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Warlocks of Draenor: Beta Build 18566

A new beta build went out last night that increased the level cap to 96, and allows access to Ashran, Talador and Gorgrond, BUT WHO CARES? We have warlock things to play with!

The major news for us is that Demonic Servitude, our level 100 talent, has been updated finally! Our Doomguard, Terrorguard, Infernal and Abyssal now have abilites! And yes, that Celestalon warlock tease tweet from a previous blog contained the ability names.

We also have some new PVP set bonuses to look at, and a change to two of our Draenor Perks. Let’s have a look at those first.


  • Affliction 2p: Getting stunned, silenced, feared or interrupted generates 1 Soul Shard. Can only occur once every 15 seconds
  • Affliction 4p: After using Demonic Circle: Teleport, you gain 100 Versatility for 10 seconds

Looks like they’re going for a quite defensive bonus set here. Being the victim of CC allows you to regenerate resources, teleporting away gives you a stat boost.

  • Demonology 2p: When you or your pet are below 20% of maximum health, you gain 100 Versatility

Another defensive one. Being below a certain health threshold will give a stat boost. Interestingly, it also gives you it if your PET is low health!

  • Destruction 2p: When Immolate is dispelled, the cast time of your next Chaos Bolt is reduced by 3%
  • Conflagrate generates 3 extra stacks of Backdraft

So we’re getting a very small reduction in Chaos Bolt cast time (does it stack?), and the ability to turret out more fast Incinerates. Nice!


Enhanced Nightfall is now Enhanced Corruption, but has the same effect (2.5% increased chance to regenerate a Soul Shard). Enhanced Backlash is now Enhanced Havoc, which reduces Havoc’s cooldown by 5 seconds! As someone who uses Havoc whenever possible, this is a good moment for me.


Our big new demons have some big new abilities!


They even get names! Korrithal the Doomguard, and Bapholar the Terrorguard!


Here’s the Doomguard’s abilities. For those of you using the Terrorguard from Grimoire of Supremacy, then you gain 7 Demonic Fury from his Doom Bolts, Cripple becomes Debilitate, which is a root instead of a slow for the same duration, and Shadow Lock remains the same. Pretty powerful interrupt, that.


Here’s the spell effect for Cripple on an unsuspecting dummy. Poor thing.


Here’s Infernorage the Abyssal, and Kindlesear the Infernal. Grimoire of Supremacy demon on the left this time.


Here’s their abilities! You can see they’re tank-oriented for this one. Presumably this will take the place of your voidlord, should you take the talent. He even has a dispel! For the Supremacy users, Torch Magic becomes Blaze Magic, which has the same effect, but also cleaves to two nearby targets. Allies if you choose to dispel harmful effects, enemies if you blast away a beneficial magic from them.

One ability he has isn’t in the spellbook yet for some reason, yet it does show up in the Command Demon ability.


Meteor Strike and Shadow Lock also become your Grimoire of Sacrifice skills, should you really feel the need to sacrifice it.

Well, isn’t all this terribly exciting? More beta news as and when I get it! I’m gonna go dive into my garrison now, I got some catching up to do, so I can see these new zones!

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Beta: First Impressions

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Yes, thanks to me being a lucky bastard and winning a key from the wonderful @MadgalenaDK, I am now a warlock in the beta!

So, what are my first impressions?

Put that belly away!

Put that belly away!

I like the basic cloth armor set! I think this is one we get from questing around Draenor, but being a template character, you get a full set immediately.

Hey Gul'dan, you busy?

Hey Gul’dan, you busy?

It’s cool seeing some old lore characters too! My favourite of course being Gul’dan, but seeing Cho’gall was awesome too! Bitches owe me FAVOURS.



Having messed around briefly with the level 100 talents, my favourite by far is Charred Remains. I will dedicate a blog post to these talents in the future though. AoE Chaos Bolt is as glorious as you can imagine.


Naturally, this being the beta, there’s a lot of unfinished stuff, and here’s one thing! Towards the end of the Tanaan Jungle experience, you are treated to this awesome in-game event.

We’ll take your word for it, Blizzard!

