WoD Raiding: A Personal Story!

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Going into Warlords, we’re getting a new raiding structure. I think the popular image from the Blizzcon slide can explain it better than I can. 1000 words and all that.


Everything’s going flex bar the hardest difficulty, and various modes are consolidating into 4 types of raid. LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic. Each of these will be on a separate lockout, blah blah, this is stuff we already know. What has been revealed recently is that while LFR has higher item level loot than heroic 5-man dungeons, it won’t have tier set pieces or the same trinkets as the higher difficulties. What it WILL have is unique-looking loot with no set bonuses, and trinkets more akin to basic dungeon ones, as opposed to game-changers like the Purified Bindings of Immerseus and its amplifying brethren.

5.4 introduced to us the new Flexible difficulty. A step up from LFR, but not as punishing as normal, it was a way for guilds who may never have raided before (like mine!) to organise a group, chat rubbish on Mumble (which has now spilled to outside of raid times, which is fantastic for us!) and just generally be more social. The fact it was flexible difficulty meant you didn’t have to exclude people if you were a 10-man guild and 15 of you showed up, and if you were 25-man but only 22 showed up, you didn’t have to cancel.

Why do I bring up what is common knowledge? Well, in terms of myself and my relationship with raiding, I was exclusively an LFR raider. LFR Hero, I think we were called (disparagingly, like we weren’t as worthy as the hardcore heroic raiders and whanot). I’ve been in the same guild since the end of Wrath of the Lich King. We’ve always been a social, casual guild. We first raided together as a guild in the first week of patch 5.2 (when Throne of Thunder was introduced), and even then it was only Mogu’shan Vaults.

We got stuck hopelessly on Elegon. Stupid see-through dragon.

The next time we raided together, it was in 5.4. The introduction of flex raids excited us! It pushed us out of just doing LFR alone, seperately, into doing this awesome new content together, as a guild. It also created a fairly good PUG mentality on my server (at the time, a low-medium population one called Nagrand. We’ve since been connected to Runetotem and Kilrogg, and if anything the PUG scene has exploded into life), so if we were short a player or 6 (we were always short!), we could always grab one off /2, or even through OQ.

The gear we got through Flex allowed us to attempt to tackle Normal Siege, and we’re so far 4/14N! For all of us, on our mains at least, we saw LFR not as a method of gearing this time around, like we had done previously, but as a sort of training ground. Our tanks learnt the mechanics for the fights there, the tank swaps and whatnot, our healers learnt the best ways to heal fights, when the heavy damage was coming in, and when they could ease off and conserve their mana. Us DPS learnt not to stand in fire, and that’s pretty much it. Any gear we got in LFR was a small bonus, quickly replaced by superior gear in Flex or Normal (and as we gradually acquired our legendary cloaks, from Ordos too).

I suppose my point is this. You can see the removal of tier gear and uber trinkets as gutting LFR if you wish, a slap in the face to those who can only do that. I personally feel it’s Blizzard trying to get people into doing what will soon become Normal and Heroic raids instead, if not as a guild, then as a PUG through OQ (or their new spangly group finder, which personally I cannot wait to see), or even through trade chat. The introduction of flex raiding in 5.4 was the catalyst my guild needed to get into raiding together, beforehand we had thought it impossible! We all kept different schedules, we were free different times, but splitting the raid into several wings meant we could do it as bite-size chunks when we all had an hour or two to spare.

Now, the raids of Warlords are supposedly going to be less linear than the raids of Mists.


If, say, you get stuck hopelessly on boss #2 of the Iron Assembly, then there’s always bosses in the Slag Works or The Black Forge for you to go and try. Currently, if you get stuck on, say, Norushen in Siege, you’re there bashing your head against him for hours until you beat him. Sure, if you’re Flexing it, you can just go onto wing 2 and Galakras, but really, if you’re struggling with Norushen, it’s doubtful Galakras will give you much more joy.

I’d imagine at first, we’d be able to do a wing a night. As we gradually gear up, maybe we’ll do two wings, then eventually we’ll get the whole place done in a few hours. Currently, we can get to Malkorok on Flex in under 3 hours. When we first did Flex, we couldn’t get past the Protectors!

People who want to raid only LFR, they’ll probably stay there. That’s fine, that’s their endgame. It used to be mine. People who want to go on to do the more difficult content will have a multitude of ways to do it. The fact that Normal and Heroic’ll be cross-realm will mean that you’re not restricted to only grouping with people on your server, meaning more opportunities to raid those difficulties in times that suit you. Yes, random PUGs can sometimes be horrendously painful, but honestly, for every time I’ve had a bad group, I’ve had about four brilliant ones.

I am still a little miffed that they’re not including tier sets in LFR. While I still believe it’s intended as a push for people to do the harder stuff, for the people that don’t WANT to, it basically means “you see all this cool-looking armor? You can’t have it. Have this rubbish-looking LFR armor instead.”

Like, seriously, have you SEEN the LFR sets? Here’s a link to (hopefully) the Wowhead preview of the LFR Plate. Look at it, then look at the warrior tier set above it. The LFR set is crap compared to that! That warrior tier set is goddamn BEAUTIFUL, whereas the LFR set elicited a “meh” response from me. The only LFR set I like is the red/blue cloth one.

On the whole though, I feel that this change to the loot system can be the push for even more people to move into “organised” (or in the case of my guild, disorganised!) raiding. Not only that, but for people like me, who don’t see themselves as LFR heroes anymore, but nor as an organised raider (is Flex Hero a thing? Let’s make it a thing), it’ll be more incentive to get into PUGs, maybe even make new friends! There are naturally some downsides; the people who only ever want to run LFR may see the removal of tier pieces as being treated as second-class citizens by Blizzard itself, who can’t have the nice-looking armors. In the first tier, the “hardcore” people will still feel obligated to run LFR, as well as Normal, Heroic and Mythic for upgrades, though this “obligation” will lessen as the expansion wears on (Watcher stated that the first tier’s Mythic items will be of a higher item level than the following tier’s Normal items, therefore people who will be raiding Mythic won’t ever need to do LFR or Normal as it won’t drop ANYTHING worthwhile for them once they’re Mythic geared).

That does bring up another interesting point though. When LFR Siege or Throne first opened, how many of us read the tactics beforehand? I did, though there really is a massive difference between reading about a fight, and actually experiencing it! The first time I did Durumu? Lei Shen? Garrosh? Galakras? Nazgrim? Heck, Garalon way back when? I, and many others in my group, were dependent on those who had already run it on Normal modes to help us through. Now, in the first tier, we’ll get those people. They’ll be looking for upgrades to their quest/dungeon gear that they haven’t replaced doing the other modes. In later tiers? Well, they won’t need to run it. Why would they? No tier sets, no broken-ass trinkets, they’ll be Mythic geared from the previous tier, and won’t see the need to run LFR, so you won’t get that contingent of people who know the tactics inside-out because they’re run it several times already. You’ll have a split of people who have read up a little bit, and the people who haven’t looked at a thing, both running it for the first time.

