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The internet is fixed! Turns out it got disconnected by a careless maintenance man and not reported, or fixed, or anything like that. Just a cable left in the grass. Mr Sky Man came, he fixed, he left, and here I am online again! Able to play WoW (my LFR day will be tomorrow instead of Thursday now), and FFXIV (I had JUST got Ikralla to level 10!).


THIS MEANS I CAN CHANGE CLASSES. I need to get Pugilist to level 15, stop me if you’ve heard this before, then I can switch to ROGUE.


Yesterday, while I was internetless, I did a bit of combo practice with Gouken and Poison in Ultra Street Fighter 4. The idea is, you do something, then you repeat it endlessly until you can do it at the drop of a hat. I can’t just yet, but I can combo into Poison Kiss from a red-focus-attack-dash-cancelled Whip of Love, and I can FADC Gouken’s Tatsumaki Gorasen into his EX Tatsumaki Gorasen, which seems kinda pointless but looks WONDERFULLY flashy.

This happens to his characters A LOT.

In case you forgot, this is part of Poison Kiss. Yes indeed.

I need to practice comboing out of Gouken’s Denjin Hadoken. It causes a wall bounce which, if you’re fast, you can follow up with an attack. I can do a follow-up when he does a partially or fully charged Denjin Hadoken, but not on an uncharged one. Heck, I’m not even sure it’s possible.

One interesting thing from the Street Fighter wiki is that Gouken’s Denjin Hadoken, when fully charged, is the MOST POWERFUL ULTRA IN THE GAME.

Yeah, I like my characters strong.


  • I may do solo guides for the other Cataclysm raids, then make a start on Mists ones. Gonna focus on Warlock and Monk strategies, but may branch out. Who knows?
  • That’s about it really.

In with the Old, In with the New

The New

I got paid on Friday, and as a treat I bought myself 2 new games that I am yet to play, but probably will on my days off; Darkest Dungeon, and The Escapists.


Darkest Dungeon is apparently a roguelike dungeon crawler, which I take to mean random dungeons, turn-based battle, and the humourously terrifying-sounding PERMADEATH. It’s still in Early Access in Steam, which means it’s playable but not yet finished, but I’ve already heard many good things about it so I’m looking forward to giving it a go!


The Escapists is a sandbox game set in a prison! Whereas sandbox games are typically set in a huge open-world setting, because this is set in a prison it’s more of a closed-world! You have routine, you have things to do, you have a debt to repay to society, and your objective is to escape!


Though it’s not a new game, I’ve started occasionally playing as a new character in Ultra Street Fighter 4! Though I still mainly focus my attentions on Poison and Gouken, I’ve started picking Decapre against the boyfriend more recently too. She’s a tricky little bugger to play as AND against. She’s all about setups and teleports and exploiting little gaps in your opponent’s gameplay.

She also has a pretty kickass theme tune, so that’s always good!

The Old


In World of Warcraft news, I’m levelling Sunbuer, the Priest I seem to have envisioned as an arrogant, slightly mad Pandaren hell-bent on showing the world exactly what she can do. She’s level 92, she got the Enhanced Leap of Faith perk (I wanted the perk for Power Word: Shield, seeing as I’m using that spell a LOT), and I’m planning on getting all the garrison followers I can from Shadowmoon Valley before I shuttle her off to Gorgrond.


In terms of Pokemon Omega Ruby, I’m hoping to get my team to around level 55-60 before I throw them at the Elite 4. Currently, Lampent is at level 68, Xatu is 43, Pangoro is 46, Pikachu is 53, Deino is 45 and Samurott is at 50. A little way to go! My team may not be balanced in any sense of the word, but I use Pokemon I like, so balance is not really a huge concern of mine!

Not until I start battling real people, at least!

Reasons to Love Poison

No, not harmful substances, but the Final Fight (and now Street Fighter) character Poison!



While the Street Fighter 4 “series” has been going on since 2009, I didn’t start playing it myself until the second version, Super Street Fighter 4, released in April 2010. Of course, we’re beyond that game now, into Ultra Street Fighter 4, and what a ride it’s been!

Ultra introduced a character from Final Fight called Poison. I’m sure you’ve heard of her, she’s pretty infamous for reasons I’ll probably go into down below! She’s very quickly displaced Gouken and Gen as my character(s) of choice, though I still use them from time to time. She’s spanked her way into my heart!