The Tanaan Jungle questing experience seemed a little… not BORING per se, but just incredibly simplistic. Sure, as mentioned it was awesome seeing Gul’dan and other lore figures, but something about it felt a little off. Easy.

As for garrisons, I took a bunch of pictures, and I will probably make some sort of gallery for them at some point, updating them as I go along on my mystical, savage journey.


I did a dungeon too. Bloodmaul Slag Mines. It was rather good! Smooth run. Bosses were the usual “kill adds, stay out of fire” malarkey, though I imagine they’ll be quite different on Heroic! Best boss? Roltall, a boss you fight on a bridge that has you dodging fiery boulders and flaming… flames!

Speaking of killing things… The stat squish! I have about 60k hp at level 91, I’m throwing out 12k-ish Chaos Bolts. Frankly, the numbers are something you don’t notice, though. Mobs die just as fast or slow as they would if the numbers were 10x larger, so what at first is jarring, you very quickly settle into. So much so, people were marvelling at how LITTLE bitching there was in General Chat!

Anyway, these are my first thoughts after a couple hours play. I’ll mess around in the garrison more, maybe figure out how this “streaming” thing works. I have a Twitch.tv account, might as well use it!

Until next time!

Warlocks of Draenor: Patch Notes and TEASING

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Short one, ’cause it’s not the gigantic influx I was expecting, but then we DID have that massive revamp last expansion, so not much needed to be done to us.


Gone. Bye bye. Our last curse is gone. Of course, this being beta, anything is subject to change, but it’s still sad to see.


This one is also gone, and Howl of Terror goes back to being a talent in its place. Frankly I forgot this talent was even there.


It was brought back in at reduced effectiveness, i.e. it only generated embers on a crit for destruction, and gave 5 Demonic Fury instead of 15 on hit for demonology. It was then cut again in favour of the 8 second Kil’jaeden’s Cunning on a 1 minute cooldown. Like, seriously in the same patch notes it mentioned the change to Fel Flame, then said it was simultaneously cut. Clarification from Celestalon revealed that Fel Flame was indeed gone for now.


This one’s not going! For demonology users, their more powerful pets will generate 20% more Demonic Fury. A buff! A buff!


For Affliction, we’re happy with their rotation. But, Drain Soul was causing them to be too strong in situations where they had a steady supply of small creatures to kill. We reduced the effectiveness of its on-kill effect in order to solve this. Additionally, Soul Swap was changed to cost 1 Soul Shard to push it into its intended role of being a more expensive but faster method of applying your periodic damage effects, and better balance it against Haunt.

Some blue text for you, lifted directly from the notes. Soul Swap is costing a shard. Soulburn: Soul Swap costs 2 shards. Frankly, with the removal of DoT snapshotting, we were most likely going to be hardcasting all our DoTs post-pull as we needed to refresh anyway, making Soulburn: Soul Swap something you do at pull to quickly apply all three DoTs and then never again.


Well well well, what could this be? My first thought? Abilities for the Terrorguard and Infernal for Demonic Servitude! What do they do? We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

New beta build please?

The sheep are oddly unfazed by a wolf howling amongst them.

The sheep are oddly unfazed by a wolf howling amongst them.

Warlocks of Draenor: Build 18522!

A new beta build went out while I was sleeping, and it contains a few changes for us! Shall we have a look?


  • Demonology 2pc: Hand of Gul’dan now has 1 additional maximum charge, and Corruption has a 10% chance to generate 1 charge of Hand of Gul’dan when dealing damage.
  • Destruction 2pc: When Immolate deals damage it has a 15% chance to generate a full Burning Ember.
  • Destruction 4pc: When a Burning Ember is filled up, you have a 25% chance to get a Chaotic Infusion. Chaotic Infusion reduces the cast time of Chaos Bolt by 50% and causes Chaos Bolt to consume no Burning Embers when cast.

Well, look at that. With the Charred Remains talent and the 2/4pc set bonuses, you’re gonna be seeing a LOT of Chaos Bolts. Like, a huge amount. I’m all for Chaos Bolt, but would that run the risk of making casting it TOO frequent? I’m not suggesting that this will turn us into the Arcane Mages of Cata, but we’d be somewhat close.