I predict those first couple weeks of LFR, just like the first couple weeks of Durumu, Garalon, Elegon, et al, to be rather painful, as people get used to the fights.

But hey, isn’t the struggle what it’s all about? If we struggle together, we can get through it together, and next time, we’ll be stronger, and we’ll be ready for it.


Impractical Paladin? Of Course Not.

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It’s been too long since I’ve done a transmog post! In lieu of any decent news to report, and because I do LOVE my transmog, here’s my paladin, Patrianna.


When you have an absurdly large shield, you can be pretty confident that it’ll take all the hits meant for you. But what of the woman behind that wall of spikes?


Ah yes, an armor that promotes flexibility! Covering the important bits you definitely DON’T want stabbing (like shoulders and feet), and leaving the rest free to breathe! Ease of movement! Almost like wearing cloth! Really heavy, metallic cloth.


Of course, this isn’t really a practical piece to wear in, say, Northrend. You’ll get chills in places you never thought possible. I advise wearing a lovely warm shirt underneath.


That’s the idea!

So, what’re the items? Well, the weapon is Fang of the Leviathan, and it drops from Leotheras the Blind in Serpentshrine Cavern, that place we all love so much. The shield is obviously the Bulwark of Azzinoth, from Illidan. One of the most iconic shields in the game, no?

They may not match the armor set per se, but I like them because they look cool.

The armor itself is the Tyrant set, which is a recolour of the Jade Plate set (a nice-looking green!). Naturally, it looks VASTLY different on a male than it does a female. I have no idea why. We want plate mankinis! I turned the helm and cloak off, because I nearly always do, but here’s the rest of the pieces:

  • Shoulders: Tyrant’s Epaulets. I got mine from Razorfen Downs. It’s a VERY rare drop.
  • Chest: Tyrant’s Chestpiece. Got this from Zul’Farrak. Again, very rare.
  • Hands: Tyrant’s Gauntlets. Razorfen Downs or Dire Maul are your best bets for this one.
  • Waist: Fel Iron Plate Belt. Crafted! Blacksmithing! The easiest one to attain.
  • Legs: Tyrant’s Legplates. Zul’Farrak is where I got mine, but Dire Maul is a good spot too.
  • Feet: Tyrant’s Greaves. I got bored of farming at this point and bought these on the auction house for about 200 gold. Razorfen Downs and Dire Maul are your points of call for farming yourself, however.

For those curious, here’s the same armor on a male human, courtesy of the Wowhead model viewer:


We get those sexy shoulders, I suppose, but on the whole, decidedly less bikini-ish than we’d like. Are there any skimpy armor sets for males out there? I really wouldn’t know, all my characters are female, bar my second panda monk. Why can’t males have the skimpy costumes too?

I fear that’s a whole new argument. So long for now!

Warlocks of Draenor: Draining!

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In the latest batch of datamined information, we have some more warlock news to look at! This time, it’s relating to a glyph, a removed spell, and a nerfed one!

Demonic Gateway

A simple change here, you can now summon the gateway at a minimum of 10 yards away, instead of 20 yards. Hooray, now you can do a short hop across the streets of Stormwind.

If, y’know, you could actually use it in capital cities. I’m sure this has PVP uses, maybe?

Malefic Grasp/Drain Soul

Remember Celestalon tweeted that they were going to merge Malefic Grasp into Drain Soul, and not the other way around? Well huzzah, it looks like that’s happened! Drain Soul now functions as Malefic Grasp does, i.e.  channels for 4 seconds, ticks every 1 second for 1 (+20% spell power)  damage, and causes your DoTs to also tick for 40% of the usual damage.

Additionally, if your target dies and they would give you xp/honor, a Soul Shard is replenished! Sure, it’s not all 4 like it is on live, but you now have a way of regenerating shards outside of Nightfall procs! Well, on fights with adds at least. Fights like Malkorok? Hello RNG Nightfall.

Also remember that courtesy of a Draenor Perk, when it is used on a target below 20% health, it forces DoTs to tick for 100% of damage instead of 40%, thus becoming the execute we all know and love.

In addition, Kil’jaeden’s Cunning now works with Drain Soul (meaning your execute can now be channeled on the move too), as does Soul Leech. Let’s hope it keeps the Drain Soul animation! Maybe they can add in a minor glyph that allows you to change the appearance of Drain Soul to that of Malefic Grasp if you REALLY like it so much.

Glyph of Life Pact

“Mana costs on all your spells are reduced by 30%, but Life Tap can no longer be cast, and your health will drop by 1% per sec. Your health cannot drop below 75% from this effect.”

Well, this was datamined a while back with placeholder figures, but now we have some numbers to look at! There’s still a few of unknowns with this glyph. Will the 30% reduced mana costs end when you hit 75% or below, or will it stay? With Soul Link active, is the damage split between you and your demon (though it’s not for Burning Rush, so probably a no here)? Will your healers absolutely hate you? Destro will never have mana issues again with this glyph (like it did anyway!), but what of Affliction and Demonology? They’ll HAVE to run out of mana eventually, right? With Life Tap disabled, what’ll they do?

Honestly, this glyph needs some pretty extensive testing before I can give a full opinion on it, but on the surface it looks cool!

A small update for a small number of changes. Still, any news is good news, right?

In closing, here’s Lunchi the monk frozen mid-move by Illidan’s RPing.


Icecrown Citadel Soloing!

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Ah, the final raid of Wrath of the Lich King. No, I’m not counting Ruby Sanctum, silly.

Each boss has one achievement tied to it, unlike Ulduar where every boss had hundreds. Makes my job slightly easier.

Lord Marrowgar

A boss I recommend Grimoire of Sacrifice for, in order to avoid being bone spiked. Avoid fire on the ground, use defensives if low on health, and nuke the bastard. It’s a simple, speedy kill.

His achievement is called Boned (fnar!) and it requires that nobody is impaled by a bone spike for longer than 8 seconds. Doing this alone will guarantee success!

Bear in mind that on 25hc, he’ll cast Bone Spike Graveyard on you regardless of whether you’re alone or not. There’s no real way to avoid this, so is he unsoloable? NO! Bone Spike Graveyard has NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on worgen or goblins. These races can therefore stomp him easily. The rest of us will have to just have our demon kill the spike. Yes, for 25hc use Supremacy, and make sure you tank him yourself, otherwise he’ll Bone Spike you outside of his Bonestorm.


