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Warlocks of Draenor: Build 18837



  • Shadow Bolt: Deals (52.5% of Spell Power) Shadow damage, down from 74% of SP.
  • No, actually that’s it.

From what I gather and guess, the nerfs made here and in the last build were due to a massive bug that was inflating Demonology’s damage. They discovered the bug AFTER having nerfed it, then fixed it without retuning. I surmise then that the next beta build will have reversions to these Demonology changes, or at least they will be retuned to what they would have been retuned to anyway, rather than remain over-nerfed.

If this change sticks? Shadow Bolt is worse than Drain Life at this point. Ain’t that fun?chart


And according to Simcraft, Demonology is worse than A TANK SPEC, and marginally better than A HEALING SPEC.

It has to get better. It HAS to.

I LAUGH. Because if I didn't, I'd cry.

I LAUGH. Because if I didn’t, I’d cry.

Pokemon, Warcraft, Reborn Realms.


Because this is ostensibly a warlock-specific blog, I am compelled to talk about warlocks most of the time. Sometimes, I like to chat about WoW in general, and I have been doing that more often recently.

Sometimes, I don’t have a terrible amount to say about Warcraft, and that’s fine because there’s other games I play and I can talk about them. After all, this is MY blog, so what I say, goes!

What I will say? In the beta, the different specs have SOMETHING that is wrong with them. Affliction feels really boring. You have nothing to do beyond refresh a DoT before it falls off, and channel Malefic Grasp 2.0. Ooh, a trinket proc? Use haunt!

Demonology… feels weak. I will not disagree that it needed tuning, it was above and beyond most specs. Trouble is, the nerf it received was above and beyond too. Soul Fire has been nerfed to the point where Touch of Chaos is always better than it. Touch of Chaos is also better than Demonbolt!

Destruction is one of those oddities. It appears to be literally the opposite of the hunter. Hunters are strong when forced to move compared to other classes, yet average when everyone can plant their feet and settle to a normal rotation. In beta, Destruction is really strong when you stand still, but when you move, you have nothing. I’m pretty cack-handed, so running around while attempting to target Rain of Fire is just too annoying.

Conflagrate is a different matter entirely. It hits hard, casts instantly… but is an important part of the general rotation, and has 2 charges on a 12 second recharge. It’s not a good idea to “bank” these just in case of movement, as they provide the rotationally-important Backdraft buff. Saving Conflag charges reduces the amount of Incinerates you cast, and can cause you to burn away your mana very quickly if you continue to spam it.

Destruction has another quibble, and this time it’s PvP related!

PvP?! *hisssssss*

PvP?! *hisssssss*

See, because you’ll be forced to stand still to cast as Destruction (you sure as hell know your opponent isn’t just gonna stand in your Rain of Fire), you’re gonna take a lot of hits. Charred Remains, however, has FANTASTIC synergy with Searing Flames. Ember generation boosted at the cost of damage, and Ember Tap costs half an ember, and heals for 50% more.

Basically, people are finding themselves to be nigh-unkillable, but at the cost of very little damage. General consensus is that this is going to end up nerfed as well, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Final Fantasy 14

Brief update on Raenah #2.



She’s got her tank pet, which means she’s past level 15! I’m still finding it fun. Arcanists, it seems, have a REAL focus on damage over time spells. Bio and Miasma are my main damage dealers, along with Ruin spam, but thanks to tankbuncle here she can spend a lot of her time DoT-ing numerous foes, and he’ll pick them all up.

It’s just like levelling a warlock!

Pokemon X

So I’m in Snowpoint City, and I’m gonna get my 8th badge soon enough. Wanna see my team?

I don’t care, you’re seeing them anyway.

Pangoro, lv68

Pangoro, lv68

Xerneas, lv55

Xerneas, lv55

Celebi, lv61

Celebi, lv61

Charizard, lv62

Charizard, lv62

Bisharp, lv52

Bisharp, lv52

Staryu, lv46

Staryu, lv46

As you can probably guess, Xerneas, Staryu and Bisharp are recent additions to my (previously INCREDIBLY fire-weak) team, hence their lower levels. Training training!

At some point, I want to get a Xatu, as that’s my favourite pokemon alongside Pangoro and Butterfree, and I’m THAT sort of trainer. Golurk too.


Awesome indeed.