The addition of an extra charge to Hand of Gul’dan is a nice change, and will hopefully ensure that procs of the HoG charge don’t go to waste.


Soul Swap now costs a soul shard to use, meaning Soulburn: Soul Swap will cost TWO shards. General consensus seems to be that as we’ll spend a lot more time manually refreshing DoTs rather than spreading them around easily with Soul Swap, we should get a damage buff on the DoTs to compensate. This, combined with the Soulburn: Haunt talent, means you’ll be out of shards in 5 seconds if you’re not careful. Personally, I think this can be seen as a limit on Affliction’s multidotting. Just look at some of the DPS logs for Affliction on Fallen Protectors, and tell me that was intended.

To reduce the risk of wasting a valuable shard, however, I feel that the 3 seconds you hold the DoT for should be lengthened slightly. Not necessarily to the 30 seconds of old, but maybe to 6? Even 10?


Now, instead of lasting 15 seconds, it lasts 8 seconds, but the cooldown has been halved too, to 1 minute.

Honestly, I’d still prefer Fel Flame. Sure, this iteration of KJC is slightly better, but it still isn’t “on-demand” movement DPS. You hit the ability, move for 8 seconds, and hope that there’s both no more movement than that, and that you don’t have to move a second time until the spell’s back off cooldown. With Fel Flame, we can throw that out as we move, then settle back into our rotation (which looks to be Chaos Bolt Chaos Bolt Chaos Bolt) rather easily. Sure, being able to do our rotation on the move is nice, but what happens when it’s on cooldown, and we need to move again? Nothing.

Well, that’s the news I guess. A small amount of changes that have big repercussions on how we play. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let’s hope the new patch notes fall in our lap soon. That’d be nice. Until then, have a paladin and a panda.

Lorewalker Cho makes EVERYTHING better.

Lorewalker Cho makes EVERYTHING better.

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Warlocks of Draenor: FEL FLAME?!

Well, isn’t that just the most spiffing piece of news you ever saw? Yes, after countless weeks of complaining, we may be getting Fel Flame back! We’ll have that totem crusher, that button to press when we’re moving and Conflagrate is on cooldown, that easy way of nuking a low HP target in old raids/dungeons! Speculation time! Reduced effectiveness could mean a number of things.

  • Increase the mana cost. Frankly the mana cost prevents you from chain-casting the spell as it is. As Destruction you’ll get the mana back fairly quick, but with Affliction and Demonology, you’ll have to Life Tap, which can be rather dangerous if you’re not careful about it.
  • Reduce the damage. Frankly, as long as we are outputting SOME damage when we move, instead of literally not pressing anything, then it’s a gain for us.
  • Eliminate ember gain. Leaving the above two things as is, and preventing us from gaining embers looks to be the best solution. We have something to do when we move, but when we’re NOT moving, we will do our standard rotation, because if Fel Flame doesn’t give embers (or only does on critical strikes), then it’s not gonna push any spells out of our rotation.
  • Give it a short cast time (that we can move during) or a cooldown to prevent spamspam.
  • (idea courtesy of @Dobablo) Same damage as now (scaled appropriately for the stat squish of course!), but applies a debuff called Burnt Out, which reduces the damage of the next cast by 50%.
  • Some profane combination of some/all these things.

While it remains to be seen what will happen (or if we even get it back at all), it’s always fun to speculate. We’re still waiting on updated patch notes too, as this batch will almost certainly contain our further pruning (of which we know at LEAST includes our curses and our instant demon resurrection abilities).

And it looks like they’ll be coming soon.



Warlocks of Draenor: Build 18505

Well, it’s a new build, stuff has been datamined, let’s get to it.


First of all, a book has been added into the game. Grimoire of Summoning Secrets. It reduces the cooldown of your Summon Infernal and Summon Doomguard by a whole 8 minutes!

And yes, it definitely is an Ashran-only thing. Each class got an item like this, and most of them were missing the clarification in the tooltip.

Nice to have, but it seemingly becomes useless if you take the talent that allows you to have one of these pets permanently. Does this mean we get screwed over? Could they be changing this talent to something else? Wait and see, I guess.


