Change The Curtains, Lay New Carpet, Play New Games


It’s been forever and a day since Siege of Orgrimmar was released.

Warlords of Draenor is released in a couple of months.

I’m feeling a reduced desire to play, I have to confess, so I took the plunge on Friday and bought Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and I’ve been playing it on and off. Sure, I have a few things to do before Warlords is released (Getting Garrosh heirlooms in particular) and I’ll do them on server reset days, but Raenah the Warlock is moving over for Raenah the Arcanist for the time being!

"You gave us the same name?! Ugh!"

“You gave us the same name?! Ugh!”

World of Warcraft still holds a massive piece of my heart, but so does Final Fantasy, and you know what? 14 is similar enough to WoW to be familiar and comfortable, but different enough to feel fresh and unique! I enjoy being able to move the basic UI around and resize it without having to download an addon to do so. I like the fact there’s throwbacks to previous Final Fantasy games (Moogles! Summoner horns! Chocobos!). I like the job system!

Arcanist is the closest I could find to Warlock. They have pets, those pets can tank, they have DoTs!

And she hates it when you disturb her reading.

And she hates it when you disturb her reading.

I still have things to do with Lixiu. Cat people haven’t replaced my love of Pandaren, and I will play Warlords extensively, but it’s nice for a change of pace to play something else!

"Fine! Go! See if I care!"

“Fine! Go! See if I care!”

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4 thoughts on “Change The Curtains, Lay New Carpet, Play New Games

  1. Jaedia

    Even *you’re* bored?! Sheesh. I better ignore these cravings then, haha… no I really should. I quit when the Siege patch released because I didn’t feel like there was enough to do.. and it’s been a whole year since then!!

    FF is lovely. 🙂 It’s gorgeous, the music, the feeeeeels. And Thancred is hot. True story. Sadly suffered from a similar problem to WoW for me – not enough to do. ._. I will definitely have to go back once there’s more for dirty casuals like me to potter around with. PLAYER HOUSING PLS! Which server are you on?

    Rift, on the other hand, is also similar enough in playstyle to both. On the rails, endgame, etc. But there’s lots to do and it’s free-to-play! 😀 Win/win. Plus.. you know.. I’m there. With my awesome guild. Mhm. *shh*

    1. ikralla Post author

      It’s a day I thought would never happen, but yes! Boredom thrust me into Eorzea, and I’m loving it so far! I haven’t got a house yet, but I apparently have a quest to get one. :O

      Belghast convinced me to go on Cactuar, and it seems pretty busy! I like it lots.

      Apparently a future patch will bring the Gold Saucer in from FF7, complete with Triple Triad game from FF8!

      Rift? I’ve heard a bit about it, but never checked it out. FTP? Hmm, may give it a go sometime 😉

      1. Jaedia

        That’s for a guild house I think. 🙂

        Ohhh, poop. I was on Odin when I played! Think that’s where Missy is, Psyche, definitely.

        Oh really? They’ve got a new expansion coming out in October, no gated content. 😀 Should make a Mage (they have Warlocky types) on Gandara. 😉

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