What To Do, What To Do?

Before the next expansion hits, I’d imagine most people have a checklist of things they want to get done. Let’s have a look at what my plans are!

Gear Up

In Draenor, I’m gonna focus only on having 3 characters at max level that I regularly play.


Raenah, my warlock, is currently sitting at an item level of 564. She has the legendary cloak, and I have not one but TWO Garrosh heirloom staves. They’re currently sitting on my mage and my priest at the moment, but when the time comes, one of them will be Raenah’s.

Raenah doesn’t need much work doing, to be honest. She’s fully flex-or-above geared, and has it easy in the earlier stages of Draenor.


Shamwhoa is my shaman, and she’s sitting pretty at 558. You can’t see in that picture, but she has the Garrosh heirloom mace AND shield, so she’s all set too. Not only does she have the legendary cloak, she has the awesome Dark Shaman transmogrification armor, so she’s pretty much good to go as well.


Lixiu is the current work-in-progress. She’s at 538, I have no Garrosh bow for her, and she’s still collecting those blasted sigils. Better get crack-a-lackin’ with her!


I also want to get characters with professions to level 100 as well, and max out those professions as soon as possible. Who among my characters has maxed professions?

  • Herbalism: Vanlew
  • Mining: Patrianna
  • Skinning: Vanlew, Lunchi
  • Alchemy: Shamwhoa
  • Blacksmithing: Patrianna
  • Enchanting: Raenah
  • Engineering: Lixiu
  • Inscription: Shamwhoa
  • Jewelcrafting: Lixiu
  • Leatherworking: Lunchi (but only at 300 or so!)
  • Tailoring: Raenah

So looking at this, as well as having Raenah, Shamwhoa and Lixiu leveled to 100, I can add Patrianna (the paladin), Vanlew (the rogue) and Lunchi (the monk) to that list. Lunchi is the main work in progress here; she’s the only character here I need to level a profession on. Sadly, that profession is leatherworking.



So having purchased an Ethereal Soul-Trader recently (seen here posing with Raenah and Sylvanas), I’m pretty much clean out of gold. The coming weeks will hopefully see me build that back up to a repectable level, though I know we’ll be getting a shed-load of gold from levelling in Draenor, as well as dungeons, seeing as Justice and Valor are going away.

So money making is a low priority, but still of some importance.

Things That Go Away

A few dungeons are changing in Warlords.

  • Razorfen Kraul
  • Blackfathom Deeps
  • Upper Blackrock Spire
  • Razorfen Downs

There may well be things you wanna get from there, such as transmoggables, hunter pets, and the like. I’d advise doing it now, as it may well transpire you won’t be able to get them soon.

Ditto Challenge Mode stuff. You want the transmogrification armor? The mounts? I’d recommend you get on that.

For me, the challenge mode stuff is not really a priority, but the dungeon stuff is. I’ll have a look at loot tables in there, and see if there’s stuff I want to collect.

Also falling under this banner is the Ahead of the Curve Garrosh Hellscream achievement, as it has a mount tied to it.

You can’t get this pretty wolf in 6.0, so I’d see about getting it asap if that bothers you!



These aren’t things that go away, but it’d be nice to wrap up Pandaria stuff BEFORE moving onto Draenor. Raenah’s been hunting that Ironfur Steelhorn for months now! It spawns when I’m logged into different characters, frustratingly.


I doubt these are difficult to do in Flex mode. They’ll probably be easier in 6.0, but why not get them done now?




I’m still stuck at Major Payne. This is… This is unacceptable!

Must get the pets from Throne of Thunder while I’m at it. And the ones from Siege. I have literally none of them yet.

Must get the mini celestials! Okay okay, just the mini Niuzao.




  • Final Fantasy 14 is apparently introducing the Triple Triad card game from Final Fantasy 8. I may start playing FF14 because of this.
  • No seriously, Triple Triad is awesome.
  • Beta patch notes are up, and I have modified the Warlock Changes page as necessary. For the record, now that we have a neutered Gateway and healthstones that are terrible, we went from having SOME utility outside of great DPS, to barely any. Great.

You know what’ll cheer me up after that horrifying revelation?



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8 thoughts on “What To Do, What To Do?

  1. wowstorylines

    You have all of your characters so organized – mine are a jumbled mess at the moment although I will have to admit that my Horde are definitely in better shape than my Alliance.

    1. ikralla Post author

      Any character I have outside the ones I mentioned in the article are in a right state as well! And my horde warlock, well. I plan on levelling her to see the storyline from both sides, but I’ve given her like NO prep time whatsoever so far! :O

  2. Miss Mojo

    I hate RFK and Blackfathom so glad their changing.
    Don’t want UBRS to change tho 😦 *sad*

    Only priority I have before the expansion is to get my characters to max level. As I am on a new server I got some lvling to do 🙂

    1. ikralla Post author

      RFK and Blackfathom (AND the Razorfens) are the bane of my existence, once I hit their brackets. If they could change Dire Maul as well to make it less UGH, that’d be lovely.

      Levelling is the hardest part! Most fun part too though, depending on which area I focus on (NEVER KALIMDOR)

      1. Miss Mojo

        I like lvling in the more darker places. But also enjoy tauren area. But those dungeons *shiver* Totally agre on Dire maul, they need to do something there 🙂

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