We also have a look at our non-mythic tier set! Looks pretty snazzy, and I kinda like it more than the Mythic set, which is probably a good thing as I won’t be doing Mythic raiding. Click the picture to see it big!



I prefer the Mythic shoulders, but I like the rest of this set a lot more. I think the purple one looks more warlocky, but the red is nice I guess.


It’s back! And it’s been reworked slightly! You may remember that there was a blanket removal of some CC, one of them being disarms. Our Voidwalker and Voidlord’s Command Demon ability was a disarm, and now it’s Suffering, ie a taunt. We can command our demon to taunt off us when we want now! This is a lovely change for me, as I am quite often pulling threat off an enemy, or in danger of being attacked first. Now, I can use Suffering as an opener on a mob in the wild/boss I am soloing so Mr Voidlord can build threat quicker, without me having to find it on the pet bars.

Presumably this would mean that Suffering isn’t an automatically used ability now, that we have to activate it ourselves. I don’t mind this. Sometimes, I WANT an enemy to hit me once in a while (hello Lich King, hello Cho’gall).


Twilight Ward and Curse of Exhaustion are still gone, meaning we have no curses. No curses on a class that supposedly specializes in them. Sure, Agony, Corruption et al are curses in a sense, but they aren’t explicitly called Curse of Agony, and so it feels like a bit of our warlocky flavour has been lost.


Nothing specific to warlocks here, but I really want the Talon Queen title on Raenah! And I think Timber Lord will be an AWESOME title for a druid healer.


Tailoring gets a 30 slot bag called the Hexweave Bag! Awesome. I need more space, and though the toy box/heirloom interface will sort some of that out, I still need MORE.

Tailoring also gets a new magic carpet, the Creeping Carpet, and a Minature Flying Carpet too. Maybe that’s for our battle pets? That’d be cool. If not, it’s probably just a battle pet itself, which is also cool. I wanna see my Voidlord sit on it.


They still have the same effect, but they now have snazzy names! Affliction’s Haste Attunement is now called Eradication, Demonology’s Mastery Attunement is called Demonic Tactics, and Destruction’s Critical Strike Attunement is now called Devastation. Nice warlocky flavour to them now, rather than being generically named. Each class gets these snazzy class-themed names for their attunements (e.g. Shamans get Purification, Lightning Strikes, and Elemental Overload).


Well, something I nearly skipped over when reading Wowhead’s datamining post was that normal and heroic raids scale up to 30 people now, up from 25! Great for those of you with a lot of guildies, great if you’re looking to PuG some people. More friends! More killing! More loot!

Well, that’s it from me for now. Nice to have some warlock information, and I hope you beta players keep people like me informed!

We are sailing! WE ARE SAILING!

We are sailing! WE ARE SAILING!

Beta Begins! Brilliant!


Well looky there. Alpha becomes Beta, and that release date draws ever closer. Congrats to all the people in the Beta, and try out a warlock for me, let me know how they roll!

For those of you with Beta keys from PAX East…

You’ll have to wait a bit, sadly. I’m sure you won’t have to wait too long. Maybe in the next wave?

So what does it look like if you got invited?

That’s what part of the email says, but beware of scam emails! It’s probably a lot safer to just check your battle.net account, as thus:


No, other than in the last build of the alpha, there were tooltip changes that tidied up the wording of a crapload of our spells, Blood Pact was added in (it also increases YOUR stamina by 10% as well as your party/raid’s, and increases healing YOU take by 30%, woo), and the 5% Multistrike being added to Dark Intent.

There is not much else to report. Congratulations to all in the beta! The rest of us will wait patiently for our invites/release!

In the meantime, here’s my priest Sunbuer having some sort of stand-off with Murkalot!

Do the riverdance!

Do the riverdance!

Warlocks of Draenor: Alpha Build 18443!

A new alpha build hit servers Friday, and with it some new information! We have a look at the warlock tier 17 armor, some updated set bonuses, a small change to Cataclysm, and not a lot else.


Cataclysm, one of our level 100 talents, has been modified slightly. Before this build, when in Affliction spec, it dealt damage and applied Corruption to all enemies in range. Now, it applies Agony instead. Perhaps to differentiate between each spec? A different flavour of DoT for each spec to play with! It could also be because of Seed of Corruption. The Soulburned effect of SoC applies Corruption to all mobs the explosion hits, which may devalue Cataclysm’s effect, so to avoid redundancy, made it apply/refresh Agony instead. Awesome.