Lady Deathwhisper

Ah, she of the annoying voice. This fight is basically Nukapalooza 2014. Blow her up. Your attacks will damage her MANA bar at first, and during this time she will periodically summon adds for you to kill. These adds are largely irrelevant, bar one. If you see a mob called Cult Adherent, kill it to death immediately. If you let them cast Curse of Torpor on you, it makes this fight SO much more difficult, as it increases ability cooldowns by 15 seconds. Abilities that DON’T have a cooldown will have 15 second ones for the duration of the debuff.

Yeah. Bad times.

Once you start hitting her health bar, she won’t summon adds anymore, and she resumes being a simple burn job. Her achievement is called Full House and it requires that 5 different types of cultist are present when she dies. I’d recommend doing this achievement in a small group because fuck Curse of Torpor, but if you really wanna go for it solo, then save your cooldowns for when you have the right number of cultists, then smash the boss to pieces.

In heroic, she’ll summon cultists even in phase 2, and use a spell called Dominate Mind. Yes, a mind control. I’m fairly confident she doesn’t use it on a solitary target, so again Grimoire of Sacrifice is the way forward.

Gunship Battle


This is the fight that will give you a couple problems. Before you start the encounter, talk to the goblin and get the rocket pack. Equip it (it’s a shirt) and put the button on your action bar. Talk to Muradin (or whoever the horde person is that begins this encounter) and ride into the sky!

Hop into one of the cannons, and build up heat by using ability 1. Keep an eye on how much heat you are generating (hitting 100 will overheat the cannon and make it temporarily unusable), and when at 90+, use ability 2. This spends all your heat on a super-powered cannon ball!

When the enemy ship appears, start bombing it! Ignore any adds and just focus on blowing the enemy ship up. Eventually, the other boat will summon a mage that freezes your cannons. DO NOT ROCKET OVER YET. When you get frozen out your cannons, wait for 3 adds to be summoned onto your ship, and kill them as they appear. When they’re dead, hop over and nuke the mage, then hop back. Jump back into your cannon and resume bombarding. Repeat this process until the enemy ship dies.

You will most likely wipe a couple times before you succeed here, because even doing this it’s still a little bit RNG. Persistence is the key here.

The achievement is called I’m on a Boat and requires that you don’t hop over to the enemy boat more than once, which means that this is most likely impossible solo. Group time.

Heroic mode gives everything more health, and thus makes this encounter longer and more annoying. Yuck.

Deathbringer Saurfang

Easy fight! Voidlord tanks, you spank. This is literally as easy as it gets, people. Relish it. He summons Blood Beasts every 30 seconds, kill them if they’re a bother.

Heroic mode adds a buff to the blood beasts that triples their damage and slowing enemies close to them by 80%. This makes them more of a threat, so kill them when they spawn. Other than things having more health, this is the only change to the fight.

I’ve Gone and Made a Mess requires that you kill Saurfang before he casts Mark of the Champion a certain number of times (3 on 10m, 5 on 25m). When he reaches 100 Blood Power, he casts it. This just makes this fight a DPS race that’s easily won. I mean, I did it on my prot paladin easy enough, and her damage is TERRIBLE!


DPS race! You need to kill him before hitting 10 stacks of Gastric Bloat. You hit 10 stacks, you blow up and die.

Thankfully, this is another tank & spank fight, with all the easiness that implies. On heroic, there’ll be crap pools for you to avoid. Overall though, this fight is easy-peasy.

Flu Shot Shortage requires you to get no more than 2 stacks of Innoculated. If you burn him down quick enough, then congrats.


Another easy fight. I recommend tanking this one yourself, so go with Grimoire of Sacrifice. This means you don’t have to worry about oozes, as he won’t use Mutated Infection on anyone tanking him, and you will therefore get Dances With Oozes by default.

Burn him down. Watch your health if you’re GoSaccing this fight, avoid crap on the floor. Heroic mode adds Vile Gas from Festergut. Doesn’t make this any more difficult, to be honest.

Professor Putricide

Good news everyone! Turns out this wing is hilariously easy!

Ah, but it does get interesting on heroic. For normal, just tank and spank. Don’t stand in the crap. Please.

On heroic, instead of being stunned during phase transitions, you have to kill a couple adds he’ll spawn, Volatile Ooze, and Gas Cloud. On 25man you’ll only be able to kill one of these, so ignore the other one. Another addition is Unbound Plague. Just heal through it.

Obviously, the shorter you can make each phase, the better the fight will go, so go full-on nuke here. Terrorguard, Dark Soul, have some embers banked before you engage and blow him up when your fantastic trinkets proc. For the achievement Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion… you need to not use Regurgitated Ooze when an abomination.

You don’t need to be an abomination for this fight solo. You’re too beautiful. Just nuke and get the achievement by default.

Blood Prince Council

Nuke! AoE! Cleave! Throw everything you have at the one with health. Have your demon tank one/all of them, havoc one you aren’t targeting, and just blow them up. It’s a simple fight, but watch out for your demon! They have a tendency to take a LOT of damage from the princes for some reason.

The Orb Whisperer requires that you take no more than 23k damage in a single hit (25k on 25man) and is largely trivial to achieve.

Heroic adds a debuff called Shadow Prison to the encounter. It causes damage when you move, but staying still for 10 seconds will clear it. Largely trivial again.

Blood-Queen Lana’thel

We’ll start with the achievement, which probably can’t be done solo. Kill Queenie here as a vampire one week, and NOT as a vampire the next. Solo, you’ll always be a vampire, so get some friends to get bitten instead for the latter. This awards Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

This is the definition of a nuke fight. Her attacks do little damage to you so go with Grimoire of Sacrifice and tank her with your face. When she bites you, you get a debuff called Essence of the Blood Queen. This doubles your damage and causes attacks to heal you. From this point, you have 75 seconds to nuke the shit out of her before you get mind controlled and die horribly. Pop cooldowns here. Dark Soul, Doomguard, potions, the lot.

Heroic mode adds nothing of note really bar increased health. Kill her faster!

Valithria Dreamwalker

No. You cannot solo this fight. This is where our mighty journey stops!

Unless you get healer friends to come along and heal the green monstrosity so you can move on. For some reason, the dragon refuses to take healthstones.

In 6.0, they’re making this encounter skippable, because while some classes can solo it, others cannot. Like, ever. No, not even bandages.

Portal Jockey requires that all portals she summons are used. Do yourself a favor, get enough healers (or people with healing offspecs, and get those that CAN’T heal to throw a bandage on her or something), nuke-heal her and get the achievement because she didn’t summon a single portal for anyone to go through in the first place.


Have your Voidlord for this one again. It’s a relatively simple tank & spank, even on heroic. When she flies into the air, she’ll trap you in an ice tomb. Target it and get your Voidy to attack it to free you. Watch out as she’ll use this quite often as her health gets lower! Make sure you keep Voidy at or close to full health. I recommend Glyph of Demon Training to increase his armor by 10%, and Glyph of Health Funnel to make Health Funnel an instant heal, as well as Soul Link for the passive 3% of damage dealt healed back to you.