This post is going to be my tribute to her. The reasons why I think she’s bloody fantastic!

She’s Effective

Like, REALLY effective. People have won tournaments with her. A lot of people put her as being one of the top five characters in the game (bear in mind we have forty four characters to play as!). She has a moveset that seems to be able to handle anything. Fireballs with differing ranges and speeds to zone your opponents out. An overhead she can actually COMBO from. Fantastic offensive pressure, but with strong defenses too. About the only thing she lacks is a special move that effectively anti-airs, as Kissed By A Goddess has a tendency to miss a lot, but even then she has her crouching hard punch as a pretty decent ground-to-air move, and she can combo one of her fireballs off of that to begin a mix-up game! Will it be the hard fireball to hit in front as you get up, or the medium fireball to hit behind you? Where to block? WRONG ANSWER!

She goes for the LOW BLOW

You know what a low blow is.

We all fear the low blow.




She represents diversity

OK sure, at face value we have YET ANOTHER scantily clad fighting game lady. She totters around in heels, she’s flashing the cleavage, the camera is VERY interested in her rear when the fight begins.

She’s more than just eye candy though. She’s a successful professional wrestler, she’s got the business savvy to be a pretty decent wrestling manager and promoter too, and according to her ending, has the talent and charisma to front a rock band! She even gets Ryu and Ken to do the stage pyrotechnics with their hadokens, which is damned impressive.


She’s also one of the relatively few trans characters in gaming, and certainly one of the most famous. When originally conceived for Final Fight, Poison was naturally a female in Japan, but Capcom felt that America would object to this as “hitting women is considered rude,” and they felt feminist groups would sue them. She was thusly changed to a transsexual female, because… that made it okay to hit her? I don’t know. Either way, Capcom’s official stance over Poison’s sex evolved from “trans in America, not in Japan” to a simple “she’s a trans female” for the ease of localisation, to “It’s up to YOU!” as a bit of a cop-out.

Over the next 20 years, there’s been some changes, and Capcom’s official stance has and will continue to be that we don’t have a stance technically. It’s supposed to be mysterious; if people want to talk about it on forums or what not they’re welcome to, but we’re not going to give you a straight answer because, well, there isn’t one. We deliberately want to make it a mysterious thing—that question of what’s at the core of this character.

Yoshinori Ono to EGM, 2011

So if you want to see her as having always been female, then go right ahead, but you’re apparently no more or less correct than those of us who say she’s trans.

And if you’re going to make some sort of trans-phobic joke about her, then bugger off.

One other thing I like? During one of the early builds of Street Fighter X Tekken, various characters’ win quotes to Poison came across as rather trans-phobic themselves. Let’s take Chun Li’s for example:

 You’re not very lady-like at all! I felt like I was fighting against a guy…

This caught the attention of GLAAD, who informed Capcom that this was offensive and insensitive to trans folk, and Capcom, rather than gone “PFFT!” and went with it anyway, worked with GLAAD to remedy this. Sure, the fact that GLAAD had to intervene in the first place is relatively messed up, but I can appreciate the fact that Capcom worked with them to make sure that there was no offensive crap left in!

EDIT: According to an awesome video I just watched, it looks as if Poison had always been intended to be a trans female!


That circled word from the Final Fight instruction book lists Poison as being a “newhalf,” which is a Japanese slang term for a post-op male-to-female trans-sexual.


Here’s her concept art for the same game, and we see the same Japanese word for “newhalf” appears again! So… what on Earth was changed for American audiences? Nothing, it would seem.

Fancy that.

She’s different

I don’t know why, but I seem to gravitate to the old men in fighting games. From Wang Jinrei in Tekken:


To Gen Fu of Dead or Alive:



Cervantes from Soul Calibur

Technically a zombie, too

Technically a zombie, too

And let’s not forget the aforementioned Gouken and Gen from Street Fighter:




Poison is most certainly NOT an old man. She’s probably the first fighting game character I’d consider my main that ISN’T an old man, bar Haohmaru.

And even he's getting on a bit now.

And even he’s getting on a bit now.

Why though? Why break the old man trend? Well, all the reasons listed above, really. She’s fresh, she’s exciting, I’ve wanted her to be in Street Fighter for YEARS (Guy and Cody managed to cross over in Super 4, as did Sodom and Rolento back in Alpha, and even Mike Haggar made an appearance in Marvel vs Capcom 3) so finally being able to play as her? Exhilarating! She was playable a year prior in Street Fighter X Tekken but I didn’t stick with that for very long.