Set Bonuses: UPDATED!

Yes, the datamining from Wowhead and MMO-Champion revealed that some of the more boring set bonuses got changed! So, what are we looking at now? My comments on the change will be in (bracketed italics!)

  • Affliction 2pc: While channeling Drain Soul on a target afflicted by Agony, Unstable Affliction, and Corruption, the chance for Nightfall to activate is increased by 5% (so basically rewarding playing your spec well, it seems, by boosting the rate at which you regain your secondary resource)
  • Affliction 4pc: When Nightfall activates, the cooldown of Dark Soul is reduced by 10 seconds (which makes this set bonus tie in nicely with the 2pc. The first makes Nightfall more reliable, the second bonus strengthens it immeasurably)
  • Demonology 4pc: Shadowbolt has a 50% chance to empower your inner demon, temporarily bringing your Metamorphosis form out even while you are not transformed (Nobody knows! Does this mean we get the damage bonus from the Meta form, without the transformation of our spells? Are we forced into Meta, and thus have to spend fury? Are we forced into Meta, but with a free spell or two? Do you get Dark Apotheosis-style wings and the Meta damage bonus? Until Celestalon gets back from his jollies, we just don’t know.)
  • Destruction 4pc: Consuming an ember reduces the cooldown of Dark Soul by 5 seconds (well, in conjunction with the Charred Remains talent [which boosts our ember generation massively] this could be an absolutely massive DPS boost for us! Using Charred Remains means you cast Chaos Bolt more. More Chaos Bolts = less time between burst periods courtesy of Dark Soul.)

Dark Intent

This build takes off the stamina boost, and adds in the multistrike boost we talked about in the last blog. The stamina bonus comes as part of a passive buff called Blood Pact (it’ll be nice to see that name in our spell book again!), and affects all party/raid members in a 100 yard area.

Tier 17 Mythic Set

(Image courtesy of MMO-Champion)

Click the image, make it big!



Looks typically warlocky, and a bit reminiscent of the Corruptor set from tier 5.

It's the shoulders, I feel.

It’s the shoulders, I feel.

Perhaps deliberately too. Tier 5 is an Outland set. We’re going to Outland BEFORE it went explodey. We’re getting a set that is a bit of a call-back to it.

No? Just me who thinks that? Fine. If the normal/heroic set looks like the tier 4 Voidheart set, then you owe me a tenner.



Black Harvest Title

No, you can’t have your shaman be Shamawhama of the Black Harvest (secret sadface).

But if you get the title on 1 lock, you get it on all of them!

Well, until next time, here’s a picture of a cowardly panda.




Warlocks of Draenor: New News! Patch Notes and Alpha Stuff

This is me reappearing like a bolt of lightning. WHOOSH.

This is me reappearing like a bolt of lightning. WHOOSH.

Well, it’s been some time since my last blog post, but I am back off holiday with a tan (ish) and a keen eye for all the crap I’ve missed since I’ve been away! So how about we dive straight in with:

Feat of Strength/Title

Yes, those of us who defeated/will defeat Kanrethad before 6.0 drops will get an awesome new feat of strength called Breaker of the Black Harvest, and comes with a snazzy title for you, “…of the Black Harvest”! Well, isn’t that exciting?

It’s something a lot of people wanted, and it’s nice that we’ll be able to get it! And for those of you who haven’t done it yet, just get some Siege LFR/Flex gear on your warlock and nuke the crap outta him, like I did! At item level 550, poor Kanny didn’t even summon his felhunters.