Heroic just makes things hit harder. It’s still doable. All You Can Eat requires that you don’t get more than 5 stacks of Mystic Buffet. Frankly, it’s easier to do that one as a group and nuke her down before she even does it 5 times, but if you really want to solo it, go ahead. Go behind pillars to break line of sight so that your stacks fall of, though with the ice tombs I doubt that’s gonna be easy!

The Lich King

I’m not gonna go through the achievements for this one solo, as I doubt they can be done. Been Waiting a Long Time for This requires you to stack Necrotic Plague to 30. This’ll kill you solo, no question.

Phase 1, your pet will tank ol’ Lichy, while you nuke him. Stay above 90% health so that Infest has no effect on you. Nuke Drudge Ghouls and Shambling Horrors. On heroic, make sure that you’re moving constantly out of the Shadow Traps, else you’ll go flying away like Team Rocket. This is the hardest phase to be frank, as there’s so much going on, and the Shadow Traps are REALLY annoying if you’re doing it heroic-style.

Transition 1 (70%), position yourself at the base of the stairs. Kill the Raging Spirits, and especially the Ice Spheres (they will send you flying as well if they touch you). Watch your health, a lot of damage will be coming your way!

Phase 2, you’ll see some Val’kyr flying around. They’ll be a bother as they’ll pick you up and carry you to your doom unless you have aggroed something in the last 45 or so seconds. At the start, you’ll be okay ’cause of the Raging Spirits that were attacking you, but every so often you wanna dismiss your Voidlord, take a hit from Skeletor there, then Flames of Xoroth your pet and Soulshatter to get the aggro back onto him. When FoX’s cooldown is up, dismiss, take a hit, resummon.  You won’t have Soulshatter (2 min cooldown, sadly), so ease the DPS a little.

He also casts Defile, which plonks a big area of crap on the ground you need to get out of asap, as it gets bigger each time it deals damage.

Transition 2 (40%) is exactly the same as the first. Kill spirits, kill orbs.

Phase 3, no more Infest! Yay! Kill Vile Spirits that spawn asap. They have low health so Rain of Fire or Fire & Brimstone: Incinerate may suffice here. They explode for about 20k if they get too close. Keep on the move! If he sends you into Frostmourne, then just keep on the move and avoid as much damage as possible. The Val’kyr are still flying around so remember to dismiss your pet, take a hit, then resummon whenever Flames of Xoroth comes off cooldown.

At 10%, you’ve pretty much won. You can survive Fury of Frostmourne through a combination of stupidly high warlock health, Twilight Ward, Unending Resolve, and a Soul Leech shield (though the latter was all it took for me) and continue to kill Lichface as the whole boring RP drags on. You get to this part, the fight is won, unless you do something dumb like walk off the edge of the platform.

Oh look, me doing it on 25 man normal. Maybe one day I’ll do heroic.

And with that, we finish the Lich King raids! But worry not, Cataclysm raids are next! And guess what? Blackwing Descent is hilariously easy on 10n mode.


Here’s Raenah in her other job as a barmaid.

Warlocks of Draenor: Patch Note Updates?

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I’ve decided all future warlock-related WoD posts will be called Warlocks of Draenor, ’cause heck I read Warlords of Draenor as that half the time.

Since the last blog which went over a massive glut of information regarding the state of play for us in 6.0, 2 more updates have been made to the patch notes! So shall we go over the ones relevant to us?

  • Demonic Breath is going away again, and Howl of Terror is going back to being a level 30 talent. This is probably part of the CC reduction we’re seeing, but instead of flat-out removing this one, they’re just making it so you have to forego having Mortal Coil or Shadowfury. Fair enough, that tier was a choice between those two talents anyway. I used Demonic Breath ONCE. Just to see the visual. I surmise that’s the same for many people.
  • They clarified points on DoT Snapshotting. Basically, it’s going bye bye. “Periodic damage and healing effects now dynamically recalculate their damage, healing, Critical chance, multipliers, and period on every tick.” The exceptions to this are DoTs that deal damage based on a %age of a previous ability’s damage (Blackout Kick, or the Chaos Bolt DoT when using GoSac).
  • Pandemic is gone! But every class gets the Pandemic effect passively, but only to 130% of normal duration, down from 150%.
  • Healthstones share a cooldown with health potions, seperate from other potions. This means healthstones become a once-per-battle deal, as opposed to once per 2 minutes.

There’s also datamined changes to some of our spells, however these are not 100% official yet. They’re not in the patch notes, so grains of salt are useful here.

  • Corruption for Affliction (and apparently Destruction? I assume then Immolate in that case) now scales with 24% of your spell power, up from 17%.
  • The Demonology level 100 talent Demonbolt scales with 400% spell power, up from 300%.
  • Agony scales with 35% of spell power (was 26%), Haunt with 394% (was 263%), and Malefic Grasp now scales with 20% (was 13.2%). Its proc that forces your DoTs to tick for 30% of normal periodic damage now ticks for 40%!
  • Hand of Gul’dan scales with 20% of spell power (was 14%), and Doom does 4+200% of spell power, rather than 4,004 + 93.75%.
  • Chaos Bolt scales with 348.4% of spell power (was 290%), and Conflagrate now scales with 210% (was 173%).
  • Glyph of Siphon Life has spec-specific tooltips, and works with Immolate for Destruction.
  • Glyph of Soul Consumption also has spec-specific tooltips. You need to kill something with Chaos Bolt for Destruction, or in demon form with Demonology.

It basically looks like a removal of base damage on most abilities, with increased spell power scaling to compensate. Simple enough. These numbers are subject to change though, they were datamined, not official patch note numbers.

A potentially nice bit of news for those that lament the loss of Drain Soul:

We’re planning to merge Malefic Grasp into Drain Soul, instead of the other way around, in the next build. (Celestalon)

So hopefully we keep that iconic spell and visual. From what it sounds, it seems that Drain Soul will function as Malefic Grasp does now above 20%, then it’ll change to Drain Soul functionality in execute range (where your DoTs tick for 100% of their damage per DS tick).

For those that are wondering how Grimoire of Sacrifice will interact with your bigger, badder demons in the Demonic Servitude talent:

Planning to indeed make it a bad idea to Sacrifice your Big Demon. However, we’re working on new abilities for the Doomguard/Infer. (Celestalon)

I guess they’d rather people take the talent because they want the demons, not just to sacrifice them. Fair enough. Worried about the loss of Soulshatter, and fretting that you’ll keep ripping threat from your Voidlord?

