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Accidental Outage

Today is apparently National Coming Out Day, and while I usually find these National X Days to be a bit lame (chewing gum day?), the topic of coming out is one a little more close to home, considering I had to do it.


The first person I came out to was myself, I suppose. I always knew I was a little “different” in that I didn’t really find girls attractive like most boys did, but the other boys? Hell yeah. Was a generally confusing time until I discovered what my feelings actually were, and what they meant. I suppose my gayness was more noticeable to others before it was to me because people were always mocking me in the vein of “you’re gay!”

Well, turns out you were right. Well done you!

The first non-me person I came out to was my friend Jenni in college. Awesome person, she was. We used to be part of a message board site together and she noticed my sexuality on my profile changed one day from “bisexual” to “gay” and her reaction was “ah, given up on women have you?” in a joking way, and nothing more was said. It didn’t matter to her, ’cause why would it? Your true friends accept you for who you are.


I didn’t come out to my parents until the age of 18 or 19, I forget when. I was at university at the time, and I joined a social networking site for university students (at the time) called Xuqa. Most of Aberystwyth University was on there at some point or another, but I sent invitations to everyone in my email contacts list. One of those contacts was my mother. Oops.

When I left uni after my first year (for reasons, maybe I’ll tell you about them one day, but the story I usually go with is “I didn’t like the subjects I was doing” which is half true I guess. Maybe a quarter) my mother came to pick me up and drive me and all my shit back to Amesbury. It was a 6 hour car journey from Aberystwyth all the way back to Salisbury.

She mentioned she got an invite to Xuqa from me, asked if it was accidental. I replied that yeah it was. She mentioned she saw my profile, and that it said I was gay, then asked “so… is it true?”


We were silent for a few minutes, then she broke the silence by saying “I always kinda knew anyway. It doesn’t matter. I love you no matter what.”

We cried, which was a bit inconvenient as she was driving at the time, and Welsh roads are notoriously bendy when you leave urban areas.

Half an hour later, my boyfriend at the time dumped me. I didn’t tell her this.


There are so many people that can’t come out for whatever reason. Maybe it’s illegal where you are, maybe your parents are homophobic, transphobic, any -phobic, maybe you’re still struggling to come to terms with it.

I support you. I’m here for you. Okay, you probably don’t know me but that’s unimportant. You deserve happiness.

And if you’re using today to “come out” as straight, you’re not funny. You’re awful and should rethink your life.

Masculinity so fragile indeed.

Panda Steve on Gayness

Today, the boyfriend and I were talking about university. Specifically, we were talking about our respective universities having LGB societies (the year I was at Aberystwyth University, the lady running the society campaigned tirelessly for the T to be added, apparently there were “processes” and you couldn’t just, you know, plonk it on there. His university probably didn’t until at least after he left, as he always remembered it without a T). Why? Well, we were waiting for food, so what better thing to talk about? Also, we were on Salisbury Road, the heart of Cardiff’s student population, and he brought up the fact that two of his friends from Aikido invited us to a LGBT+ Society social for some unfathomable reason.

We talked about how queer has become more prevalent as an umbrella term for people, whether gay, lesbian, bi, transgender and everything in-between. He doesn’t have a problem with the word per se, whereas I do. I’ve only ever known that word as an insult, as something shouted at me in rage, anger or violence. I’ve grown up with associating that word with, frankly, evil people. I’m all happy for you to self-identify as queer, but I’d kindly ask you to never refer to me as it.

I bristle when I see the word. Shit, I can scarcely bring myself to write it.

I’ve no problem with the word fag, as to me, the word means cigarette, and I used to smoke. I have no problem with the extension of that word, faggot, as I grew up eating these nasty things:


Offcuts of pork and offal, shaped into a ball and served in a sauce. I’m from the aforementioned West Country. We talk like farmers or pirates, depending on how far south-west you go.

That’s a small tangent. My point is, these words hold no meaning for me, but the Q-word does. For other people, they use the Q-word but recoil in horror at the words fag or faggot. Personal context. I think I wrote something about that a while ago.


