Panda Steve’s Totally Serious Guide To Soloing Argus Stuff

Yes, it’s me, it’s your boy Panda Steve and today I’m going to give you really amazing advice on how to survive that hellscape we call Argos wait, we’re not talking about the catalogue shop?

1) Be A Warlock/Hunter With A Pet/Tank

Yeah, seriously. Mages can kite stuff, but everything’s so tightly packed together you’ll end up backing away from demon motherfuckers right into OTHER demon motherfuckers, or fuckin’ fel lava, or off a small cliff into a crevasse you can’t jump out of, or just off the planet completely (THANKS MAC’AREE).

That’s seriously all the advice I have for you. That place is ruddy brutal on everything I’ve played, bar my Warlock. Being a tanky clothy helps, moreso though having Arakzekeel tank everything with that gormless face of his.

Those invasion portals? Those are quite fun. I’ve done a good number of those, hoovered up the AP rewards, sent the tokens to my alts, collected Argus Waystones which’ll be removed from the game come reset. That mushroom planet and the ice planet, though? They can fuck right off.

Mac’Aree doesn’t seem to want to spawn any world quests either. That seems to be a problem.

In Warlock-related news, I’ve fallen back in love with Demonology, thanks to a “meme build” that uses Shadowy Inspiration, Power Trip and Soul Conduit to generate/keep Soul Shards, and spam Demonic Empowerment/Instant Shadow Bolts to take maximum advantage of the new golden trait, Thal’kiel’s Ascendance.

Basically, you use Doom, Hand of Gul’dan and Summon Dreadstalkers as you normally would (when it’s about to drop, when you have 4 shards, and on cooldown respectively) but your filler becomes Demonic Empowerment (to fish for the proc, fish for a shard with Power Trip, and to proc Shadowy Inspiration) followed immediately by Shadow Bolt (made instant cast thanks to Shadowy Inspiration). I’ve seen a lot of people moan about this playstyle, but I find it immensely fun and rewarding, which means it’ll probably be nerfed before long. FUN IS NOT ALLOWED.

Oh, also did I mention?


1 thought on “Panda Steve’s Totally Serious Guide To Soloing Argus Stuff

  1. Dobablo

    What’s that? Afflocks aren’t supposed to just dot everything in sight while laughing maniacally because drain soul keeps them at 100% health until the first mob keels over and kickstarts a deathbloom of joyous explosions. Next you will be saying silly things like how I shouldn’t be pulling adds while tanking rares just to speed up the kill.


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