We’ll adjust their aggro generation to compensate, so that you don’t need it.  (Celestalon)

It’d be nice if their taunt affected a small area too, so that they can taunt multiple enemies at once, but I suppose that’s just wishful thinking! Finally, Carrion Swarm’s removal prompted a couple warlocks to ask if it’s possible that it will be re-implemented, and here’s the answer they got:

Not likely. It’s power that we don’t want them to have.  (Celestalon)

Pretty straight-forward. We don’t have a “why” yet, but it’s probably part of the general CC/interrupt pruning.

Here’s Raenah and a mantid in a statue form. Look at how my Voidlord refuses to assist either of us. Bastard.


News for Warlocks in Warlords!

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So it’s been a busy week! We have a first look at the 6.0 patch notes, and a crap-ton of other news that popped up too, like the Draenor Perks, glyphs, talents, etc. Let’s have a look at what some of that means!

(note, all of this is subject to change, especially datamined stuff! With that in mind, I wanna say a BIG thanks to Wowhead for all their datamined info, it proved so useful in making this blog)


  • Soulburn: Unending Breath. No more water walking for us! Unless we take Glyph of Nightmares, of course.
  • Soulburn: Health Funnel. That might hurt the affliction soloing potential somewhat, as the damage reduction is a great help to them.
  • Soulshatter: Apparently it’s scarcely used. I use it a lot in soloing, but hey ho.
  • Rain of Fire: For affliction, that is. It’ll be replaced by Seed of Corruption (much like Hellfire replaces it for demonology).
  • Pyroclasm: Its effect has been baked into Backdraft.
  • Metamorphosis: Cursed Auras: Now curses affect a 10 yard area around a target, this is slightly un-needed.
  • Fel Flame: The controversial one! How will affliction deal with totems now? The removal of fel flame is a very sore point at the moment with most of the warlock community. Almost as much as…
  • Drain Soul: Its basic damaging effect is being baked into Malefic Grasp (courtesy of a Draenor Perk), and the soul shard regeneration is going to be balanced around Nightfall procs (which are boosted by 5% courtesy of another Draenor Perk). Upsetting though, as we lose the awesome visual effect, and classic warlocky-sounding name that conjures the images of you DRAINING YOUR ENEMY’S SOUL.
  • Soulburn: Drain Life: Again, Draenor Perks are modifying this spell. It’s generating embers?!
  • Metamorphosis: Void Ray: Well, nobody used it anyway, to be honest.
  • Metamorphosis: Carrion Swarm: Aww. What’ll Demo do for an interrupt now? They don’t use Feldogs/Tentacle Eyeball Monsters.
  • Curse of Enfeeblement: They’re removing cast speed slowing abilities because it makes caster PVP terribly unfun.

So the two major ones there are Drain Soul and Fel Flame, ones everyone suspected would get cut, but few actually wanted them to. Personally, I don’t use Fel Flame as I take Kil’jaeden’s Cunning, so I just Incinerate spam when I need to move, but on occasions when I take Archimonde’s Darkness, it’s nice to have the option of using Fel Flame!

In terms of Drain Soul, if they’re dead set on removing it, then if they made a minor glyph that replaced the visual of Malefic Grasp with that of Drain Soul, I’d like it, even if it only worked in execute range. As for having our in-combat shard regeneration depend entirely on the RNG of Nightfall, they really need to make it a reliable source. If we’re sitting at 0 shards for an extended period of time because we’re not lucky enough, then that’s bad. Maybe make a passive that regens a soul shard every 15 seconds in combat?

The loss of the soulburn abilities is no great loss, bar Health Funnel for a soloing warlock. The loss of Soulshatter though is not fun. Manage my own threat?! I think not!

CC Changes

  • Blood Horror’s cooldown is now 60 seconds. Shares diminishing returns with other Mesmerize effects.
  • Spell Lock only interrupts spellcasting, no longer silences.
  • Mortal Coil shares DR with other Mesmerize effects.
  • Optical Blast only damages and interrupts, not silences.
  • Sear Magic’s cooldown is now 30 seconds.
  • Seduction and Mesmerize have a 30 second cooldown.
  • Terrorguards no longer cast Terrifying Roar when they die (I never even knew they did tbh)
  • Unbound Will’s cooldown is now 2 minutes.
  • Voidwalker/Voidlord’s Disarm is removed. Seems to be replaced with Suffering at the moment?

All classes are getting changes to their CC to tone it down in PVP somewhat. I’ll miss being able to disarm Warbringers though!

Warlock Patch Notes

So what else did the 6.0 patch notes bring for us? Not much else, but here goes.

The cooldown on a healthstone will no longer begin until the player leaves combat. This is making them a once-per-battle dealy, and can no longer be a critical heal. It’s effectively merging them with health potions.

Demonic Gateways no longer have charges! Yay! Unfortunately, you can only use them once every 90 seconds, and the gates can only be 40 yards apart. Ouch.

Drain Life heals for 30% less than before. The Glyph of Drain Life doubles healing from Drain Life.

Shadowburn no longer generates mana. Not a good change, as even though our mana regen is high, there are still times when we run low. We cast a Chaos Bolt at this time, and most of our mana is back by the time the LOOOOONG cast is done. With Shadowburn being an instant cast, we don’t give our mana a chance to regen in execute range, which’ll encourage either “wasting” an ember on Chaos Bolt during execute, or literally standing and doing nothing as our mana regens to a comfortable level. This was an issue in the MoP beta, and it was fixed by making Shadowburn generate mana in the first place.

Draenor Perks

I’ve mentioned these a few times already, what are they? When levelling from 90-100, you randomly get one of these perks when you level up, appropriate to your class/spec. At level 100 you will have learnt them all. They basically act to augment your current abilities, rather than grant new ones.

Affliction Perks

  • Improved Demons: Increases all damage done by demon pets by 20%.
  • Empowered Drain Life: Health gained by this ability grows by 10% each time it heals you.
  • Improved Life Tap: Life Tap grants 20% additional mana.
  • Empowered Agony: Agony now stacks up to 12 times.
  • Enhanced Haunt: Haunt lasts 2 seconds longer.
  • Improved Corruption: Corruption deals 20% additional damage.
  • Improved Unstable Affliction: Unstable Affliction deals 20% additional damage.
  • Improved Malefic Grasp: Malefic Grasp deals additional 100% damage on targets below 20% health.
  • Enchanced Nightfall: Nightfall is 5% more likely to proc.

The affliction perks seem pretty straight-forward. Damage boosts on your main spells, stronger demons, stronger life taps. Malefic Grasp becomes your execute, Nightfall is your only shard builder.