And true to my nature, every town I go into that has a clothes shop, I buy EVERYTHING from. Customization is a BIG thing for me, evidently!

This is what happens when customization goes horribly wrong.

This is what happens when customization goes horribly wrong.

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Transmog Post: I’m Blue, Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a transmogrification post, and so I share with you Lixiu, the hunter.bluearmy

As you can see, there’s a distinct theme going on here. This set is a recolour of the War Paint Mail set, and is called the Outrunner Mail. For the most part, they’re BoE pieces you can find in the Wailing Caverns, and Blackfathom Deeps. Yes, our favourite dungeons ever.


The bow is a different kettle of fish. It’s an epic weapon that drops from the Halls of Reflection dungeon, after the Lich King has chased you out his house.

So, what is there in total?

Item List


Pandaren may be my favourite race, but there aren’t many mail sets that look good on them, so this simple, minimalist look is lovely.


And as you’ve seen in the pictures above, the perk of being a hunter is that you can get pets that match your look! Animals become the ultimate accessory!

(I hope D.E.H.T.A. don’t read that!)

#wow #transmog #pandaren

Warlocks of Draenor: Beta Build 18816

So here we have a new beta build, and it’s one of those number-tuning ones! Demonology sees a lot of changes, including a massive general DPS loss of around 33%.

Let’s have a look at the changes.


  • Demonbolt: Deals (1+150% of spell power) as Chaos Damage, down from (1+250% of SP)
  • Doom: Deals (4+120% of SP) Shadow damage over 60 seconds, down from (4+150% of SP)
  • Shadow Bolt: Deals (1+74% of SP) Shadow damage, down from (1+124.2% of SP)
  • Touch of Chaos: Deals (1+40% of SP) Chaos damage, down from (1+69.03% of SP)
  • Soul Fire: Deals (1+34% of SP) Fire damage, down from (1+42.5% of SP)
  • Hand of Gul’dan: Deals (68.8% of SP) instant Shadowflame damage, down from (86% of SP), and deals an additional (18% of SP) Shadowflame damage over 6 seconds, down from (22.5% of SP)

It’s no secret Demonology was performing extremely well on beta, but 33% better? Is this the price we pay for being able to do above average in a movement fight? Are Demonology warlocks going to become the new hunters? Fantastic on movement fights, slightly below average otherwise?


Only 2 changes here!

  • Haunt: The periodic damage increasing debuff it puts on an enemy now increases you DoT damage by 30%, down from 35%.
  • Drain Soul: Now learnt at level 24, instead of level 42.

Nice little quality of life change there, making Affliction’s main filler spell available sooner. Hopefully, the toning down of Haunt means that more power will be shifted back to the individual DoTs? Or perhaps this is just to tone down affliction DPS too.

Set Bonuses

  • Destruction 2pc: When Immolate deals damage it has a 10% 4% chance to generate a full Burning Ember.
  • Destruction 4pc: When a Burning Ember is filled up, you have a 15% chance to reduce the cast time of Chaos Bolt by 50% and cause Chaos Bolt to consume no Burning Embers when cast chance to cause your next Chaos Bolt to multistrike 3 additional times.
  • Affliction PvP 4pc: After using Demonic Circle: Teleport, you gain 100 1300 Versatility for 10 seconds.
  • Demonology PvP 2pc: When you or your pet are below 20% of maximum health, you gain 100 1300 Versatility.

I actually like the Destruction 4-piece change. Sure, speedy Chaos Bolts would be immense fun, but having a single Chaos Bolt effectively hit 4 times (maybe more if a normal Multistrike proc goes off!) will be CRAZY!

So. What’s the betting we’ll see some Destruction tuning soon?



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Change The Curtains, Lay New Carpet, Play New Games


It’s been forever and a day since Siege of Orgrimmar was released.

Warlords of Draenor is released in a couple of months.

I’m feeling a reduced desire to play, I have to confess, so I took the plunge on Friday and bought Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and I’ve been playing it on and off. Sure, I have a few things to do before Warlords is released (Getting Garrosh heirlooms in particular) and I’ll do them on server reset days, but Raenah the Warlock is moving over for Raenah the Arcanist for the time being!

"You gave us the same name?! Ugh!"

“You gave us the same name?! Ugh!”