Matt Damon has recently said that Rupert Everett’s career has probably been harmed by him being openly gay.

There’s a lot of people bashing him right now, but I’m not. Blame Hollywood, because it’s true. Heck, Rupert Everett HIMSELF was quoted as thus:

There’s only a certain amount of mileage you can make, as a young pretender, as a leading man, as a homosexual. There just isn’t very far you can go.

He himself is saying that his career isn’t as glittering as it could have been if he had kept his sexuality secret, he also says:

‘I think, all in all, I’m probably much happier than they are. I may not be as rich or successful, but at least I’m vaguely free to be myself.

Let’s not heap scorn at Matt Damon for repeating something Rupert Everett himself has said on many occasions. Heap scorn on the system that sees straight actors play gay roles and win huge accolades for doing so, while simultaneously harming the careers of openly gay actors. Heap scorn on a world where agents urge their clients not to come out, because that would hurt their image, roles would dry up, and where would the money come from?


I’ve not really had to hide who I am. I’ve been “out” since the age of… 14? 15? I don’t even remember. I came out to my parents at 18, but I was open with friends at an earlier age. My straight friends apparently didn’t realise I was gay until I told them, whereas my gay friends somehow did. My mannerisms aren’t overtly camp (like, say, Jack from Will & Grace), but I’m not overwhelmingly masculine in any sense of the word.

I don’t have a job that wants to “hide the gays.” If anything, gay people are seen as friendly and welcoming (yes, even me, with my resting bitch face), so supposedly suit forward-facing roles in a retail environment, the service industry, or in call centres.

I know LOTS of gay people who work in call centres. Stereotypes have a ring of truth to them I guess.

Perhaps I’m hiding in plain sight? By not being overtly camp, I’m effectively passing as “straight”. I dislike the term “straight acting” because it implies that there’s an easy way of identifying whether you’re face-to-face with a homosexual out in the wild (he’s a big ol’ queen), and that those mannerisms are bad, but acting like a wild straight man (masculine macho macho break bricks with head) is so good that you should act in that way to be accepted.

We get attacked by people if we act in an effeminate, obviously homosexual way. Yes, it’s less common nowadays as gay people generally become more accepted, but it still happens, to both men AND women (though for women it’s not if they act effeminate, but if they act/look in a way seen as masculine, even slightly).

“look at her short hair, she looks like such a dyke”
“fucking queer boy, get a haircut”

Sometimes though, it’s the people who don’t realise they’re being offensive that are the worst ones. Microaggressions. Unintended discrimination.

I have a friend at work. She’s a lesbian. She’s in a happy, stable relationship, and wanted to buy her girlfriend a fragrance from the place we work. She happens to like a particular fragrance, but oh no! It’s a FOR MEN fragrance! The girl said to her “you know, just because you’re lesbians, doesn’t mean you have to wear male fragrances! You can wear lady ones!”

She didn’t think she was being offensive, she thought she was being helpful.

Another time, she mentioned her girlfriend in casual conversation to a manager, who then said “but you don’t LOOK like a lesbian!” 

He was being serious.


“So who’s, you know, the LADY of the relationship?”

“…Neither of us, we’re both men”

“Oh YOU know what I mean!”



No, I don’t fancy you. I have a “type,” and you’re not it.

That type is, “not straight.”

(or more likely, “not you.”)


I dislike the fact that the phrase “no homo” exists. Like, men can’t compliment each-other without adding the disclaimer “but that doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you!” Are you truly that insecure, not in your masculinity, but in YOURSELF that you feel the need to add that? 

Frankly, it’s a homophobic phrase. Another of those microaggressions I mentioned earlier. It implies a fear of being seen as gay, because wouldn’t THAT be terrible?

Well, maybe I’m biased but I don’t think it is. I think being gay is awesome, frankly, and I think lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals and every other -sexuals are awesome too, so take your homophobic bollocks and bugger off with it.


I don’t really fit into a defined “type” of gay person, and I’m okay with that.