Demonology Perks

  • Improved Demons: Increases all damage from demon pets by 20%
  • Improved Molten Core: Molten Core reduces cast time and mana cost of Soul Fire by a further 25%
  • Empowered Demons: Grants your demons additional 10% haste and 10% crit chance.
  • Improved Shadow Bolt: Shadow Bolt deals 20% more damage.
  • Enhanced Corruption: Corruption generates 1 additional Demonic Fury per tick.
  • Empowered Doom: Doom has 20% increased crit chance.
  • Enhanced Hand of Gul’dan: Hand of Gul’dan’s radius increased by 2 yards.
  • Improved Touch of Chaos: Touch of Chaos deals 20% more damage.
  • Empowered Drain Life: Health gained by this ability grows by 10% each time it heals you

Again, improvements to your main spells, and also further improvements on your demons! Makes sense, Demonology is the demon-empowering spec after all.

Destruction Perks

  • Enhanced Chaos Bolt: Cast time of Chaos Bolt is reduced by 0.5 seconds.
  • Empowered Immolate: Immolate deals 100% additional damage on the initial hit on the target.
  • Improved Conflagrate: Conflagrate deals 20% extra damage.
  • Empowered Incinerate: Incinerate has 20% increased crit chance.
  • Improved Ember Tap: Ember Tap heals you for an additional 20%.
  • Improved Shadowburn: Shadowburn deals 20% more damage.
  • Enhanced Backlash: Physical strikes against you have a 15% increased chance to trigger Backlash.
  • Enhanced Drain Life: Drain Life now generates embers.
  • Improved Demons: All damage done by demon pets increases by 20%.

Ah, the one I most care about! Destruction sees some nifty changes. Our ember spenders improve slightly, our ember generators do too (and with that 20% increased crit on incinerate, we may well be swimming in embers!), and Drain Life actually becomes somewhat useful! Will I put it on my action bars? I may well do, watch this space.

New Glyphs

  • Glyph of Curses: Increases the radius of Curse of Elements and Curse of Exhaustion by 10 yards. Double radius! Woop.
  • Glyph of Dark Soul: Reduces duration and cooldown of Dark Soul by 50%. Ergo, we use it more often for a shorter period of time? Sounds good to me.
  • Glyph of Flames of Xoroth: Flames of Xoroth is now free to cast. Great for those “oh shit my pet’s dead” moments, but as it stands we all use GoSac anyway. Maybe that’ll change?
  • Glyph of Life Pact: Mana costs on all spells reduced by x%, Life Tap can no longer be cast, and your health will drop by x% per second. You health can’t drop below x% from this effect. Sounds like healers are gonna hate warlocks this time around! We don’t have the exact numbers for it yet (tooltip shows 159677%!) but it sounds really interesting! Hoping for more info on this soon.
  • Glyph of Metamorphosis: When you activate Metamorphosis, you no longer transform into a demon, but instead grow wings on your normal form. Cosmetic glyph yay!
  • Glyph of Shadowflame: Increases the movement speed reduction on the Shadowflame effect from Hand of Gul’dan by 20%. PVP benefits I’m seeing here, but also useful for slowing dangerous adds in PVE.
  • Glyph of Soul Swap: You can hold inhaled period effects from Soul Swap for an additional 27 seconds. Oh look, reverting that change are we?
  • Glyph of Twilight Ward: Twilight Ward now absorbs damage from all magic schools. Awesome! I love this spell, and making it apply in more situations can only be a positive in my book.
  • Glyph of Strengthened Resolve: Unending Resolve reduces damage by a further 20%, but the cooldown is increased by 60 seconds. A more powerful effect, but less often, basically. Great for predictable periods of heavy damage.

Datamined Warlock Stuff

Again, a massive thanks to Perculia and Wowhead for this stuff. As usual, take it with a massive grain of salt, datamined information isn’t exactly gospel! A lot of changes can and will occur between now and when Warlords comes out.

Our Command Demon ability for our voidys seems to be Suffering, so we get an on demand taunt! This makes the binning of Soulshatter slightly better, as we can manually get our pet to taunt crap off of us! Does this mean that Suffering will no longer be able to be autocast though? This’ll also solve that little problem in dungeons of people using voidlords that taunt off the tank, similar to the “HUNTER TURN OFF GROWL!” problem.

Enslave Demon sees a change too. When you enslave something, its haste is reduced by 32%. This is a 2% decrease in haste, but we’re likely seeing a boost in damage by PvE sources, as our health pool is effectively doubling in size, so the reduction in haste was a necessary evil to keep things getting too outta hand. The increase in monster damage was to balance out the increase in health in PvE, which was implemented to increase survivabilty against other players in PvP.

Glyph of Siphon Life sees a change too! Instead of Corruption/Immolate healing you for 0.5% of your maximum health per tick, it’s now 0.35%. Small change, will it have a big effect? We’ll see.

Pandemic by all accounts seems to be gone! We’ll have to be refreshing our DoTs more often I guess.

Grimoire of Sacrifice is getting changed too. Demonology gets a spec-specific version that halves your crit chance, and doubles the crit chance of your minion. How useful that is remains to be seen, but it kinda makes thematic sense that Demonology retains the pet in all circumstances, even when taking the sacrifice talent!

Grimoire of Sacrifice for Affliction and Destruction is also getting changed. It retains the health regen, and health boost with Soul Link, but instead of a flat damage boost on some of your spells, it increases the critical strike chance of them by 35%.

This means your incinerate, with the perk Empowered Incinerate, has a 55% crit chance. 55%! That doesn’t take into account Dark Soul: Instability (making it 85%!) or your own personal crit rating! If you’re taking the Charred Remains talent, then HELLO EMBERS! You know what, I’m very excited about that. It also gives a 35% boost to Chaos Bolt damage, and Charred Remains doesn’t reduce CB damage. Looks like 6.0 is gonna be the day of the Chaos Bolt! BOOM!


Mortal Coil and Dark Regeneration are seeing reductions in their healing, presumably to balance out personal survivabilty (of which warlocks have a crapton) and make healers more aware of how their raid’s health is. Users of that Life Pact glyph may well tax their healers, which for some reason amuses me.

The healing reduction may also be a necessity because of how our health pools will be different. You have no base health, and all your health comes from Stamina. Base damage and base healing is also gone, and all damage will be scaled to whatever stat you use for it (in a warlock’s case, Intellect!).

Metamorphosis is getting an armor boost of 35%, and reduces the duration of stun/snares by 35% too! This isn’t a buff though, it’s a baking of the passive ability Nether Plating into Meta.

Fel/Wrathguards seem to be losing Pursuit, Axe Toss and Wrathstorm? A bit of speculation on MMOC says they may be changing the level the abilites are learned at, so they come with the pet and not as seperate abilities in the spellbook. It’s either that, or they’re removing the abilities of the Demo-exclusive pet. Wait and see, again.

Glyph of Drain Life increases healing by 100%, up from 30%. An attempt to make a rarely-used spell more useful?

Well, all in all, a large number of changes in store! And the coming weeks/months will only bring more. Exciting times, that’s for sure.

