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It’s A Big Day

Warlords of Draenor Release Date Event

So today is a pretty big day for Blizzard. In just 6.5 hours, we will see the Warlords of Draenor cinematic, and finally learn that much-debated release date for the next expansion. Will it be before or after Blizzcon? Will we see any gnomes in the trailer? Will there be outcry?

(the answer to that last question is YES, there is always some outcry about everything)

Find the live stream page here!

New Page on the Blog

In other news, the other day I created a new page on my blog, dedicated to having the warlock changes in Warlords in one place. There’s no numbers changes just yet, but those will be coming soon.

When that build comes in (likely next week or so, after Gamescom and after the dust has settled from the announcement), I will start filling the Number Tuning section in!

Why did I make this page? Well, it struck me that I had been detailing our changes in blog posts that were scattered across the site, making it inconvenient to find things. By having all the information consolidated on one page, you can easily find what you are looking for!

10 Years, 10 Questions

If you haven’t already, go take part in @AlternativeChat‘s 10 Years 10 Questions survey. She’s creating a podcast documentary of our experiences in Azeroth over the last 10 years, and she wants YOU to contribute! You can see my response in the previous blog post, and you can find many more responses, in blog form, video form and podcast form here! It’s awesome to read everyone’s responses, so why not have a go yourself?

Panda Obsession

There’s not much to focus on at the moment. Recent datamining of new builds threw up not a lot of new stuff, and the stuff that WAS thrown up was included in the new page I mentioned above, along with patch note information, so for an up-to-date look at how warlocks are, go there for now!

So instead, let’s have a look at a couple transmog sets I have been working on. First, here’s Lixiu the hunter.



Yes, she and her entire menagerie are blue. I didn’t find many mail sets I like bar this one, and I think it looks pretty good with her blue army!


Did I ever mention my love of pandas?

There’s Lillorigga. I enjoy that pose, and I can’t find the picture on my hard drive, so have it from my Twitter instead. She’s dressed like a medieval knight!

And with that, I bid ye adieu ’til next time!



10 Years, 10 Questions

As part of Alternative Chat’s 10 Years, 10 Questions project, I said I would write my answers in the form of a blog post. Why? Well, I can fit a lot more stuff in a blog post, and I haven’t updated in over a week because I’ve been camping in North Wales. The warlock changes in the two recent beta builds will be looked at soon, but for now, here’s my contribution to this awesome project, and I implore you to do the same!

1) Why did you start playing Warcraft?

Honestly, because it looked like fun. A few of my friends played it, they let me have a go, I killed a few kobolds, and I thought “yeah, this is pretty cool.” This was back in 2005.

Sadly, at the time my income was relatively low (I’m not exactly rolling in cash now, but I am way better off than I was), and my laptop was an absolute wreck, so I held off on actually starting to play proper until I got a better piece of equipment to play on. Four years later, with a shiny new laptop bought with Christmas money, I bought the starter pack, my parents got me a 60 day time-card, and the rest is history.

I’m not the only member of my family who plays an MMO either. My father plays EVE Online, and while that game didn’t pique my interest, the concept of playing online with thousands of people did.

2) What was the first ever character you rolled?

A female human paladin, long since deleted, her name lost to the mists of time. I later made another called Patrianna, who became my first max-level character, followed by Raenah the warlock, who began my love affair with the class.

3) Which factors determined your faction choice in-game?

Looking back, I can scarcely remember. The vast majority of my characters are Alliance ones. I experimented a little with both factions, and before goblins (and later, pandaren) were introduced, blood elves were my favourite race, but I ended up joining an awesome guild Alliance-side, which I am now an officer of, and so my Horde characters got deleted in favour of Alliance variants.

All Alliance, all the same guild.

All Alliance, all the same guild.

I guess that’s the reason! The people I happened to meet.

4) What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

For me, it was the first time I ventured into Stormwind City. A quest in Elwynn Forest took me there, and I was simply amazed at the number of people there. People talking, people selling stuff in trade, people sitting on fantastic-looking mounts that I envied. As well as that, the sheer look of the place too. I spent about an hour just poking around on foot. Patrianna learnt how to mine in the Dwarven District, and how to become a blacksmith. She went to the cathedral and learnt to become a better paladin, courtesy of the trainers there. She went to the Park, which unbeknownst to her would later become a smouldering ruin, and and she was fascinated by the hustle and bustle of the Trade District. Any opportunity I had to go to Stormwind, I took it, whether it was to learn a new ability, or visit my profession trainers.

It’s the small things, I guess.

5) What is your favourite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?

Currently, it’s CLOTHES. Hunting those transmogs, killing things in the name of looking fabulous. I currently have only the five level 90 characters I consider “done” in any sense of the word, and I am planning on working on my warrior next.



This transmog love is closely followed by my love of taking pictures of pandaren, which I consider to be a very valid aspect of the game that all should embrace.

Was this always the case? Nope! I used to like soloing old raids most, and while I still love doing that, transmog love and panda adoration has overtaken that particular activity.

In slightly related news, I’d love to see more transmogrification-based rewards from raid bosses, like the Dark Shaman outfit.

6) Do you have an area in-game that you always return to?

I don’t, really. I see my characters as wanderers, primarily. Raenah, being a warlock, is always mindful of the fact that her kind aren’t really “welcome” anywhere, what with their use of demonic magic and whatnot. Shamwhoa is a pandaren, curious of the world she now lives in, and of the Alliance she is now a part of, so she moves from place to place learning what she can, and electrocuting those that try and stop her. Patrianna, being a CHAMPION OF LIGHT AND JUSTICE!!!! is always out seeking darkness to vanquish, and puppies to protect or something.

Makes me sound like an RP-er, despite my characters being on a PVE realm.

They may spend a lot of time in the Shrines or the Timeless Isle, but that’s more for gameplay reasons, not because they (or I!) are drawn there.

7) How long have you /played and has that been continuous?

Allow an addon to answer this!


It hasn’t been all continuous either. I took a 3 month break a couple years back, and I have odd weeks/fortnights where I just don’t play.

8) Admit it: Do you read quest text or not?

The first 2/3 times I do the quest, yes. I like the story! On alt #15 which is being levelled right now? Absolutely not! The time I spend reading is time that could be spent getting more xp!

9) Are there any regrets from your time in-game?

I wish that I had picked warlock sooner, rather than paladin. I wish I had started playing earlier. I wish I didn’t spend all my gold so damn quickly. Other than that, I’m pretty regret free! I’m not an asshole to people in LFR and the like, and I tend to be quite helpful to guildies, and I’ve met some pretty awesome people in said guild to, so regrets are happily few.

10) What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming?

It got me back into writing stuff, which manifests as the blog you see before you. Maybe I’ll get back into writing stories again too. I’m not the most creative person, and I am 99% sure you’d never see what I write, but I like how it can be an outlet for myself, even if I write it down on paper then burn it afterwards. I used to write fanfiction, don’t you know, and no you can’t read it, I deleted them a long time ago!

It’s allowed me to get in touch (via twitter) with other awesome like-minded people too, thus expanding my social circle! I’m always a bit nervous about chatting to new people though, so maybe I can work on that.

I may edit this post more if inspiration strikes me in particular, you never know.