I’m too fat to be a twink, too hairless to be a bear. I’m not straight-acting, nor am I overly flamboyant. I like sports, and not just because “lol men in shorts, right?” which I get accused of on an alarming basis (one person even challenged me to define things like free kicks and the offside rule, because SURELY a gay man wouldn’t like sports for the SPORT ITSELF?!), but I also like video games. I don’t go to the gym, I dislike most musicals (but I LOVE the Lion King and Chicago), and I don’t have a penchant for dressing in drag, though I imagine I’d look lovely in a wig and I think RuPaul is AMAZING.

I don’t fit in a box, and that’s cool. People don’t have to. I’m a gay man, but I’m so much more than one thing. I’m a son, a brother, a gamer, a worker. I’m a friend, uncle, reader, writer (you’re reading me now!), TV-watcher, atheist (but tolerant of other religions). 

Don’t define yourself entirely by one facet of your being. You are an amalgam of so many things, that to define yourself by one aspect would do you a disservice. Let all of you shine through.


So for the last 8 days, I’ve been sunning it down in the south of France. La Colle sur Loup to be precise, and it’s LOVELY. The first day we were there, there was a thunderstorm, but that lasted 15 minutes, and it was so warm that an hour later, all the water on the ground had dried out.

Why La Colle? The boyfriend does aikido, and every year his club go to La Colle for an aikido summer school, where they train from 6am until about noon (with a break of course), and other optional classes from new-and-upcoming teachers in the afternoon.

I didn’t do this. I went along because HOLIDAY. I also helped out around the chalets, made coffee, did breakfast and whatnot. I’m nice like that.

We had intended to make it a more exploratory holiday. Visit Grasse, Monaco, Cannes, St Paul de Vence, places like that, but he was so knackered from aikido and I was so relaxed in the sun that we ended up staying at the chalet most days! Sitting by the pool, reading my books (Faust Among Equals and Flying Dutch by Tom Holt, one of my favourite authors), trying to get a tan and failing miserably (I didn’t burn either, I’m just… the same colour as when I left).

So I had a wonderful time, and I got back to Cardiff yesterday, and initially it was sunny, which goes against everything we had heard from our friends, but it turns out this was a small respite from the actual weather. Within an hour or so, the thunderclouds rolled in, and it’s been raining ever since!



So that’s the view from the end of La Colle’s main high street-type area, with all the restaurants. On our last day, we went to a place called Le Tigre, which is La Colle’s main pizza joint. Oh my god it was SO GOOD. I had a pizza called “la cannibale”, which featured minced meat, melty cheese and olives which I gave to my boyfriend because OLIVES ARE BAD.

Lemon meringue pie for dessert too. I’m a sucker for a lemon meringue.


This is what my boyfriend and his crew were doing each day. This is apparently a pin from kote gaishi, and I have no idea what it means but it looks painful.

My boyfriend was taking the picture. The one on the ground is one of his teachers.


This, however, is where I spend most of MY time, beside the pool at our camp site, Les Pinèdes. It’s as pretty as it looks in the picture.

And that’s where I’ve been the past week. I’ll get back to posting in this blog more regularly again, promise.

Candid Post

I’m in a bit of a fragile mental state at the moment.

Last night, my grandmother died. Heart attack. Sudden. Instant. Gone.

It’s not the first time a family member has died, but it’s the first time I’ve been old enough to actually comprehend the concept of death.

Both my grandfathers died back in the early 1990’s, and I was really young then. I barely remember. Fast forward 24 years later, and I’m not sure how to react.

Naturally, I’m sad. I loved my grandmother, the fact she’s gone has cut me up. The boyfriend was out at aikido, as he is every Monday evening, so I had to deal on my own until he got home.

I cried. I don’t like doing that in front of people. Not because I subscribe to some macho macho school of masculinity where showing emotion is WEAK AND FOR WOMEN AND GAYS, but because I am an UGLY crier. I look like the Wicked Witch of the West mid-melt. I worry someone’ll drop a house on me.

I went to work. Do people take time off? I didn’t. I figured that keeping busy would take my mind off things. It didn’t work.