And I promise I’ll start on the ICC solo guide soon.WoWScrnShot_031314_232436

So You’ve Boosted a Warlock to 90!

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Or the Beginners Guide to Destruction inxy

Meet Inxy, the not-so-newly boosted goblin warlock. She’s currently decked out in a mixture of the 483 boost gear and 496 Timeless Isle gear, with a 535 set of bracers for good measure. What’s this blog post about? It’s gonna be about the basics of playing a destruction warlock, and just how to handle gearing up though that pesky Timeless Isle, and getting a decent weapon and trinkets from Throne of Thunder.

A Basic Look at Destruction

So, the first thing you want to do when you log into your boosted character is to select your talents. talents

The first tier of talents is all about health management, and I nearly always go with Soul Leech. When you deal damage, it grants you an absorption shield equal to 10% of the damage dealt, capping at 15% of your health. This is kinda reminiscent of the death knight’s Death Strike, in that it provides you with a means of damage mitigation as well as attack. The other talents are okay if you need on-demand healing, but you have many other sources of that, make no mistake.

The second tier is your short-tem CC tier, and as you can see, I tend to opt for Mortal Coil. It causes an enemy to run around in horror 3 seconds, and restores 15% of your health. Shadowfury is good for if you need the AoE stun. Personally, I’ve never used Demonic Breath. Maybe the snare effect is good for PVP?

The third tier is all about damage reduction! I tend to stick with Soul Link. When you have a demon active, 20% of damage you take is transferred to it, and you are both healed for 3% of damage you do. If you opt to take Grimoire of Sacrifice as a talent however, then Soul Link increases your health by 20%. Dark Bargain makes you invulnerable for 8 seconds, then puts an 8 second DoT on you equal to 50% of the damage done. Sacrificial Pact sacrifices 25% of your demon’s health (Or yours if you have no demon), and puts an absorption shield on you equal to 400% of the health lost. Both are really good when you know that a massive damage spike is incoming. It’s a free choice here.

Fourth tier is all about self-preservation, at a cost. Burning Rush drains 4% of your health per second when activated, but increases your speed by 50%, and you can’t be slowed to below 100%. Useful for when you need to move quickly in a fight! Unbound Will removes harmful debuffs, and loss-of-control effects, at a cost of 20% of your health. Got a debuff you want to get rid of, but save a healer a job? Use this! Blood Horror is a PVP talent with only slightly situational benefit in solo content. For 5% of your health, it places a buff with 1 charge on you. When someone melees you, the charge is spent and the attacker flees for 4 seconds.

Fifth tier is all about your demons! All of these talents are close in performance to one-another, so go with what your situation requires. I tend to go with Grimoire of Supremacy when out-and-about in the world, or doing solo stuff (the Voidlord is an AMAZING personal tank), and Grimoire of Sacrifice in group content (raids, dungeons, world bosses and the like).

Tier six. Your DPS increasers. Kil’jaeden’s Cunning allows you to move when casting your spec’s filler spell. When doing solo stuff, I tend to stick with this one. Archimonde’s Darkness grants you two charges of Dark Soul, your major DPS cooldown. I tend to use this in raids. Mannoroth’s Fury increases the size and damage of your AoE for 10 seconds on activation, but honestly? It falls behind. It’s fairly situational in use.

Now then, how exactly does one do destruction?


You have 4 embers, and each one consists of 10 “emberbits”. Incinerate is your main method of filling them; each hit grants 1 emberbit, critical hits grant 2. Conflagrate grants emberbits in the same way; normal hits grant 1, crits grant 2. Immolate grants 1 emberbit on critical strikes only. Rain of Fire has a 12.5% chance of granting 1 emberbit on a hit. There are four ways of spending full embers. Chaos Bolt (your main nuke), Shadowburn (your execute), Flames of Xoroth (instant demon resurrection) and Ember Tap (your self-heal).

Important Spells

  1. Curse of Elements increases magic damage done to the target by 5% for 5 minutes. Always have this on your target. If there’s a rogue in your group, you don’t need to apply this; their poisons do that job for you. Happy days!
  2. Immolate. It’s your main DoT, keep it up constantly. Refresh it at around 5 seconds left to ensure it doesn’t drop off.
  3. Conflagrate on cooldown! This provides you with a buff called Backdraft, which lowers the cast time and mana cost of Incinerate and Chaos Bolt by 30%. It has two charges, and generally you don’t wanna keep more than 1, as it’s potential wasted charges in the future.
  4. Chaos Bolt is your main nuke. It costs 1 full ember, and it always critically strikes. In addition, the higher your crit rating, the bigger the boost to Chaos Bolt’s damage! You shouldn’t just spam them whenever you can however; I’ll go into more detail on this below.
  5. Shadowburn replaces Chaos Bolt in your rotation when an enemy reaches 20% health.

What do I do in cleave or AoE situations?

In a cleave situation, you want to start using Havoc. When you cast it on a target, it duplicates any single-target spell you cast on another target, up to three times (once, in the case of Chaos Bolt). So you Havoc an add, and fire an Immolate on a boss. It’ll hit the add too! In an AoE situation, you want to start using Rain of Fire, which is a targeted AoE spell. Does extra damage to immolated targets. You can use this in a cleave situation too, if the enemies are close enough together. You also want to start using Fire & Brimstone. This modifies a number of your single-target spells to affect a 10-yard area around the target. Spells affected are Immolate, Conflagrate, Incinerate, and any Curse Of… spells.

What major DPS cooldowns do I have?

Dark Soul: Instability is the first major one. On a 2 minute cooldown, it increases your critical strike chance by 30% for 20 seconds. Probably best to use this whenever it comes off cooldown for a serious DPS burst. Summon Doomguard/Terrorguard and Summon Infernal/Abyssal share a 10 minute cooldown, and summon a powerful demon to aid you for a full minute. The Doomguard is best on single target, the Infernal if you need some strong AoE.

When should I be casting Chaos Bolt?

  1. If you’re about to cap on embers. Generally, it’s recommended fire off one at about 3.5 embers, to prevent getting 4 full embers (it makes any future ember gain wasted, as you can’t go above 4)
  2. You are under the effects of Dark Soul, or powerful intellect/crit trinket procs. This is the point when you want to cast as many as you can, to take advantage of the potential massive damage boost!

Note that you can replace Chaos Bolt with Shadowburn when your target is below 20%, with the same criteria.

I’m using Grimoire of Supremacy. What demon should I use?

If you’re just mooching around the world (Timeless Isle for example), then you want the Voidlord. It’s a great personal tank, very resilient, very good at holding aggro. For group content, if it’s a single target fight, the Observer has a very slight DPS increase over the other demons. Fel Imp is good in fights where you change targets a lot, as it doesn’t have to run around all over the place, it’s a bit of a turret.

I’m using Grimoire of Sacrifice. Which demon do I kill?

