A Warlock Wanting to be a Priest

Oh don’t be silly, she likes being a warlock too much. Those Sunwell Priest robes are just too comfortable!

Despite the relative ease of acquiring the set (it all drops in the Sunwell), depending on your luck it can take AGES to acccumulate this set. I’ve still not got the proper gloves, Handguards of the Dawn, I just like the rest of the set.

Cowl of Light’s Purity – Kil’jaeden, Sunwell
Shawl of Wonderment – Eredar Twins, Sunwell
Robes of Faltered Light – M’uru, Sunwell
Buccaneer’s Gloves (the set gloves drop from Kil’jaeden and the fucker won’t drop them!)
Nethershard Girdle – Moroes, Karazhan
Staff of Justified Sins – Quest: A Boon for the Powerful





And here’s an Azeroth-shattering boom.


I can’t wait for the new character models. The humans look pretty derpy as they are, but the new models look fantastic! I’d take more pictures of my pandaren, but only my shaman is level 90, and there’s literally NO mail that looks decent.

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