Warlords of Draenor LV100 Talent: Chaotic Resources!

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Bear in mind this is stuff that can change between now and when Warlords is released, so take it with a pinch of salt!


So according to some sort of press day Blizzard had on Thursday, our talents are largely unchanged from what we saw at Blizzcon, but I wanna focus on Chaotic Resources, particularly because we have a screenshot of the tooltip for it! I wanna focus on the Destruction part of it, as I rarely play Demonology or Affliction.


The Destro part is a change from the old version at Blizzcon, where you dealt 25% of your normal damage with Incinerate and Conflagrate, but generated quadruple the embers. Now, it’s 40% for triple the embers, and your Fire & Brimstone ability will also affect Chaos Bolt.

You hear that? AOE CHAOS BOLT?!

This is interesting, as the old version of the talent seemed to be very much focused on single target, as in AoE situations, you’d do next to no damage due to the talent reducing the damage of your main AoE spells, and Fire & Brimstone reducing them further. With the talent as it stands, it gives us an AoE option! Now, you’ll build a few embers, and throw them out to cast AoE Chaos Bolts.

Do bear in mind that Fire & Brimstone carries a damage reduction of spells it modifies, so (to use today’s stat numbers), you’re not gonna see 10 Chaos Bolts hit for 2m each. My Fire & Brimstone reduces damage to 71.57%
of its normal, so each one would hit for about 1.4m. Still a hefty amount of damage!

But let’s assume your incinerates hit for 100k normally. With the talent, they’d normally deal 40k damage (while generating triple embers), and with F&B on top of that they’d do about 28k. I assume then that in an AoE situation you’d Incinerate until you hit 2 embers, then AoE your Chaos Bolts for some AoE bursty times.

In a single target situation, you’ll most likely do as you do now, but Chaos Bolting more frequently due to the increased ember generation.

Well, that’s me excited about the next expansion! Boom, Chaos Bolt!


Info source: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1462539-Press-day-Warlock-info-chat
Me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ikralla


A Warlock Wanting to be a Priest

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Oh don’t be silly, she likes being a warlock too much. Those Sunwell Priest robes are just too comfortable!

Despite the relative ease of acquiring the set (it all drops in the Sunwell), depending on your luck it can take AGES to acccumulate this set. I’ve still not got the proper gloves, Handguards of the Dawn, I just like the rest of the set.

Cowl of Light’s Purity – Kil’jaeden, Sunwell
Shawl of Wonderment – Eredar Twins, Sunwell
Robes of Faltered Light – M’uru, Sunwell
Buccaneer’s Gloves (the set gloves drop from Kil’jaeden and the fucker won’t drop them!)
Nethershard Girdle – Moroes, Karazhan
Staff of Justified Sins – Quest: A Boon for the Powerful





And here’s an Azeroth-shattering boom.


I can’t wait for the new character models. The humans look pretty derpy as they are, but the new models look fantastic! I’d take more pictures of my pandaren, but only my shaman is level 90, and there’s literally NO mail that looks decent.

Transmog: Death Knight Style!

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Here’s Gestherya flying around, and looking over the rivers of Stormwind.

She’s got one of the WotLK crafted sets on, called the Ornate Saronite Battlegear. It’s easily made through blacksmithing, because I haven’t got around to gathering a set for her yet. Truth be told, I don’t know what I want her to look like in the end. Can’t do the Tyrant set, my paladin has that…

She has a better sword now. Greatsword of Pride’s Fall dropped in LFR the other day. This is a good thing. As Unholy, I seem to have leapt from about 60k dps to 130k!



Soloing Zandalari Warbringers

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Frankly, they’re easy to do as a warlock, AND as a paladin. Here’s a video of my warlock, Raenah, killing one.

And here’s one of Patrianna, the Paladin. Yes, the action’s sped up, it’d be ten minutes long otherwise!


Soul Leech (to help the Voidlord’s survivability)
Mortal Coil (as an emergency heal)
Soul Link (heals your voidlord as a % of damage you do. Vital!)
Burning Rush (pick any, frankly)
Grimoire of Supremacy (’cause the strategy hinges on the voidlord!)
Kil’jaeden’s Cunning (moving while casting is just helpful)

Glyph of Eternal Resolve (just in case he decides to hit you, it’s nice to have passive damage reduction)
Glyph of Demon Training (+20% armor for your Voidlord)
Glyph of Siphon Life (passive healing’s always good)
Glyph of Health Funnel (saves you having to channel if shit hits the fan)


Send in your Voidlord, keep your distance, and pump out as much damage as you can. This’ll not only heal your Voidlord (through Soul Link), but also help protect him from damage (thanks to Soul Leech). It’s really as simple as that! Make sure you disable his taunt, however! If you leave it enabled, he’ll force ghosties to attack him, and you DO NOT WANT THIS.

Horrific Visage: As long as your pet is tanking him, your pet will eat the fear. Various locales have their dangers, in Krasarang the Warbringer runs the risk of resetting if he goes too deep in the water. Kun Lai and Jade Forest, you may end up pulling more mobs.

Meteor Shower: Dance, dance, dance. If you get hit with one, just Ember Tap, or Mortal Coil.

Scarab Swarm: Rain of Fire these suckers! Free embers, woot.

Thunder Crush: You should be far enough away that it won’t hit you, and thanks to the pet ability Avoidance, your demon will take next to no damage.

Vengeful Spirit: The worrying ability. When you see him begin to cast it, cast Rain of Fire, centered on the Warbringer. This’ll end up hitting the ghost, making sure it aggros onto you. This is why you turn off your pet’s auto taunt. You can then kite the ghost around (it moves hella slow)



Speed of Light (speed boost yay)
Fist of Justice (ranged stun, used on ghosties)
Eternal Flame (nice heal, nice HoT)
Unbreakable Spirit (not that I used any of those abilities)
Divine Purpose (usually a DPS gain)
Light’s Hammer (damage AND healing in one awesome attack)

Glyph of the Alabaster Shield (pretty much mandatory for Prot anyway?)
Glyph of Final Wrath (eke out some more DPS)
Glyph of Divine Protection (20% physical damage reduction is not to be sniffed at)


It’s pretty much tank and spank, here. Heal when necessary. Don’t be afraid to pop Divine Shield or Lay On Hands if you really need to. Watch where you’re dragging him around to though, you don’t wanna be pulling extra mobs.

Horrific Visage: Can be nulled by Divine Shield, but otherwise you’re just gonna have to eat the fear, and heal up afterwards when you stop running. If in Krasarang, try and drag him back to where he spawns, lest you run the risk of resetting the bastard. If you end up pulling extra enemies, just deal with them in your AoE abilities, like they were tiny tiny scarabs.

Meteor Shower: Dodge, it’s simple. Each meteor doesn’t hit terribly hard though.

Scarab Swarm: A non-issue. They’ll die just by virtue of being in your AoE abilities, and they are really not bothersome in terms of damage.

Thunder Crush: Hits for about 20% of my health. You can either dodge the cone (it’s REALLY hard to miss), or you can stand in it and let it hit you and gain some Vengeance in doing so. Up to you.

Vengeful Spirit: Stunnable. Use Holy Wrath or use Fist of Justice, run away. TURN EVIL DOES NOT WORK. You CAN slow it with Light’s Hammer, however. Try not to let it hit you, it does considerable damage.

Enjoy farming the mounts and big supply bags!