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We’re all in a froth. 6.2 has been spat out onto the PTR and it brings lots of new content. Shipyards! Raids! Demons! More legendary rubbish with Khadgar and friends! Battle pets! Timewalker dungeons! Yadda yadda.

It feels like such a long time since we had any new content, but don’t forget that Blackrock Foundry only opened a few weeks ago. Mists of Pandaria seems to have inspired an impatience in people. We had chunks of content in a nice, managable pace, then 5.4 hit and we had nothing new until 6.0, about… 14 months later?

This massive gap between expansions seems to have made a lot of people hungrily consume new content in a huge rush. “IT’S BEEN SO LONG I MUST DO IT ALL NOW!” They blasted their way to 100, hammered the dungeons, did whatever content appealed to them until it was done, then… nothing. They complain there’s nothing to do, because they did it all so quickly and then don’t do anything else. Pet battles are “for casuals”, or there’s nothing they need from old raid bosses, or they don’t do PvP/PvE/LFR/whatever content they’re ignoring.

We HUNGER for 6.2.
We NEED 6.2.


6.2 PTR Warlock Patch Notes

I’m only gonna focus on the patch notes, rather than PTR changes, as the patch note information is more concrete, whereas undocumented changes are more fluid in nature.

Affliction sees buffs!

  • Corruption: Deals 12% more damage
  • Agony: Deals 12% more damage
  • Unstable Affliction: Deals 12% more damage

A nice damage boost! People who feel forced out of Affliction due to it being “inferior” to the other specs can now justify playing it again! Especially as Demonology takes a shattering nerf:

  • Shadow Bolt: Damage reduced by 25%
  • Mastery: Master Demonologist: decreased in effectiveness by 4%
  • Chaos Wave: Damage reduced by 25%
  • Doom: Damage reduced by 25%
  • Hand of Gul’dan: Damage reduced by 25%
  • Soul Fire: Damage reduced by 25%
  • Touch of Chaos: Damage reduced by 25%

OUCH. All of Demonology’s core abilities taking a bit of a hammering there. Naturally, this is only the first iteration of changes, but here’s hoping they change soonish!

But what about Destruction?

  • No.

Well, there’s still time. We do get a nice quality of life change though!

  • Dark Soul should now have its cooldown reset at the end of a raid encounter for all Warlock specializations.


Mortal Kombat X

It’s amazing. AMAZING. Oh my goodness I’m loving it. And much to my surprise, I’m liking a character more than the amazing Kung Lao!

Ermac! Everyone’s favourite sentient soul prison! His variations are Mystic (with enhanced telekinesis), Master of Souls (gains a projectile and the ability to vanish completely from sight!) and Spectral (WITH THE POWER OF FLIGHT! Very mobile variant), with the latter being my favourite. I just like taking to the skies and flying around my boyfriend’s characters. Whoosh!

And with that, I disappear, much like Master of Souls Ermac.


Patch 6.1 PTR is Online!

I’m not playing it though, ’cause I have stuff on LIVE to do! What’s coming in 6.1 so far? Here’s some of the key (to me!) things:

  • A jukebox for your garrison! I’m guessing this is so you can customise your garrison music. Here’s hoping for the Pandaria inn kazoo music!
  • New colourblind options!
  • Character model changes! Obviously the Blood Elves get their updated models FINALLY, but Night Elf males get a new running animation, and there’s various fixes and tweaks to other models too.
  • Heirloom tab! Heirlooms can be purchased for gold and, much like battle pets, go into a special heirloom window. This allows you to access heirlooms on any character without having to mail them around constantly! There are items that allow you to upgrade these heirlooms so they’re effective beyond level 60, all the way to 100 in fact!
  • Garrison mission expiry timer! Now you will be able to see how long before an incompleted mission disappears from your mission window.
  • Twitter integration! It’s broken on the PTR at the moment, but allows you to send screenshots and posts to Twitter without having to alt+tab out. Time will tell what the UI looks like and how it all works.
  • Raiding With Leashes 3! These new battle pets take you to the Sunwell, Black Temple, and Hyjal Summit (*scream*).
  • CANCELLING FLIGHTPATHS! Change your mind about going on a long journey? You can now cancel the flight and get dropped off at the next available flight master.
  • A new 6.1 questline at the Iron Docks.
  • Items that grant you garrison missions, allow you to instantly complete one, and items to instantly complete work orders! Speaking of work orders, followers assigned to a building get XP when you complete work orders there!
  • Blackrock Foundry raid loot missions for your followers.
  • A LEGENDARY follower! They look pretty awesome, but I won’t spoil who they are.
  • Inevitable balance changes that we don’t know of yet. Those’ll be exciting, oh yes.

This is the stuff that piqued my interest most, but what about you? What are YOU looking forward to most in 6.1?

It's the Pepe-summoning whistle, isn't it?

It’s the Pepe-summoning whistle, isn’t it?

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ALERT, ALERT! The 6.0 PTR Is Up!

6.0 PTR Live!


What does this mean?

  • The PTR will mimic what the Warlords 6.0 pre-expansion patch will be like. It’ll have the stat squish in effect, but no Draenor just yet.
  • Presumably this means it’ll focus on the pre-expansion questline in the Blasted Lands.
  • Level 90 is still the cap.
  • Garrosh Heirlooms will be a 100% drop in 6.0, but will stop dropping when Warlords go live.
  • The Feat of Strength associated with the Garrosh normal kill will be unobtainable, meaning the Kor’kron War Wolf mount will be unavailable.

I mention those last 2 points as a bit of an urgency warning. If you wanna get the Feat of Strength and the mount, then you better do so quickly within the next 3-4 weeks. You still have a while to collect heirlooms, but they will drop more readily!

Need a bit of advice on preparing for 6.0, and what is vanishing? Wowhead has a guide for you!

We’re entering the home straight, folks. Keep your head up!

Warlock News

We just have to be patient, fellow warlocks!

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