 piece: When a Burning Ember is filled up, you have a chance to cause your next Chaos Bolt to multistrike 3 additional times.

The Demonology 2 piece is fun at first, but actually gets annoying; at times you’re constantly throwing out Hand of Gul’dans, as you don’t wanna stay at 3 (potential wasted procs = lost DPS), but it comes at the detriment of doing literally ANYTHING ELSE.

The Demonology 4 piece is cool! It summons a small, ghosty version of your Metamorphosis model which throws a few Soul Fires then buggers off again.

The proc chance on the Destruction 2 piece is pretty low, I think I saw it occur maybe once? It ties in nicely to the 4 piece though. That seems to proc often!

Demo 4pc in action. See the faint demon next to me?

Demo 4pc in action. See the faint demon next to me?

Look at those delicious multitrikes from the Destro 4pc!

Look at those delicious multitrikes from the Destro 4pc!



So as you see, the 2pc bonus makes Hand of Gul’dan by FAR your most used spell. The 4pc accounts for around 5% of my total DPS.

I used Grimoire of Synergy and Demonbolt as my level 75 and level 90 talents. When best to cast Demonbolt? Cap on fury, pop Dark Soul and Metamorphosis, throw out 4 Demonbolts then a Soul Fire. If you can, cast another spell, this’ll turn you back into caster form. At more than 4 casts, Demonbolt becomes less efficient in terms of the damage it does vs the cost.

Outside of Meta, you’re building Fury by Shadow Bolting, throwing out Soul Fires if your Molten Core stacks get too high (I aim at around 6-7), and refreshing Corruption and Doom as needed.

With Grimoire of Synergy, thanks to the sheer number of things I was throwing out, the 15% damage buff was active on my demon almost 50% of the time! Due to the demon’s slower attacks however, it was only active on me just over 20%. It’s still a nice, noticeable buff though, giving you a proc to watch out for and react to.



Here, I went for the standard Grimoire of Sacrifice choice, with Charred Remains as my level 100 talent. I’m not fully used to the CR playstyle yet, but I suppose it’ll come with practice.

Single target Destruction suffers. Charred Remains means Incinerate and Conflagrate tickle your opponent, but you get to chuck out a lot more Chaos Bolts, as you can see above. Rotation is largely unchanged, only when you get close to capping embers, you probably want to throw out TWO Chaos Bolts, not one. When Chaotic Infusion procs, cast the Chaos Bolt straight away, and look at those glorious multistrikes fly.

It’s still a “build up embers, empty when Dark Soul/trinkets pop” playstyle, but with a LOT more flux in what you do outside of the burn time. Your embers will fill up fast and go down faster if you let them.

Side Note

For both of these tests, I didn’t use any glyphs. I could probably have done with the Life Pact and Dark Soul glyphs on Demonology, but we live and learn.

I’m not going to test Affliction, partly because running from the garrison (where I can test in peace) and respeccing in Stormwind is an annoyance I don’t need, and partly because Affliction just doesn’t interest me any more. The spec just doesn’t engage me like it used to.

In other news, just LOOK at how sexy Gul'dan looks.

In other news, just LOOK at how sexy Gul’dan looks.

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3 Up, 3 Down: A Look Back at Mists of Pandaria

The expansion is grinding to a close now, and excitement for Warlords of Draenor is reaching fever pitch. What better to do than reflect on what I think went right, and what was wrong, with this expansion!

Obviously, this is MY opinion. Agree? Disagree? Make your own list! Share it with us! I look forward to seeing what you have to say!





When the expansion was first announced, I admit I was skeptical. Pandas? That seems too out-of-place and cutesy for TOUGH AND GRITTY WARCRAFT. I was, of course, ignorant of the fact that pandaren as a race have been present in the Warcraft story since Warcraft 3 back in 2002 (initially as an April Fools joke, but then implemented properly).

Oh man was I wrong. Not only was the story of Mists not cute and cuddly as many expected, but pandaren in general really stuck a positive chord with me. I like pandas anyway, they’re my second favourite animal, but these pandaren were MIND-BLOWING. Sure, the worgen and goblins introduced in Cataclysm look great, but these new models were a whole different level.

With the new character models in Warlords, the old races will be brought up to the same level as the pandaren, but those crazy pandas have cemented their place as my favourite race EVER.

(goblins and humans come a close second and third though)

"Pff, stop gushing, you look ridiculous"

“CLOSE?! I think not.”

