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Community Project: 3 Things I Love

Via Mr & Mrs WoW comes a call for a more positive game! 

So there’s a lot of negativity floating around, and I like to be a positive person so I wanna participate in this, and I think you all should too!

So without further ado, here’s the 3 things in World of Warcraft that I love!



So yeah, if you’re unfortunate enough to follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I post a LOT of pictures of my panda characters. People may think they look childish or cartoony, but you know what? I don’t give a crap! I like my characters to look good, and Pandaren look DAMN GOOD. It also helps that pandas are my second favourite animal in the world (behind bunnies!).

I am still upset that I can’t have a panda warlock.

But yes, I think the Pandaren are great. Their story was one that interested me far more than anything Deathwing did, and they’re just ridiculously photogenic, which brings me onto my next choice…



Let’s face it, some places in Azeroth are just damn beautiful.


Some situations, like this panda who apparently spotted me spying on him and his Draenei lover, are amusing.


I like taking screenshots as I do things. Screenshots as I level, telling an amusing story, perhaps. Screenshots of my transmogs. Screenshots of really gorgeous areas of the world. Screenshots of oddities that occur within Azeroth.

I like fiddling with the camera to get a good angle. I like documenting the journeys my characters make. I’d like to think I entertain people on Twitter with my pictures too!



This is the thing that keeps me going into old raids/dungeons. This is the thing that gets me going to places in Azeroth I wouldn’t normally step foot in.



This is what makes my characters look DAMN GOOD!

Sure, it may be superficial, but I like my characters to look awesome, and sometimes you need to tailor their look yourself! I turn on MogIt and AtlasLoot, crank up Wowhead, I make note of what I want and where it drops, then I damn well go get it. Maybe it’s just me (it’s not, transmog is a ridiculously popular feature), but I really like my characters having a certain look, a certain feel. It makes me feel more attached to them, like they’re MINE.

So that’s my 3 things I love. What are yours? Let Mr & Mrs WoW know, they’d love to hear, and so would I!

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