I played WoW. That always cheers me up. I couldn’t really focus though. Took some silly screenshots, chatted with my guildies a little, then logged off.

This was one of the pictures. Amused me. The idea of a stealthy panda who can't help but stand in a spotlight.

This was one of the pictures. Amused me. The idea of a stealthy panda who can’t help but stand in a spotlight.

All this is new to me. People die all the time, but I’ve got to 29 without it actually impacting in my life. Maybe I can call that fortunate, maybe it’s screwed me up because I don’t know what to do. Do I dress all in black and sit in a rocking chair? Not my style. Do I carry on as I normally do? Feels almost wrong to do so.

People talk about the Kübler-Ross model a lot. 5 stages of grief that supposedly everyone goes through. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. I feel like I’ve skipped all the way through to stage 4. I didn’t deny anything, I felt no anger, I see no sense in bargaining. Is this normal?  Kübler-Ross herself says not everyone feels all the responses, so hey ho, there you go.

I’m gonna try and carry on as normal, just do what I feel like. If I want to cry, I will, if I want to write depressing, angsty poetry… maybe I’ll hold off on that, there’s enough of that out there already. I’ll game, I’ll walk, I’ll remember, I’ll do as I do.

This is kinda cathartic. A lot of it may not make too much sense, like I’m just randomly rambling, but it’s helping me process. It’s my blog, I post what I like, after all.


I thought about doing a serious blog post.

I thought about commenting on Steve Dansur’s appointment as a senior designer for Blizzard, and how it could be potentially exciting stuff for the future of WoW, but we should probably temper our enthusiasm so that we don’t get disappointed in what ACTUALLY happens versus what we WANT to happen, but that’s adequately explained in a large run-on sentence anyway so I don’t need to go further into that point really and when will this sentence end?

I thought about making a rage post. I’m not happy about the Conservatives being elected, seeing as the first things they’re doing is apparently scrapping the Human Rights Act and bringing back fox hunting, but I imagine it’d go down like a lead balloon. Also, ugh politics. We’ve had so much of it recently, I’m now having a small detox where I fill my bloodstream with frivolous news to flush out the SRS ISSUES.

I thought about talking about the new Avengers movie, and how awesome it is, and how much I liked it, and how the thing about you-know-who is kinda a matter of interpretation, and I can SEE how people are upset about it, but I read it differently, but SPOILERS, also I just don’t want to, all you need to know is that it’s a fucking amazing movie, and Ultron is magnificent.

I thought about talking about Samurai Warriors 4, or Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, or Mortal Kombat, but I’d rather just play them at this point.

Then I saw this.


And now I want to go to China. I wanted to ANYWAY, I wanna walk the Great Wall. I want to go to the Red Cliffs, to see the Wuzhang Plains, to basically see the places mentioned in Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Warriors.

But now you can add GIANT PANDA SCULPTURE to the list of why I wanna go there.

Oh, like I wasn’t going to see as many pandas as I could. Pfft.


Hello everybody! It’s May! You know what that means? It’s time for the Newbie Blogger Initiative!

Ever wanted to start a gaming blog? Now is definitely the best time! There’s a whole network of people here to support you, give you advice, maybe even help promote what you do!

Last year, I was a newbie blogger, and I’m still here, I’m still going. If I can do it, anybody can!

A Few Nuggets of Advice

  • Writing anything is the best practice you can do. Don’t be worried about whether you’re posting something terrible. Everybody does, but it’s all practice, and in the future you’ll be glad you had that practice.
  • That being said, remember to check over your work before you press publish! So many times I’ve pressed publish, and then noticed a spelling mistake! It still frustrates me.
  • Got Twitter? Connect with other bloggers! Sometimes they can inspire you to write about stuff, other times they’re a source of good discussion! And you know what? There’s some pretty damn awesome people behind the blogs too.
  • Though some feel that having a posting schedule is too rigid and regimented for them, others feel it can be beneficial for them. I try to post three times a week, others do so every day, or once a week. If you’re the sort of person to be motivated by a schedule, stick to it! Consistency is key!

