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Warlocks of Draenor: Beta Build 18566

A new beta build went out last night that increased the level cap to 96, and allows access to Ashran, Talador and Gorgrond, BUT WHO CARES? We have warlock things to play with!

The major news for us is that Demonic Servitude, our level 100 talent, has been updated finally! Our Doomguard, Terrorguard, Infernal and Abyssal now have abilites! And yes, that Celestalon warlock tease tweet from a previous blog contained the ability names.

We also have some new PVP set bonuses to look at, and a change to two of our Draenor Perks. Let’s have a look at those first.


  • Affliction 2p: Getting stunned, silenced, feared or interrupted generates 1 Soul Shard. Can only occur once every 15 seconds
  • Affliction 4p: After using Demonic Circle: Teleport, you gain 100 Versatility for 10 seconds

Looks like they’re going for a quite defensive bonus set here. Being the victim of CC allows you to regenerate resources, teleporting away gives you a stat boost.

  • Demonology 2p: When you or your pet are below 20% of maximum health, you gain 100 Versatility

Another defensive one. Being below a certain health threshold will give a stat boost. Interestingly, it also gives you it if your PET is low health!

  • Destruction 2p: When Immolate is dispelled, the cast time of your next Chaos Bolt is reduced by 3%
  • Conflagrate generates 3 extra stacks of Backdraft

So we’re getting a very small reduction in Chaos Bolt cast time (does it stack?), and the ability to turret out more fast Incinerates. Nice!


Enhanced Nightfall is now Enhanced Corruption, but has the same effect (2.5% increased chance to regenerate a Soul Shard). Enhanced Backlash is now¬†Enhanced Havoc, which reduces Havoc’s cooldown by 5 seconds! As someone who uses Havoc whenever possible, this is a good moment for me.


Our big new demons have some big new abilities!


They even get names! Korrithal the Doomguard, and Bapholar the Terrorguard!


Here’s the Doomguard’s abilities. For those of you using the Terrorguard from Grimoire of Supremacy, then you gain 7 Demonic Fury from his Doom Bolts, Cripple becomes Debilitate, which is a root instead of a slow for the same duration, and Shadow Lock remains the same. Pretty powerful interrupt, that.


Here’s the spell effect for Cripple on an unsuspecting dummy. Poor thing.


Here’s Infernorage the Abyssal, and Kindlesear the Infernal. Grimoire of Supremacy demon on the left this time.


Here’s their abilities! You can see they’re tank-oriented for this one. Presumably this will take the place of your voidlord, should you take the talent. He even has a dispel! For the Supremacy users, Torch Magic becomes Blaze Magic, which has the same effect, but also cleaves to two nearby targets. Allies if you choose to dispel harmful effects, enemies if you blast away a beneficial magic from them.

One ability he has isn’t in the spellbook yet for some reason, yet it does show up in the Command Demon ability.


Meteor Strike and Shadow Lock also become your Grimoire of Sacrifice skills, should you really feel the need to sacrifice it.

Well, isn’t all this terribly exciting? More beta news as and when I get it! I’m gonna go dive into my garrison now, I got some catching up to do, so I can see these new zones!

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