Anyway, I have my fingers crossed she’s playable in Street Fighter 5! She’s certainly popular enough, considering that she was on the shortlist to be in the original Street Fighter 4 game, she was one of the most demanded characters in updated versions (according to producer Yoshinori Ono), and in a recent poll from fighting game website EventHubs on who people want to see in Street Fighter 5, Poison came 12th out of 64 characters!




WoW, Street Fighter, Tactics Ogre!

Today, I’m gonna talk about a bit of WoW, and a bit of other games I play, because my blog, my rules. That, and I need to get updating this thing more regularly!

World of Warcraft

Warlocks got a small buff in an area we… kinda didn’t need. Havoc’s base cooldown is reduced to 20 seconds (meaning 15 seconds thanks to the Draenor Perk). Our cleave was already pretty strong anyway as Destruction, it’s our AoE and ember generation that has suffered thanks to the recent Rain of Fire nerf, and our movement DPS that suffers immensely due to the loss of Fel Flame. Obviously, this change will have an effect on our ember generation… provided we have more than 1 target in a fight. On a boss like the Butcher? Useless!

Speaking of him... Merry Christmas! Image courtesy of Wowhead!

Speaking of him… Merry Christmas! Image courtesy of Wowhead!

Warlocks aren’t in a terrible place at the moment though. On fights where you can cleave, Destruction really shines, and Twin Ogron is a fight almost MADE for Affliction. Strong single target fights like The Butcher? Demonology with Demonbolt is the way to go! Highmaul isn’t too bad for us at the moment, but what will Blackrock Foundry throw at us?

In other WoW news, I’m loving my ol’ garrison and the missions! Gladiator warrior is INSANELY fun. LFR Highmaul is LAUGHABLY easy. Both my 100 characters are on the Abrogator Stone part of the legendary quest.

And I've mogged my warrior. FIERY!

And I’ve mogged my warrior. FIERY!

Street Fighter

The new patch was released for Ultra Street Fighter 4 on Monday, bringing with it OMEGA MODE CHARACTERS!

And yes, some of them are hilariously broken.

Several characters have infinite combos. Ibuki and Crimson Viper both have slightly technical ones, and Gen’s infinite (GENFINITE) is hilariously easy to do.

That being said, ignoring these slightly glaring errors, Omega is such fun! My favourite characters so far are probably Gen (not because of the Genfinite, but because his custom combos remind me of how he was in Alpha), and Decapre (no charge motions!).



The Omega mode brings a whole new level of fun and silliness to the game, and best of all? FREE CONTENT! Didn’t have to pay a penny for it!

My favourite non-Omega character however is probably a tie between Gouken and Poison. You know what makes me sad though? I watch a lot of Street Fighter match videos on YouTube, because yay free time, and every time Poison features, you can GUARANTEE that the comments will feature jokes and insults about the fact she’s trans. I know, YouTube comments are generally a fucking cesspool anyway, but I still feel a twinge of sadness for the human race that we can’t just get over this. That every time she’s mentioned, there’s always some joke or insult about her.

This is even with 2 very prominent, well-known members of the competitive Street Fighter player base being trans individuals themselves! It’s staggering how narrow-minded and pathetic some people can be.

Anyway, enough of the serious talk, it’s not what I am good at.


Crimson Viper is totally jealous of Poison’s hot bod.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

I bought this a while back on my PS Vita, and I’ve finally got around to playing it. It’s one of those SRPG’s I love so much, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics in fact. Isometric grids, character classes, strategy, moving things around, that sorta stuff.

Typical screen you'll see when playing!

Typical screen you’ll see when playing!

The story is a political one, and your main character, Denam Pavel, is fighting to bring freedom to his country! So, a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics, I guess. Trying to keep spoilers to a minimum, seeing as I haven’t finished it yet, but there are several paths you can take through the game. Law, Neutral and Chaos. I’m on the Chaos path at the moment!

Favourite character class so far is the Ninja (DOUBLE ATTACK!), but I’ve just unlocked a Warlock class, so you better believe I’m gonna be levelling one of those! Rather than the demon summoners of WoW, Warlocks in Tactics Ogre specialise in Draconic magic, and the summoning and controlling of golems. Pretty snazzy, yes?

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing at the moment. You up to anything interesting?