Datamining: Tier Bonuses

Courtesy of those fine folk at Wowhead, we have some datamining from the current alpha build! However, with these tier 17 tier bonuses, bear in mind that some may be fleeting:

  • Affliction 2p: Unstable Affliction damage up 10%
  • Affliction 4p: Haunt periodic damage bonus up 10%
  • Demonology 2p: Shadowbolt/Touch of Chaos damage up 10%
  • Demonology 4p: Corruption has a 10% chance to generate 1 Hand of Gul’dan charge when it deals damage
  • Destruction 2p: Incinerate damage up 10%
  • Destruction 4p: Immolate has a 10% chance on dealing damage to generate a charge of Conflagrate
  • Demonology 4p PVP: When Corruption or Doom is dispelled, you gain 100 Demonic Fury
  • Destruction 4p PVP: Conflagrate generates 1 extra stack of Backdraft

Rather boring, right? Flat damage increases, but remember, these are most likely not our actual bonuses. Expect change, people!

Drain Soul Visual

I’ll just leave you with this.

I’ve seen it in action courtesy of Sparkuggz’s stream and it’s GLORIOUS.

Patch Notes: Secondary Stat Attunements

It seems in Warlords, each spec will receive an “attunement” to a particular secondary stat. This comes as a 5% buff to all increases of that stat, so a piece of armor that grants you 100 Mastery will grant 105 Mastery to a spec “attuned” to that stat.

For us warlocks, it helpfully coincides with our Dark Soul abilities, so Affliction’s attunement will be Haste, Demonology will be Mastery, and Destruction will be Critical Strike.

To me, this sounds like while they’re trying to make the secondary stats about equal, they also want each spec to have some sort of “defining” secondary stat. Crit increases Chaos Bolt damage, and makes a bursty spec even burstier. Haste was always an Affliction warlock’s lover after Mastery, as it made your DoTs tick more often, and Mastery was the main stat for Demonology as it increased demon AND demon-form damage.

Important to note Celestalon’s tweet here. These stats may be subject to change, as is everything in the Alpha.

Top warlock Zinnin also provides an interesting perspective here.

Patch Notes: Ability Pruning

Nothing new for us, but be warned!

Patch Notes: Buffs & Debuffs

Well, in a bit of a sweeping change, it seems all classes won’t provide any sort of enemy debuff anymore. Warlocks are seeing Curse of Elements removed, and rogues are losing Master Poisoner, which had the same effect. Also being dropped are class’s ways of inflicting Weakened Armor and Physical Vulnerability.

With the new secondary stats (Versatility and Multistrike), come two new raid buffs, one of which we provide! Blood Pact has been reintroduced as a passive 10% increase to the stamina of all in your group within 100 yards. The stamina boost has been removed from Dark Intent, and replaced with a 5% Multistrike boost.

Patch Notes: Self Sustainability

They’ve modified how most classes function in regenerating health, primarily in a solo-questing format. Drain Life heals for 1.5% health per tick, instead of 1%. Harvest Life increases that heal to 3%, up from 2.5%. This’ll provide us a smidgen extra healing when out and about killing things, either when soloing raids, or just when levelling. Coupled with the Draenor Perk that lets Drain Life generate embers, could this be the point where we start actively using this currently-rubbish spell?

Anything Else?

Well, before anyone complains that there’s not much news, despite it being a week since there was, bear this in mind:

Not all the classes were done! You saw what he said further up in regards to ability pruning; there’s more to come. And I’ll be here to tell you about it!

In other news, here's my shaman dressed up like a raid boss.

In other news, here’s my shaman dressed up like a raid boss.

Stats, Garrisons, AoE Chaos Bolt


So thanks to Sparkuggz, it’s been discovered you get access to your level 100 talents at 92 in the alpha, presumably for testing purposes and whatnot, and I have to say the AoE Chaos Bolt from the Charred Remains talent is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Brought a tear to my eye, it did. Glorious.

Also, thanks to AlternativeChat’s Twitch stream this morning, I also got a glimpse into how your garrison will work in real time, and I must say it all looks very exciting. Quests offering the construction materials, quests for followers, quests for this and that and it all looks very well done, and I can see why there’s a bit of a delay now. They seem to be knitting this garrison experience in with the very core of the expansion’s gameplay, giving you this massive hub you’ll keep coming back to in order to get new things, or just check up on your followers.

There’s still the group of people who want to ignore garrisons, and that’s all well and good, ignore it if you like, but you’re going to be missing out on a big chunk of gameplay. It’s not mandatory, but it’s going to be BIG.

