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WoW Token and Mortal Kombat X


For those of us in the EU, the WoW Token finally goes live tomorrow. Costing 20 or £15 (in REAL money!), the base price will be set at a whopping 35,ooo gold, 5k higher than when it went live in North America.

Market price at the time of writing has it at about 25k over the ocean, but it peaked at about 31k shortly after it went live, then dropped to just over 20k 48 hours later. Current prices seem to fluctuate between 21k and 26k. Could we see the same happen in the EU? Well, we’ll find out soon enough, I guess.

My theory? We’ve all watched the price dip massively. Some people will buy the token straight away and throw it up for auction and get their 35k, then it’ll drop massively like the NA token did. Once it falls to an “acceptable” price, then people will buy in droves, driving the price back up but, like NA, never back to the lofty price it started at.

Basically, it’ll be exactly the same.



And here I come back to Mortal Kombat. Oh my goodness I am loving this game exponentially. Even after completing the AMAZING story mode (other fighting games should take a leaf out of Netherrealm Studios’ books. ArcSys’s too, with their BlazBlue story), there’s still plenty to do as a single player. It has something called Living Towers, which gives you 3 challenging series of fights to complete, usually with a modifier. There’s a tower that changes every hour, one that changes every 24 hours, and a third that changes once a week. Each tower gives some sort of modifier to the fight. The first hourly tower I did gave both characters the ability to regenerate health when they hit their opponent, with each progressive stage making the regeneration effect more powerful. Another had lighting strike the stage at random intervals, which seemed to help me more than hinder me, as it interrupted my opponent’s combos!

I haven’t been brave enough to step into the online yet, I think I need to practice more with Ermac, get some more combos down!

Or should that be… Kombos?



Oh Ermac, you wonderful bandaged bag of souls, you.



We’re all in a froth. 6.2 has been spat out onto the PTR and it brings lots of new content. Shipyards! Raids! Demons! More legendary rubbish with Khadgar and friends! Battle pets! Timewalker dungeons! Yadda yadda.

It feels like such a long time since we had any new content, but don’t forget that Blackrock Foundry only opened a few weeks ago. Mists of Pandaria seems to have inspired an impatience in people. We had chunks of content in a nice, managable pace, then 5.4 hit and we had nothing new until 6.0, about… 14 months later?

This massive gap between expansions seems to have made a lot of people hungrily consume new content in a huge rush. “IT’S BEEN SO LONG I MUST DO IT ALL NOW!” They blasted their way to 100, hammered the dungeons, did whatever content appealed to them until it was done, then… nothing. They complain there’s nothing to do, because they did it all so quickly and then don’t do anything else. Pet battles are “for casuals”, or there’s nothing they need from old raid bosses, or they don’t do PvP/PvE/LFR/whatever content they’re ignoring.

We HUNGER for 6.2.
We NEED 6.2.


6.2 PTR Warlock Patch Notes

I’m only gonna focus on the patch notes, rather than PTR changes, as the patch note information is more concrete, whereas undocumented changes are more fluid in nature.

Affliction sees buffs!

  • Corruption: Deals 12% more damage
  • Agony: Deals 12% more damage
  • Unstable Affliction: Deals 12% more damage

A nice damage boost! People who feel forced out of Affliction due to it being “inferior” to the other specs can now justify playing it again! Especially as Demonology takes a shattering nerf:

  • Shadow Bolt: Damage reduced by 25%
  • Mastery: Master Demonologist: decreased in effectiveness by 4%
  • Chaos Wave: Damage reduced by 25%
  • Doom: Damage reduced by 25%
  • Hand of Gul’dan: Damage reduced by 25%
  • Soul Fire: Damage reduced by 25%
  • Touch of Chaos: Damage reduced by 25%

OUCH. All of Demonology’s core abilities taking a bit of a hammering there. Naturally, this is only the first iteration of changes, but here’s hoping they change soonish!

But what about Destruction?

  • No.

Well, there’s still time. We do get a nice quality of life change though!

  • Dark Soul should now have its cooldown reset at the end of a raid encounter for all Warlock specializations.


Mortal Kombat X

It’s amazing. AMAZING. Oh my goodness I’m loving it. And much to my surprise, I’m liking a character more than the amazing Kung Lao!

Ermac! Everyone’s favourite sentient soul prison! His variations are Mystic (with enhanced telekinesis), Master of Souls (gains a projectile and the ability to vanish completely from sight!) and Spectral (WITH THE POWER OF FLIGHT! Very mobile variant), with the latter being my favourite. I just like taking to the skies and flying around my boyfriend’s characters. Whoosh!

And with that, I disappear, much like Master of Souls Ermac.


There is no news. The silence is, as the title may suggest, absolutely deafening. Because of this, I’ll have to blog about other things.

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I purchased a PS4, which we’ll collect today. The total cost was about £380 originally, which got us a black console with controller, a second controller for me (MAGMA RED!), and coming free with the console was The Order 1886 and Bloodborne. Because we bought it at Tesco, we then got 10% off ’cause of my staff discount, £160 off thanks to money we had saved in a piggy bank over 18 months (save your pennies, people!), a further £24 off thanks to money off vouchers, and £20 off due to a gift card I won at work for being fuckin’ amazing. This means we ended up only effectively spending £138! £69 each, which is pretty damn amazing.