World of Warcraft still holds a massive piece of my heart, but so does Final Fantasy, and you know what? 14 is similar enough to WoW to be familiar and comfortable, but different enough to feel fresh and unique! I enjoy being able to move the basic UI around and resize it without having to download an addon to do so. I like the fact there’s throwbacks to previous Final Fantasy games (Moogles! Summoner horns! Chocobos!). I like the job system!

Arcanist is the closest I could find to Warlock. They have pets, those pets can tank, they have DoTs!

And she hates it when you disturb her reading.

And she hates it when you disturb her reading.

I still have things to do with Lixiu. Cat people haven’t replaced my love of Pandaren, and I will play Warlords extensively, but it’s nice for a change of pace to play something else!

"Fine! Go! See if I care!"

“Fine! Go! See if I care!”

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What To Do, What To Do?

Before the next expansion hits, I’d imagine most people have a checklist of things they want to get done. Let’s have a look at what my plans are!

Gear Up

In Draenor, I’m gonna focus only on having 3 characters at max level that I regularly play.


Raenah, my warlock, is currently sitting at an item level of 564. She has the legendary cloak, and I have not one but TWO Garrosh heirloom staves. They’re currently sitting on my mage and my priest at the moment, but when the time comes, one of them will be Raenah’s.

Raenah doesn’t need much work doing, to be honest. She’s fully flex-or-above geared, and has it easy in the earlier stages of Draenor.


Shamwhoa is my shaman, and she’s sitting pretty at 558. You can’t see in that picture, but she has the Garrosh heirloom mace AND shield, so she’s all set too. Not only does she have the legendary cloak, she has the awesome Dark Shaman transmogrification armor, so she’s pretty much good to go as well.


Lixiu is the current work-in-progress. She’s at 538, I have no Garrosh bow for her, and she’s still collecting those blasted sigils. Better get crack-a-lackin’ with her!


I also want to get characters with professions to level 100 as well, and max out those professions as soon as possible. Who among my characters has maxed professions?

  • Herbalism: Vanlew
  • Mining: Patrianna
  • Skinning: Vanlew, Lunchi
  • Alchemy: Shamwhoa
  • Blacksmithing: Patrianna
  • Enchanting: Raenah
  • Engineering: Lixiu
  • Inscription: Shamwhoa
  • Jewelcrafting: Lixiu
  • Leatherworking: Lunchi (but only at 300 or so!)
  • Tailoring: Raenah

So looking at this, as well as having Raenah, Shamwhoa and Lixiu leveled to 100, I can add Patrianna (the paladin), Vanlew (the rogue) and Lunchi (the monk) to that list. Lunchi is the main work in progress here; she’s the only character here I need to level a profession on. Sadly, that profession is leatherworking.



So having purchased an Ethereal Soul-Trader recently (seen here posing with Raenah and Sylvanas), I’m pretty much clean out of gold. The coming weeks will hopefully see me build that back up to a repectable level, though I know we’ll be getting a shed-load of gold from levelling in Draenor, as well as dungeons, seeing as Justice and Valor are going away.

So money making is a low priority, but still of some importance.

Things That Go Away

A few dungeons are changing in Warlords.

  • Razorfen Kraul
  • Blackfathom Deeps
  • Upper Blackrock Spire
  • Razorfen Downs

There may well be things you wanna get from there, such as transmoggables, hunter pets, and the like. I’d advise doing it now, as it may well transpire you won’t be able to get them soon.

Ditto Challenge Mode stuff. You want the transmogrification armor? The mounts? I’d recommend you get on that.

For me, the challenge mode stuff is not really a priority, but the dungeon stuff is. I’ll have a look at loot tables in there, and see if there’s stuff I want to collect.

Also falling under this banner is the Ahead of the Curve Garrosh Hellscream achievement, as it has a mount tied to it.

You can’t get this pretty wolf in 6.0, so I’d see about getting it asap if that bothers you!



These aren’t things that go away, but it’d be nice to wrap up Pandaria stuff BEFORE moving onto Draenor. Raenah’s been hunting that Ironfur Steelhorn for months now! It spawns when I’m logged into different characters, frustratingly.


I doubt these are difficult to do in Flex mode. They’ll probably be easier in 6.0, but why not get them done now?




I’m still stuck at Major Payne. This is… This is unacceptable!

Must get the pets from Throne of Thunder while I’m at it. And the ones from Siege. I have literally none of them yet.