My hope for the future is that the pandaren don’t get left behind and forgotten now that their expansion is over. I want Ji and Aysa, the pandaren representatives for the Alliance and Horde, to actually DO things in future expansion, rather than become the new Greymane/Gallywix. I want to see Lorewalker Cho occasionally, wandering the Eastern Kingdoms, or exploring Draenor, pushing buttons in dungeons he really shouldn’t be pushing. I even want to see Taran Zhu, even if it’s to get another lecture from him. I don’t want the pandaren to be never seen again outside their continent.

Flexible Raiding

This here can probably be called the biggest general success of the expansion. Introduced in patch 5.4, it was a raid difficulty higher than that of LFR, but not as hard as Normal, and it scaled the encounters based on how many people you had in the group.

This was fantastic for my guild, as we’re a pretty damn casual bunch who never raided normal modes, as we either didn’t have the experience, or the gear, to actually make a dent in any of the bosses.

When Flex rolled around, however, it allowed us to have a go at this whole “raiding” thing. We teamed up with another guild on Nagrand, all got onto Mumble, and we all chatted shit while beating up internet dragons. It was bloody FANTASTIC. Our raiding team fell apart as people started to lose interest the longer 5.4 dragged on, so some people moved to another guild to carry on raiding with them when Nagrand got connected to Runetotem and Kilrogg.

While we don’t raid anymore, the experience (and gear, of course) we got from Flex mode allowed us to have a crack at normal, and you know what?


I am incredibly proud of the fact that our little social guild got those 3 bosses down. And as for my own progress in Normal mode, after Siege became cross-realmable?


I got my Garrosh kill. I’m happy.

The Warlock Revamp

A potentially controversial one, this. I know there’s a lot of people who despise the changes brought to warlocks with Mists, but in my opinion it revitalized a class that, frankly, hardly anybody played.

Each spec became vastly different from the other. Affliction was the one that was most unchanged, it was still about the DoTs and the curses. Demonology became the spec focused most on the demons; not only did it make your demons stronger, but you could build up your demonic fury, and unleash the demon within! Destruction was the spec that took the sledgehammer approach to defeating an enemy; relentless streams of flame to build up your resources, then spending them on massive bursts of chaotic energy that seemingly grew more powerful the more unstable your soul was.

I'd recommend running.

I’d recommend running.

Honourable Mention

This song. Seriously.


Patch 5.4

Here’s the obvious one. The patch content itself is/was fine. Siege of Orgrimmar is a great raid instance with some awesome boss encounters. The Timeless Isle is a fantastic place to explore. The Shaohao reputation grind has a rather twisted feeling of fun, if you let it. The conclusion to the legendary questline, and getting that awesome cloak, was really well done.

It also gave us the chance to see my two favourite characters this expansion together!

It also gave us the chance to see my two favourite characters this expansion together!

So what on Earth was wrong with patch 5.4?

The sheer length of time it has been out. It’s over a year now, and we’re still waiting for Warlords. We KNOW this to be because of a huge delay after they employed a boatload of people, because just having more people doesn’t mean things will be done quicker, especially if said new people need to be brought up to speed, trained, etc.

It still stings though. It’s a big factor into why some people have probably quit, and this gap itself feels really jarring when you consider how quickly the previous patches came out this expansion.

Going forward though, we know that they’re actively working on the next expansion after Warlords of Draenor, and they’ve learnt their lesson from this. Will we see a huge content gap next time around? I’m hoping no, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one, won’t we?

Daily Quests/Rep Grinding

Another of the obvious faults in my eyes. It’s not a wholly negative experience, per se. Patch 5.1 showed how daily quests can be done VERY right; as part of a storyline that gradually unfurled itself the more you engaged in it.

The 5.0 dailies were not this. They were repetitive, slow grinds which you needed yo do to build reputation with the factions of Pandaria if you wanted to be useful in PvE. Reputation vendors sold gear, you see, which gave you a leg-up in raiding, but they also sold very important recipes. The August Celestials were a particular annoyance, as not only did they sell the best bracer enchants, but also the 28 slot bag recipe for tailoring. The Celestial rep itself was gated off until you built up your reputation with the Golden Lotus first, which was another annoyance.

If you decided you didn’t want to do these rep grinds, but still wanted to be competitive in PvE? I hope you have a lot of gold for the auction house, or friendly guildies who’ll give you top-level enchants at a cut price.