Grumpy Panda would like you to at least try them!

Grumpy Panda would like you to at least try them!

Also yesterday, Blizzard released a blog post about the stats we’ll be seeing in Warlords. As we all know, hit and expertise are going to be a thing of the past, and dodge and parry will not appear on items, replaced instead with bonus armor. So what’s the situation?

Current stats: Mastery, Crit, Haste, Spirit, Hit, Expertise, Dodge, Parry
Draenor stats: Mastery, Crit, Haste, Spirit, Multistrike, Bonus Armor, Versatility
Draenor Tertiary Stats: Movement Speed, Avoidance, Indestructible, Leech, (Cleave)

Wow, that’s a whole bunch. Our favourite secondaries are staying. Healers get Spirit but on “non-armor items” like necks, rings, cloaks and trinkets. Tanks get Bonus Armor instead of Dodge/Parry, also on non-armor items. We’re not tanks or healers, so Spirit and Bonus Armor don’t matter to us.

Multistrike, however! It caps at 100%, and grants that percentage as a chance to all your attacks (be they Incinerates, ticks of Corruption, or Soul Fires, or even auto attacks if for some reason you’re doing that) to activate up to 2 further times, for 30% of their usual damage. Example!

  • Multistrike is 50%
  • Incinerate for 5k
  • 50% chance to proc a second incinerate for 1500 damage, another 50% chance to proc a third.

Sounds pretty cool. We don’t know how much rating will be required to get 1% yet, or even if it comes as a flat %age increase on an item (ie instead of saying “598 Multistrike” it may say “+10% Multistrike”) so if anyone in the alpha can clarify that, it’d be fantastic!

I’m excited about Multistrike. Kardris’ Toxic Totem is one of my favourite trinkets, and the Multistrike proc off that contributes to a good portion of my DPS, almost comparable to my cloak procs.

Versatility is a new stat that is being introduced, with a fairly simple but pretty powerful-sounding effect. 1% Versatility translates at a 1% increase to damage dealt, your healing and your absorbs, and a 0.5% damage reduction. And yes, it works on self-heals too, so Ember Tap will become stronger as you get more Versatility too.

This one will need to be tuned to absolute perfection, as if it’s too strong, it becomes the best stat for EVERYONE by miles. Too weak, and nobody’ll want it. I’m excited about it, because anything that directly increases how much my Chaos Bolts do, I can get behind!

Tertiary stats are new to Warlords, and they are small bonuses that appear IN ADDITION to other stats, as opposed to INSTEAD OF. This means that two pieces of gear with the same name and same primary/secondary stats will still have the potential to be different from each-other.

Movement Speed is pretty self explanatory; it increases the speed you move at by a flat percentage. It stacks with other forms of speed boost, but in order to make it balanced, it’s not going to be tuned overwhelmingly high, but more at a lower level. They want it to feel like a “fun bonus”, not a drastic increase in power.

Avoidance is a familiar term to us warlocks. It’s the ability a demon has that reduces AoE damage by a certain amount! This doesn’t mean we’ll suddenly be able to stand in all the fire, or take a Corrosive Blast to the face from Immerseus like our imps can, but it softens the blow. Gives you more of a chance to get out of Yu’lon’s green circles of death, to give a current example.

Leech grants you a percentage of damage you deal as healing to you, much like how Soul Link works when you have a pet out (10% of damage you deal heals you and your pet), but also has a healer benefit we don’t care about. It makes a percentage of what they heal to others also heal themselves. Well, whatever keeps them alive I guess.

Cleave is shelved for the moment, hence it being in brackets. They’re trying to puzzle out how to make it more valuable for all roles, as it’s almost vital for healers (turn single-target heals into potential multi-target ones? Always a win!), useless for tanks, and only useful for DPS on fights like, say, Galakras, rather than Malkorok.

Indestructible on an item makes it take no durability damage. Ever. Useful for those of us who have NO GOLD EVER.

Well, that’s my brief spiel on the new stats. I’m gonna go and level up my new horde shaman. Maybe grind some gold in preparation for the new expansion too.

Niuzao! The character I'll miss most about Pandaria. <3

Niuzao! The character I’ll miss most about Pandaria. ❤