Must get the mini celestials! Okay okay, just the mini Niuzao.




  • Final Fantasy 14 is apparently introducing the Triple Triad card game from Final Fantasy 8. I may start playing FF14 because of this.
  • No seriously, Triple Triad is awesome.
  • Beta patch notes are up, and I have modified the Warlock Changes page as necessary. For the record, now that we have a neutered Gateway and healthstones that are terrible, we went from having SOME utility outside of great DPS, to barely any. Great.

You know what’ll cheer me up after that horrifying revelation?



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The Drake Collector: A New Achievement


So the Emerald Drake was revealed to be the 250 mount reward, but now that’s being changed to a Felfire Hawk, and the Emerald Drake is a reward for collecting a number of other dragons instead!


So let’s have a look at how we get these mounts.

  • Azure Drake: Drops from Malygos in Eye of Eternity 10 man. Unsure of how to solo him? I have a guide for you right here!
  • Black Drake: Sartharion in 10-man Obsidian Sanctum. Guide to soloing this is in the same guide as Malygos.
  • Blazing Drake: Madness of Deathwing (normal or heroic). Those of you dreading soloing Spine, see the above tweet. Changes are being made!
  • Blue Drake: Malygos in Eye of Eternity again. Greedy dragon.
  • Bronze Drake: The Culling of Stratholme from the Infinite Corruptor. It’s the timed run that awards the achievement The Culling of Time and is trivial to solo at 90.
  • Onyxian Drake: Onyxia. Guide here!
  • Purple Netherwing Drake: Get Netherwing reputation to exalted, then complete the quest Malfas the Purple Nethweing Drake, or buy from Drake Dealer Hurlunk for a mere 200 gold.
  • Red Drake: Exalted with Wyrmrest Accord. Buy from Cielstrasza (atop Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight) for 2000 gold.
  • Twilight Drake: Sartharion again. 3 drakes up again. This time? 25 man. Still trivial at 90!

So what are you waiting for? Go out and collect those drakes!

Warlocks of Draenor: Build 18738 + Patch Notes

This brings about some Demonology changes, some tooltip wording fixes that I won’t focus on, and not much else.

General Changes

  • Healthstones now restore 15% of health, down from 20%.
  • Soulburn: Haunt‘s damage increasing buff is now 20% on all targets, up from 15% on the one. So as long as you have SB:H on one target, all enemies you DoT will take more damage.
  • Haunt‘s base damage is now 375% of your spell power, up from 295.5%.
  • Drain Soul‘s basic damage is now 4+76% of your Spellpower, up from 4+60% of SP.
  • Drain Life‘s damage has been massively nerfed, causing 150.% of SP as damage over 6 seconds. It was 350.7% of SP!

Demonology Stuff

So Demonology’s mastery increases damage in caster form by 8%, and in Demon Form by 24%. This is still the case, however the Demon Form damage increases are not on all spells as before, but only on specific ones.

  • Touch of Chaos
  • Chaos Wave
  • Doom
  • Immolation Aura
  • Soul Fire

These are the only spells that will benefit from the 24% damage bonus. Any other spell will only have an 8% bonus.

Why? I can only think that it’s to make sure Cataclysm is balanced. For a spell that already hits like a truck (750% of spellpower!), Metamorphosis was making it hit like several trucks and a mini cooper. One shotting people on the bridge in Ashran? Oh yes. By making it unaffected by Metamorphosis, it can stay at that strong level without requiring nerfing, which would hurt its effectiveness for the other specs.

What’s confusing is that it also seems to be omitting Demonbolt from Demonology’s mastery. This is a Metamorphosis-only spell, and it doesn’t benefit from Metamorphosis?

Other changes include:

  • A 30 Demonic Fury cost (plus 30 DF per second) for Drain Life.
  • Glyph of Felguard now allows 2 handed maces to be used! (EDIT: This is just a tooltip update, they’ve been usable for a while now. Thanks to Dobablo for clarification)

Destruction Levelling Changes

To make the new level 15 talent (Searing Flames) worthwhile to use at level, a few spells are being learnt earlier than before.

  • On live, you currently gain Burning Embers, your secondary resource, at level 42. In Warlords, you will get them at level 10, when you pick a specialization!
  • Chaos Bolt is also going to be learnt at level 10, instead of level 42. Imagine the low level PVP! Chaos Bolt, boom.
  • Ember Tap, the spell Searing Flames modifies, is being learnt at level 15 in Warlords, instead of 42 as on live.