Not something I could have done, I'm dirt poor.

Not something I could have done, I’m dirt poor.

Cross Realm Zones

Oh my goodness me, this one is a personal hatred of mine.

I get why they did it. They want low-level zones to feel populated, like the high-level ones are. I get that. It’s a lovely, noble goal. The technology that was used for this has been used in one of my favourite parts of the expansion, Flexible Raiding.

The trouble is, trying to level a character, you don’t WANT other characters around. They’re competition. They’re stealing your kills, whether they’re a level 13 in Westfall who wants to kill the same coyotes as you, or a level 90 killing those same damn coyotes to level up their skinning. Spawn rates for quest mobs are unchanged, yet you have 4 people from Magtheridon and 2 from Aerie Peak vying for the same targets as you, little person from Nagrand.

"FINE. Have that kill. I didn't want it anyway"

“FINE. Have that kill. I didn’t want it anyway”

With PvP realms comes an added annoyance. You’re trying to quest, along with the 6 or 7 people from other servers, and along comes a level 90 from another server, kills you, and buggers off again.

Ganking on a PVP server is not uncommon, but it is annoying for the one being ganked, and cross-realm zones only increases that likelihood, because you have to look out not only for the enemy faction from your server, but from every other one too!

Not even a meatshield can help you.

Not even a meatshield can help you.

(Dis)honourable Mention


Screw you, Durumu.

Warlocks of Draenor: Build 18888

A new beta build has gone out, and it’s a nice one for Demonology!

Recently, it had been nerfed to the degree that the optimal rotation would have been applying your DoTs, throw out a Hand of Gul’dan, then using either Drain Life or Touch of Chaos, depending on whether you want to generate or spend your Fury. Throw out a Cataclysm sometime.

With the rebuffing, some of these numbers are still a nerf from what they were originally, coming from Mists, but it was a bit overtuned to begin with so no worries.



  • Shadow Bolt: Causes (1+ 52.5% 105% of Spell Power) Shadow damage.
  • Touch of Chaos: Causes (1+ 40% 56% of SP) Chaos damage, extends corruption.
  • Demonbolt: Deals (1+ 150% 375% of SP) Chaos damage. Damage buff/cost increasing debuff lasts 60 40 seconds.
  • Hand of Gul’dan: Strikes target and all enemies within 6 yards for (68.8% 137.6% of SP) instant Shadowflame damage and an additional (18% of SP) Shadowflame damage over 6 seconds.
  • Chaos Wave: Strikes target and all enemies within 6 yards for (105% 210% of SP) Chaos damage and reduces movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds.
  • Soul Fire: Causes (1+ 34% 68%) Fire damage and generates 30 Demonic Fury.

(These changes are up on my Warlock Changes for Warlords page, where all the changes so far are consolidated into one easy location!)

So a lot of our core rotational spells have had their spellpower coefficients adjusted so that our rotation goes back to normal. Soul Fire is now a better choice (when you have Molten Core procs!) than Touch of Chaos, as it should be anyway. Thanks to the Demonbolt buff (which honestly feels a little TOO strong to me, Maybe make it 350% or even 325%?), we have a clear choice for a single target talent (DB) and a clear choice for AoE talent (Cataclysm).


What’s left to fix? Demonic Servitude actually represents a DPS LOSS due to the Infernal/Abyssal and Doomguard/Terrorguard being less effective than your Fel/Wrathguard. In terms of Destruction, Rain of Fire is for some reason back in our single target rotation, which feels amazingly clunky. The removal of the mana regen from Shadowburn means we run dry VERY QUICKLY in execute phase, meaning we have to use Chaos Bolts as well, as the long cast time allows us to regenerate a bit of mana (Destruction has high in-combat mana regeneration anyway thanks to Chaotic Energy, and it gets even faster with more Haste). Affliction… just feels really dull now, thanks to the removal of snapshotting, but I don’t know what can be done about that to be honest.

What do I think will come next? Well, Destruction hasn’t seen much tuning yet…

And to round this off, here’s my voildord, Metasik, taking a selfie.



#wow #warlords #warlock


New AoE Chaos Bolt Animation

Apparently the beta build brought us more than mere Demonology changes. We now have a change to how the AoE Chaos Bolt (via the Chaotic Resources talent) looks.

It’s awful. It looks like snot.