Harsh way of putting it. It depends on what ability you want. You see, you have an ability called Command Demon, which changes based on what you have summoned or sacrificed.

  1. Fel Imp: Singe Magic, which removes debuffs.
  2. Felhunter: Spell Lock, an interrupt.
  3. Succubus: Whiplash, damage and knockback.
  4. Voidlord: Shadow Bulwark, boosts hp by 30% for 20 seconds.

Something’s attacking me! Help!

You have a number of cooldowns to help you defensively, don’t worry!

  1. Ember Tap. Costs 1 ember, heals you for a percentage of health, boosted by mastery rating. Instant cast. No cooldown.
  2. Unending Resolve.  Reduces damage taken by 40% and prevents interrupts and silences for 8 seconds. Instant cast. 3 minute cooldown.
  3. Soulshatter. Reduces your threat by 90% against everything in a 50-yard radius. Instant cast. 2 minute cooldown.
  4. Twilight Ward. Absorbs an amount of shadow or holy damage based on your spellpower for 30 seconds. Instant cast. 30 second cooldown.
  5. Healthstones! Restores 20% of your health. 2 minute cooldown.
  6. Howl of Terror. Causes up to 5 enemies in 10 yeards of you to flee for 20 seconds! Damaging them may break the effect. 40 second cooldown.
  7. Fear. Causes an enemy to flee for 20 seconds. 1.7 second cast time.

So how do I gear up on Timeless Isle? 

Simple. Open chests scattered around the isle and kill things! You may receive special tokens that when used, turn into an item level 496 (or 535 when used with a Burden of Eternity) piece of gear! You can only use cloth tokens though, warlocks can’t wear leather or anything like that.

But… How do I kill the elites there?

Oh it’s simple really. Have your demon tank for you, this negates a LOT of danger, and makes the Timeless Isle less dangerous for warlocks than nearly any other class. Remember that you have a way of healing your demon. Health Funnel siphons life from you to your demon!

  • Pink birds: Avoid their conal cast, Gust of Winf. When they start to use it, you see the area of effect on the ground. Step out of it.
  • Big blue crabs: Claw Flurry is what you wanna avoid here. When you see it begins to cast it, MOVE AWAY FROM THE FRONT OF IT. This one CAN kill you very quickly.
  • Turtles: When they spin, run away. When they do Snapping Bite, don’t be in front of it.
  • Tigers: Avoid the leap, it stuns you. Avoid the conal AoE, it puts a nasty bleed on you. You pull one, you tend to pull a few, so be wary.
  • Big snakes: They have 1 attack, it has a 3 second cast time, and it does 25% of your maximum health in physical damage. Ouch. Definitely have your pet take this one, while you stay far away and blast it to bits.
  • Froggies: Another you’ll need your pet to tank. Every time they attack, they also apply a DoT to their target. This deals periodic damage, and when it stacks to 10, the target dies. Pull them one at a time!
  • Elementals on the beach: Has a nasty cast called Steam Blast that hits in the region of 100k. Can be interrupted, can be kited. You move far enough away from them, they have to stop casting and move, as it has a range of only 10 yards.
  • Elementals in the cave: Use the blue campfires beforehand to place a buff on yourself that reduces fire damage. Interrupt their cast, even with the buff it’s nasty damage. Get out the circle when they cast Spiritflame Strike, it’s close to a one-shot.

Once you’re slightly better geared (496/535 in most slots), you can also take on a few of the Ordon enemies!

  • Ordon Fire-Watcher: Pyroblast hits quite hard, but if your voidlord has aggro, you’re golden. Try and avoid the areas Falling Flames hits, they do about 200k.
  • Ordon Candlekeepers: Breath of Fire needs to be dodged. When they start casting it, they don’t turn around to re-aim it. If given a chance, they’ll explode for a stun and big damage when near death. Shadowburn them fast!
  • Ordon Oathguards: Cracking Blow can be sidestepped. Generally it focuses this on your voidlord, so try not to stand directly behind it. When paired with another Ordon mob, they channel a 75% damage reduction on themself AND the other mob. Just damage through it, or interrupt it if you must. When it uses a shield ability, damage it from behind.
  • Burning Berserkers charge for a big chunk of health if you engage them from too far away. Avoid their small AoE. Can buff their damage dealt. Voidlord tank!
  • Blazebound Chanter: Pyroblast still hurts. Avoid falling flames. Summons a big-ass golem that hits VERY hard (think Vengeful Spirit from a Warbringer, only worse). To handle this, use a Rain of Fire on it when it spawns to get it to aggro onto you, then kite it.
  • Eternal Kilnmaster: Definitely send your voidlord in for this one. If you’re too far away, they charge like a Berserker only worse. Blazing Blow hits in a narrow cone centered on his target. Make sure it’s your voidlord! Summons a kiln that increases casting speed.
  • High Priest of Ordos: I really wouldn’t if I were you. They’re like the above 2 enemies combined on steroids.
  • Molten Guardians. Be at max range from them. Send in your demon. Move out of black things on the ground, it’ll erupt for massive damage. Horrid for melee characters, but you’re not melee, are you?

Honestly, those last 4 enemies should only really be tackled when you’re in decent gear, there’s so much that can go wrong with them.

I need a weapon! Should I buy one from the vendor?

I’d say no. Spend your Timeless Coins on Mogu Runes of Fate instead. These grant you a bonus roll from bosses in Throne of Thunder, with a nice chance to get some loot! Which bosses should you spend coins on?

  • Horridon: Dinomancer’s Spiritbinding Spire (2h staff), Venomlord’s Totemic Wand (1h wand)
  • Megaera: Fetish of the Hydra (offhand)
  • Dark Animus: Athame of the Sanguine Ritual (1h dagger)
  • Twin Consorts: Suen-Wo, Spire of the Falling Sun (2h staff)
  • Lei Shen: Lei Shen’s Orb of Command (offhand)

And while on the subject of coining bosses in ToT, you can’t go wrong with getting a trinket or two, especially if Timeless Curios are refusing to drop!

  • Council of Elders: Wushoolay’s Final Choice
  • Megaera: Breath of the Hydra
  • Dark Animus: Cha-Ye’s Essence of Brilliance
  • Lei Shen: Unerring Vision of Lei Shen

With your Timeless Isle armor, and Thone of Thunder weapons/trinkets, you’ll be ready for everything Siege of Orgrimmar has to throw at you! And it just so happens that the first boss, Immerseus, drops the best trinket for warlocks (and casters in general, it seems)! Go forth and claim your prize!

EDIT: I forgot to mention another method of getting some good gear, though in hindsight, it may seem obvious. When you have 50 Lesser Charms, turn them in at the Shrine for your Warforged Seals, and go find yourself a Celestials group (And Ordos, if you’re eligible!). 553/559 gear is not to be sniffed at!