FFXIV and WoW and Terrible Weather

Final Fantasy XIV


Say hello to Ikralla Adnap (yes that’s “panda” backwards), a Pugilist. I resubbed to FFXIV the day before yesterday, and finished updating it last night. I plan to get her to level 15 in Pugilist, then make her a Rogue! I was slightly confused when I couldn’t make her a Rogue straight off the bat, but apparently you can’t choose it as a starting class! You have to make another class, get it to level 10, do the special class quest at that level, THEN you can make a Rogue.

A site I read advised getting the Pugilist to 15, as this is one of the prerequisites for the Ninja class, which is just too badass to NOT be.


So yes, while WoW!Ikralla is a chunky Pandaren monk, FF14!Ikralla is a scrappy catgirl that’s probably gonna steal anything not nailed down.

World of Warcraft


Maintenance today for NA servers! Maintenance tomorrow for us EU folk! It’s introducing the 6.1.2 patch, which brings in the WoW Token! It’ll cost $20 (or some equivalent in other currency), but gold prices for it haven’t been specified yet. There’s more information here, so check it out!

Let’s all jump on that slippery slope to WoW going Free to Play! (no I’m not being serious, I went over this a while ago, GOSH)

In Other News

  • What the actual frig it’s HAILING out there
  • This is my 24th blog post in a row!
  • No seriously it’s 8 degrees out there why the fuck is it hailing
  • I have a pack of 5 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. The whole furore over how the chocolate is different and they’re ruined forever? THEY TASTE THE SAME AS THEY ALWAYS DID.
  • Maybe I just have an unrefined palate?
  • Maybe all the spicy food over the years has killed my taste buds.

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