A Word from Ikralla


“Oi! Since Warlords dropped, you’ve totally forgotten about me, Ikralla, your grumpy panda monk.”

I’m sorry Ikralla, I’ve been building garrisons and recruiting an army!


I needed the heirlooms for a Blood Elf! Besides, you don’t look too bad.


“A Blood Elf? Have you seen the size of them? How on Azeroth do you think MY heirlooms would fit a tiny elf?”

I… don’t actually know, that’s a good question. Anyway, you can have your heirlooms back!


“Well, where’s the nearest mailbox?”

You don’t need to do that anymore! Since 6.1 there’s heirloom storage! We can just open a window and create the items again!

“I have literally no idea what any of that means.”



Lookin’ good, Ikralla!

“IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME. You know you left me naked over the winter? Just because I have a furry coat doesn’t mean I’ll be warm in freezing temperatures.”

Yeah, sorry about that dude. I did manage to get you a couple of compensatory bonuses though!


A chauffeur! That… technically you have to share with all the other characters on my account.


Um, that’s not all!




Heirloom fist weapons!

“Oh. Oh yes, yes I like these!”

Somehow I thought you would.

“So… do you remember where we were when you ABANDONED me?”

I… have no idea. We’ll just wing it, I guess!


In other news:

I’m in the process of reinstalling Final Fantasy 14 on my laptop. I’ll be based on the Cactuar server!

Sunbuer is level 97. Spires of Arak tends to slow me down massively for some weird reason, so my progress through it is not as swift as I’d like.

Remember I was playing King of Fighters 13 with the boyfriend the other day? Well, I decided on the 3rd character I will use most. Joining Mai and Andy is a dude called K’, which is apparently pronounced “K Dash” despite that not being a dash after his name, but who am I to argue?

You’re all wonderful people ❤

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