Patch Note Update

Only one thing updated here.

  • Seed of Corruption and Soulburn: Seed of Corruption can no longer both apply to the same target.

Community Project: 3 Things I Love

Via Mr & Mrs WoW comes a call for a more positive game! 

So there’s a lot of negativity floating around, and I like to be a positive person so I wanna participate in this, and I think you all should too!

So without further ado, here’s the 3 things in World of Warcraft that I love!



So yeah, if you’re unfortunate enough to follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I post a LOT of pictures of my panda characters. People may think they look childish or cartoony, but you know what? I don’t give a crap! I like my characters to look good, and Pandaren look DAMN GOOD. It also helps that pandas are my second favourite animal in the world (behind bunnies!).

I am still upset that I can’t have a panda warlock.

But yes, I think the Pandaren are great. Their story was one that interested me far more than anything Deathwing did, and they’re just ridiculously photogenic, which brings me onto my next choice…



Let’s face it, some places in Azeroth are just damn beautiful.


Some situations, like this panda who apparently spotted me spying on him and his Draenei lover, are amusing.


I like taking screenshots as I do things. Screenshots as I level, telling an amusing story, perhaps. Screenshots of my transmogs. Screenshots of really gorgeous areas of the world. Screenshots of oddities that occur within Azeroth.

I like fiddling with the camera to get a good angle. I like documenting the journeys my characters make. I’d like to think I entertain people on Twitter with my pictures too!



This is the thing that keeps me going into old raids/dungeons. This is the thing that gets me going to places in Azeroth I wouldn’t normally step foot in.



This is what makes my characters look DAMN GOOD!

Sure, it may be superficial, but I like my characters to look awesome, and sometimes you need to tailor their look yourself! I turn on MogIt and AtlasLoot, crank up Wowhead, I make note of what I want and where it drops, then I damn well go get it. Maybe it’s just me (it’s not, transmog is a ridiculously popular feature), but I really like my characters having a certain look, a certain feel. It makes me feel more attached to them, like they’re MINE.

So that’s my 3 things I love. What are yours? Let Mr & Mrs WoW know, they’d love to hear, and so would I!

#wow #warcraft #mrandmrswow

It’s A Big Day

Warlords of Draenor Release Date Event

So today is a pretty big day for Blizzard. In just 6.5 hours, we will see the Warlords of Draenor cinematic, and finally learn that much-debated release date for the next expansion. Will it be before or after Blizzcon? Will we see any gnomes in the trailer? Will there be outcry?

(the answer to that last question is YES, there is always some outcry about everything)

Find the live stream page here!

New Page on the Blog

In other news, the other day I created a new page on my blog, dedicated to having the warlock changes in Warlords in one place. There’s no numbers changes just yet, but those will be coming soon.

When that build comes in (likely next week or so, after Gamescom and after the dust has settled from the announcement), I will start filling the Number Tuning section in!

Why did I make this page? Well, it struck me that I had been detailing our changes in blog posts that were scattered across the site, making it inconvenient to find things. By having all the information consolidated on one page, you can easily find what you are looking for!

10 Years, 10 Questions

If you haven’t already, go take part in @AlternativeChat‘s 10 Years 10 Questions survey. She’s creating a podcast documentary of our experiences in Azeroth over the last 10 years, and she wants YOU to contribute! You can see my response in the previous blog post, and you can find many more responses, in blog form, video form and podcast form here! It’s awesome to read everyone’s responses, so why not have a go yourself?

Panda Obsession

There’s not much to focus on at the moment. Recent datamining of new builds threw up not a lot of new stuff, and the stuff that WAS thrown up was included in the new page I mentioned above, along with patch note information, so for an up-to-date look at how warlocks are, go there for now!

So instead, let’s have a look at a couple transmog sets I have been working on. First, here’s Lixiu the hunter.



Yes, she and her entire menagerie are blue. I didn’t find many mail sets I like bar this one, and I think it looks pretty good with her blue army!


Did I ever mention my love of pandas?

There’s Lillorigga. I enjoy that pose, and I can’t find the picture on my hard drive, so have it from my Twitter instead. She’s dressed like a medieval knight!

And with that, I bid ye adieu ’til next time!