SPEAKING OF AMAZING! Here’s Lillorigga’s current transmog


We have no real interest in playing either of the 2 bundled games, so we’re planning on trading that in, along with our old PS3 and assorted games, and buying some shiny new PS4 games tomorrow, including…


Yes, yes, that’s out tomorrow and I am overwhelmingly excited for it! Not only that, but I purchased Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires on Saturday off Amazon, and it arrived yesterday! Apparently Amazon deliver things themselves now, rather than use the frankly shoddy Royal Mail service, so now they deliver on Sundays. Convenient.

I’ll maybe write up some opinions of these 2 games once I get the chance to play them, so watch out for that!


I also purchased War for the Overworld recently. It’s the sequel to Dungeon Keeper 2 we all wanted but EA never gave us, made by fans of the DK series and Kickstarted by people who wanted to see this amazing series get the sequel it deserved. Again, I will play it more (and more and MORE AND MORE) and maybe do a write-up of it!

Maybe that’s what I’ll do in this slow time. Writing crappy reviews and junk. It’d certainly help my writing!


It’s Sunday, which means a day of chilling out! Barring the fact my back is in agony, I was awake at 4am because I had work, and the TERRIBLE weather, it’s going pretty good so far.

World of Warcraft

People are speculating that patch 6.2 will go on the PTR sometime soon. That’d be nice. News. Details. The game moving forward, rather than sitting where it is now. We’d all like that, wouldn’t we?

What news will it bring for Warlocks and Monks? Warriors and Priests? Will we see Ember generation attached to Rain of Fire again? Will Gladiator see further nerfs? Will Monk see some sort of change that knocks them off the pedestal of “Best Tank 2015”? I wait with bated breath!

Something something Priests?

Something something Priests?

Final Fantasy XIV

Having joined the Greysky Armada, Ikralla finds herself in Horizon’s Edge, looking to get to level 15 at some point.


Trouble is, she keeps getting distracted by amusing conversations, filling in her hunting log, reading up on non-combat things like crafting and gathering, and general faffing. It’s that general faffing that’ll get you! PROcrastination.


Here’s how Ikralla looks at the moment. She’s a catgirl with claws! Mreow!

Mortal Kombat X

It’s my birthday on Friday the 3rd! I asked the boyfriend to pre-order MKX for my birthday for me on the PS4. This means we’re finally getting a PS4 soon! Roll on the 14th, I say. Gotta get my Kung Lao fix!


Here’s the character select screen so far. See those 4 empty boxes? That probably means we have 4 more characters left to see, unless one of those boxes is dedicated to some sort of radial DLC character select menu.

Now, two of those spaces will be filled with Jax (he was recently confirmed as playable accidentally when a Carl Weathers skin was revealed for him) and his daughter Jacqui, but who will the other 2 spaces be filled with? New characters? Returning ones? I can’t wait to find out!

I have my fingers and toes crossed for Cyrax, I really do. If each character has 3 variants, then have Cyrax’s first variation be classic Cyrax, with nets and bombs. Have the second be based more on Sektor, with missiles and flamethrowers, and the third more based on… I dunno, Smoke? Teleports, invisibilty shenanigans, that sorta thing.

Oh, I can hope. I can hope so hard.



Reasons to be miserable!

Mortal Kombat X

The boyfriend and I haven’t yet joined the new generation of consoles. We want to get a PS4 eventually, but we’re waiting for games we want on it to come out. I’ve mentioned this before, I’m sure I have. I’m waiting for Disgaea 5 and Persona 5, and he wants Tom Clancy’s The Division and Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain. When one of those gets released, we’ll throw our money at a cashier in return for a PS4.

Why do I mention this? Because it leaves us with a PS3 and an XBOX 360, as well as a PC (or rather a laptop), and I just today heard the EARTH-SHATTERINGLY TERRIBLE NEWS that Mortal Kombat X has been delayed until THE SUMMER on the PS3 and 360?! This is hot on the heels of the news that Kenshi, Shinnok and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th have been announced as playable characters.

The lord giveth, the lord taketh away.

Why don’t we expedite our purchase of a PS4? Well, we wanted to get it a bit later in the year, and we wanted MKX to sit with Ultra Street Fighter 4 on our 360.

Reasons to be cheerful?


BLIZZCON WAS ANNOUNCED! On November the 6th and 7th, usual location of Anaheim, South California, those of you lucky enough to get tickets get to have 2 days of AWESOMENESS!

While I’d love to go, I only work in a supermarket, and I’m going to La Colle-sur-Loup this summer! The boyfriend does Aikido, and they have a summer school every year there. I’m going not to learn martial arts and shit, but to sit next to a pool and cook myself a wonderful shade of red.

Torchlight 2

Oh my god how have I not played this until now? It’s AMAZING.


Meet Ikralla the Engineer, and Parker Panda!

YES, you can have a panda as a pet! No wonder I like this game!


I’m not very far into it, and I’m only level 6, but yeah, I’m loving it. It’s apparently Diablo-esque (I’ve never played it, but I was assured of this on Twitter), which kinda makes me want to play Diablo when I’m done with Torchlight. Save me!