Answering Questions

So looking at my blog stats, people come here for all sorts of reasons, so I’m gonna answer a few questions that lead people here!


How to start the Nefarian fight

Blackwing Descent, I’m guessing? ’cause in Blackwing Lair you just go up and talk to him. You need to defeat all the bosses in the raid first, so Magmaw, Omnotron, Atramedes, Chimaeron and Maloriak. Outside Atramedes’ room there’s an orb to activate which allows you to start the Nefarian fight.

WoWScrnShot_072414_135228Best Warlock levelling spec

Frankly, any of the specs are good ’cause you can use a tanking pet (Voidwalker/Voidlord or Felguard/Wrathguard)  to distract the enemies from you. However, Demonology and Affliction have Health Funnel, which increases the survivability of your demons exponentially, and of those two specs Demonology has the higher DPS.


How to solo Freya

Um, really easily? Even on 25 man with all elders active, you just nuke her until she stops moving. Go in with 4 Embers filled or full Fury, pop Dark Soul, pop Grimoire of Service, then go to town. If she’s recovering too quickly, then you need to kill add waves she summons. Stand under the mushrooms she summons to prevent silences. The more add waves you kill, the weaker her regeneration will become.


Destruction or Demonology?


  • Single target: Demonology. Use Grimoire of Service and Demonic Servitude.
  • Cleave: Destruction. Use Cataclysm and Grimoire of Service OR Supremacy.
  • Burst AoE: Demonology. Use Cataclysm and Grimoire of Synergy.
  • Sustained AoE: Destruction. Use Charred Remains and Grimoire of Sacrifice. Only really usable with a high level of Mastery.


Best Alliance race for Warlock

For PvP? Can’t beat Every Man for Himself, so Human. Yay free trinket.

For PvE? Dwarf has Might of the Mountain, which boosts damage from Critical Strikes, which means a direct boost to Chaos Bolt damage!

I will stress however that the difference in DPS between the highest simming race (Orc) and lowest simming race (Forsaken) is a negligible 400 DPS, so frankly go with whatever you bloody well like.


How to solo Maloriak

He has this irritating thing where at 25% health he summons every single small add plus several large ones and they will bludgeon you to death very quickly. You have a couple options here.

  1. Wait for him to summon the aberrations over the course of the encounter. Kill them, then wait for him to summon more. This means when he releases “all” aberrations at 25%, he just summons the 2 big ones. Kill all!
  2. When he’s about to hit 25%, wait for him to cast Engulfing Darkness. This locks him into the move for nearly 10 seconds. Use this time to pop every cooldown you can and burst him down. Keep away from the aberrations!


Soloing Lose Your Illusion

Defeat Thorim while Sif is present. It’s not difficult any more. Kill the initial adds, open the gate, run on through to Thorim, knock him off, jump off the ledge, burn him down.


Raiding with Leashes 3

I made a neat little guide for that a while back.



He’s a bastard. It’s just a DPS race, though. 10N is very easy, 10H a bit less, 25N slightly less than that, and 25H harder still. Basically, if you can’t do it on one difficulty, tone it down a little bit or come back with better gear. Burn the fucker down.


Is the Terrorguard worth using in 6.2?

We’re not in 6.2 yet, silly! But yes, Demonic Servitude is a VERY worthy talent still. It’s now very good for Demonology too, what with the nerf to Demonbolt.

So! Got any other questions you’d like me to answer in a future version of this? Let me know either in the comments, or on my Twitter, @ikralla!

2 thoughts on “Answering Questions

    1. ikralla Post author

      Before the item squish, and in the early stages of Mists, Yogg Saron 25+0 was REALLY difficult to do, but they changed the way you lose sanity so it’s a lot easier now!

      Lich King 25hc was a difficult solo as well, again before the squish.

      My other option would be Kanrethad, the green fire questline final boss, and I’d say he’s the pinnacle of warlock soloing! 😀


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