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If you’ve been following me on Twitter the previous couple of days, you’ll have noticed I am currently playing a Draenei Shaman on Argent Dawn EU.


There she is! Tzoltzil, Restoration Shaman extraordinaire.

Levelling from 1 to 15 went relatively slowly, then as soon as I unlocked dungeons? Being a healer means really short queue times, and everyone having heirlooms means fast runs through places! I went from level 12 to 37 in one (relatively long) sitting, and I’d like to say it’s through a mixture of questing and dungeoning, but it isn’t. I’d get a Hero’s Call quest, have to run to (for example) Stonetalon Mountains from Darnassus, and I’d queue for random dungeons on the way. By the time I get to where my questgiver is, OOPS, outlevelled the zone!

I actually forced myself to try and level through Desolace, and nope. Not happening.


Here’s a look at my UI setup so far. Naturally, healthbars of myself on the left, my target on the right, and my target’s target in the centre. Underneath my target’s health bar is a WeakAura to track whether I have Flame Shock active on the target, because extra DPS, no matter how small, never hurts. Underneath MY healthbars are bars to measure how long I have to wait for various cooldown-based spells to be available. As I level, I add more, which means I’m going to have to move these to a more convenient location at some point!


My raid/party frames are the standard ElvUI ones, as you can see. I downloaded an addon called Clique, however, to bind spells to clicks on these bars! Left mouse button is Healing Surge, right is Riptide, and my extra mouse buttons so far are Purify Spirit and Earth Shield. For my non-targeted abilities (Healing Stream Totem, and in the future other stuff like Healing Rain), I am just putting them on my normal bars.

I’m a DPS player through and through. I always try out different roles, then wind up going back to DPS eventually, but I am having a blast with the Shaman so far! It’s a way of injecting a bit of variety into the game. See things from a new perspective. I am having healer-based annoyances rather than DPS ones (“WHY ARE YOU GOING BEHIND THINGS? STAY WHERE I CAN SEE YOU” rather than the old “WHY AM I DYING?!” issues of old, and of course tanks not being able to AOE tank ANYTHING for some unknown reason), but you know what? It’s still new, it’s still variety.

It’s what I need. A breath of fresh air.