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Tricky Boss Soloing: Viscidus

Viscidus is a boss in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, one of the original vanilla raids. I know, a boss from there that can provide an issue?!

Viscidus is not necessarily a difficult boss, but MECHANICS! It’s split in two phases, which I’ll call FREEZING and SHATTERING, and I’ll give some class-specific details on each phase.


The first part of the boss requires you to freeze him. This requires you to hit Viscidus with 20 attacks that deal Frost damage. These classes have it easy:

  • Death Knight: You have it very easy here. As Frost, a lot of your attacks will deal the Frost damage you need, and as other specs, you still have access to Frost abilities.
  • Hunter: At level 100, use the Exotic Munitions talent, and use Frozen Ammo from that. You can also use Beast Mastery as your spec, and use a Chimaera. They have frost attacks!
  • Mage: As a Frost Mage, you’re naturally very well equipped here. As Arcane and Fire, you still have access to some Frost-based abilities.
  • Priest: Mind Spike deals Shadowfrost damage. Spam this until he’s frozen.
  • Shaman: Frost Shock. Has a 6 second cooldown, so it may take a while!
  • Warlock: Demonology is the way to go here. Touch of Chaos deals Chaos damage. Chaos damage is made up of all schools of magic, including Frost. Build up Demonic Fury, spam Touch of Chaos and Viscidus will eventually freeze.

Druids, Monks, Paladins, Rogues and Warriors have it a bit more difficult. With these classes it’s best to enchant their weapons with Enchant Weapon: Elemental Force then melee Viscidus until he freezes. The enchant won’t proc on every hit, so it may take a while.


This part requires you to hit a frozen Viscidus 30 times before he defrosts. 30 hits, 30 seconds.

Here’s the easy classes!

  • Death Knight: Army of the Dead. They’ll smash the bastard in no time!
  • Hunter: The combination of you and a pet attacking will make short work of him. Stampede can also be a big help.
  • Monk: Using two one-handed weapons means you will attack really quickly. Taking Summon Xuen as a talent will mean you can effectively attack twice as fast, as there’s two of you.
  • Warlock: ’cause you’d be Demonology, the combination of you meleeing and a Felguard would likely make short work of Viscidus. Use Grimoire of Service to summon a second Felguard temporarily to ensure the kill.

For other classes, to trivialise this fight, you need to have a Lumber Yard! You’ll eventually get a quest from it that allows you to get a trinket called the Barov Lumberjack Caller. Using this will summon a number of lumberjacks to fight for you, as thus:

Lillorigga likes this trinket.

Lillorigga likes this trinket.

The combination of 5 lumberjacks and you meleeing the boss will make Viscidus smash to pieces in no time! Make sure you’re equipped with fast weapons, such as daggers or one-handed swords. Warriors swinging around giant two-handed battle axes may well struggle immensely here!

Abilities that summon meleeing minions are always helpful here. Paladins should throw out Guardian of Ancient Kings, and Priests should use their Shadowfiend, for example. Warlocks should favour summoning their Infernal/Abyssal over a Doomguard/Terrorguard, as the former does melee attacks and so would contribute to the shattering.

Why even go for this boss? Well, of course he drops a battle pet, the Viscidus Globule, required for the first Raiding with Leashes achievement! Good luck!