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Blackwing Descent Soloing


Yes, it’s finally that time. This one has videos I made a while ago as well! Here’s the video for the first 3 bosses:

Let’s talk about them then!

Omnotron Defense System

A council fight consisting of 4 bosses, they all share a health pool, and only 2 are active at a time. Have your voidlord tank both bosses, and use glyphed Health Funnel on cooldown or when needed. Other than that, it’s simply a case of pumping out the damage to them, and avoiding their attacks where possible.

When the fight starts, you only engage 1 robot, but eventually a second one will activate, and after a few seconds the first robot will generate a shield on itself that renders it immune to damage, necessitating a target switch. Take advantage of the few seconds before this shield activates by using Havoc, then switching target and then use Chaos Bolt to hit both! Massive damage! When the third robot activates, the first robot deactivates, meaning only 2 are faced at a time.

Arcanotron advice: Arcane Annihilator can be interrupted. Power Generator creates a zone on the ground you need to drag the robot out of, as it boosts their damage by 50%. You can take advantage of this damage boost too however, so drag it out and sit on it yourself.

Magmatron advice: He has a big BIG aoe that frankly you’re gonna have to heal through. Ditto his flamethrower. When he makes a barrier, it absorbs damage and then explodes. Slightly problematic, but not a wiper.

Toxitron advice: Kill slimes. Get out of the debuff zones he makes (but try and plonk the bosses in it, they take extra damage!).

Electron advice: Dodge lightning. That’s it.


Here’s their achievement, and it’s a simple case of doing those things. Most likely easier as a group as you can nuke them fast before they even DO one of those attacks. Also, you’d need to interrupt Arcane Annihilator, and as you’re using a voidlord, you can’t.


This one is a weird fight. As you can tell from the video, your demon will just stand there and slowly die, he doesn’t engage the boss at all. For this reason, I recommend Grimoire of Sacrifice. The damage will come in thick and fast, meaning most of your Burning Embers will be spent on healing yourself. When he casts Pillar of Flame, get out of the affected area or you’ll get launched into the air and sustain hefty falling damage! This also summons adds which you can Rain of Fire to death for bonus embers.

After a while, he’ll use Mangle, and this is where the damage starts to get pretty intense, but you’ll be able to target his weak point, the Exposed Head. This takes double damage from your attacks and transfers that to Magmaw itself, meaning it’s worth your while smiting that spot! You’ll have gathered up a lot of parasites by the time you land, so Rain of Fire!


Easy enough. When the parasites spawn, kill them before one jumps into you. Fire & Brimstone: Conflagrate will help here.


Your voidlord will be useful again here, thankfully. This is a fight where you wanna slow DPS for a while. Maloriak will periodically release Aberrations into the fight, but he only has a limited number of them. You want him to release all/most of them during the fight, as when he reaches 25% health he releases ALL of the ones that remain, as well as 2 “primes”. They passively buff each-other’s damage dealt and reduce their damage taken by virtue of being in proximity to one-another, and so if a number of them are released, they are gonna hit HARD.

As for Maloriak himself, he throws various vials into his little cauldron to buff himself. He goes either blue-red-green or red-blue-green.

Red phase, he’ll breathe fire a lot, and do an attack that makes a cone of fire damage that’s split between all caught in it. Blue phase, he’ll use Flash Freeze which you’ll need to get your demon to free you from, or anticipate it and cast Rain of Fire centered on yourself. Green phase, he vomits out a slime that increases the damage taken by all affected by 100% (this includes adds!), and stops the damage buff the adds give each-other. As for his usage of Remedy, well, you’re gonna just have to DPS through it, as you can’t really remove it. At 25%, he stops using the vials, releases the large aberrations, and starts using a few new attacks that frankly you won’t see, ’cause now you burn hard, execute and get your loot.


Self explanatory. Kill all the aberrations quickly. Easier as a group, naturally. Let him release them all at once! NUKE.


Ding-a-ling the bell, wait for him to melt it and land, then engage. This is probably the closest we get to a tank & spank in here. Avoid sound waves on the floor, use a gong if necessary, dodge Tracking. Every hit of his fire when he’s Tracking you adds 20 sound, the sound waves add 10, and when you hit 100 sound you’ll die VERY FAST. Eventually he takes off. Avoid the laser.


Delightfully self-explanatory. Gong if you’re worried.


Make sure you get the buff from the gnome in the cage at the back of the room. Use Grimoire of Sacrifice with this fight, as you need to stay above at LEAST 10k health, and the passive health regen will be vital for it. He’ll knock over the little robot, and start arguing with himself, use this time to nuke him! The feud lasts 30 seconds, and the robot will come back online afterwards. At 20% health, he reduces your healing done by 99% and hits twice with his regular attacks, but your Soul Leech shield will help you out here! This fight is basically tank & spank, but watch your health. As long as you’re above 10k, you’re not in danger.


Simples. Don’t die.


Dismiss your pet, drop down, Flames of Xoroth. Nuke Onyxia, run away from adds! Try and be near a pillar when Onyxia goes down, as Nefarian will fill the pit with lava. Get on the pillar, kill the add, move to the next pillar, kill the add, move to the last one, kill. Be VERY CAREFUL here, your health will drop quite quickly, so be ready with ember taps!

When the last add dies, the lava drains away. Hit Nefarian while this happens, then jump down to begin phase 3. Dodge the adds as much as you can, but don’t drag them through Nefarian’s Shadowflame Breath, as it restores their energy! Energy slowly depletes, and when it hits 0 they drop, until he specifically wakes them back up again with Shadowblaze Spark. Try and stand behind Nefarian, so your demon takes the breaths and you take the adds. Other than that, phase 3 is pretty tank & spank.


You can do this either by keeping Onyxia alive until ol’ Neffy hits 50% during phase 1, or get Neffy to 50% during phase 2 by not killing the third add straight away. Either way, I’d recommend doing this as a group for ease, but if you really want to do it solo, go for it.


Well, that’s Blackwing Descent! What’s next? Well, I still haven’t managed to solo Conclave of Wind yet, so I don’t think Throne of the Four Winds, but then I haven’t done Cho’gall either, or Spine of Deathwing.

Huh! Looks like I have a bit of work to do.