So like I say, it’s the perfect time to get blogging, so sign up on the NBI site and get involved!


I have nothing to post about WoW today. There was something about a hotfix to heirloom item levels that I don’t particularly care about, and that’s it.

Instead, I’m going to talk about something else, because technically it affects me.


Let me be perfectly honest here. It’s not an issue I feel terribly strongly about, because frankly I don’t want one. The Boyfriend and I are the “we don’t need paper to prove our love!” kinda people, but it’s also because weddings have a habit of getting very expensive, and we have things we’d rather spend our money on, like holidays and game consoles.

And Mortal Kombat X.

Anyway. I also don’t have a personal investment in gay adoption, purely because I severely dislike children and thus don’t want one.

However, just because I don’t wanna get gay married doesn’t mean I think other fellow homosexuals shouldn’t. The key thing here is people, whether straight or gay, getting married has no effect on me. It’s other people living their life. It doesn’t impact on my job, or ability to live with my boyfriend, or my religion (or lack of one). It doesn’t cause earthquakes, the sun still shines occasionally (Welsh weather isn’t fantastic, but it’s not my fault it rains so much), the Earth isn’t splitting open and swallowing Brighton, San Francisco, and other places referred to as “Gay Capital of Wherever”.

It doesn’t affect me, it doesn’t affect anyone else either apart from the 2 people marrying, yet still people stand against it.

People who oppose gay marriage tend to focus on 4 reasons in particular:

  • God doesn’t like it!
  • It devalues NORMAL marriage!
  • It threatens religious freedom!
  • What’s next? Marrying DOGS? TREES?

I’ll tell you what devalues “traditional” marriage. Britney Spears’ 55 hour marriage. Heck, anyone who gets divorced! People who marry just for a visa. People who get married and don’t have kids, ’cause that’s something else the religious types espouse, the concept that marriage is for procreation only. I doubt gay marriage is devaluing it any further than it already has been.

The whole “it offends God argument” is just silly. How on Earth do we know? He’s not making messages in the sky. The Bible wasn’t written by him, and as we all know it can be interpreted in hundreds of different ways.

The slippery slope argument is… it’s insane. Let’s mention the fact that paedophilia, bestiality etc is illegal and homosexuality is not, so the whole “it opens up all sorts of EVIL possibilities!” argument falls at the first hurdle. THE LAW.

Threatens religious freedom? The argument here is apparently religious officials will be forced to do ceremonies they disagree with or face legal proceedings. But the thing here is, the majority of places that allow gay marriage also have clauses that exempt religious officials from marrying same-sex couples if they object to it, if it contravenes their personal beliefs.. Surely this means that religious freedom isn’t threatened at all?

So basically, gay marriage doesn’t fucking affect you unless you’re getting one. Stop blaming us for the downfall of society and the end of the world because we have the audacity to want to get married one day.

I may not want to get married now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want the option in the future. Maybe I’ll feel differently. I want the decision in my hands, rather than in the hands of people I don’t even know.


It’s April 1st. There’ll be a lot of bullshit on the internet today. Watch out.


It’s important to feel like you’re making progress in a game. In Final Fantasy 14, my progress is constant, as I have a new character. I level up every so often, instant progression! A quest reward may give me a new piece of armor, or a weapon, or just some experience and gil, and the effect is that it moves me forward.


I’m progressing in Warcraft too, though not in a similar fashion, considering I’m at max level. I’m only an LFR player so my progress will likely be slower than most, but my warlock is slowly gearing up. She’s got the first of 3 Elemental Tablets (made from 300 Elemental Runes! 9 or 27 of them drop from bosses, plus there’s missions for 18 of them and you can get them in work orders too), she’s got a couple new pieces of gear too. Progress.

Working towards things, striding ever onward, but what happens when you’ve progressed as far as you feel you can? Numerous people seem to be quitting the game, citing “nothing to do.”

I can sit here and say “YES THERE IS THERE’S SO MUCH!” but what I have an interest in (LFR, collecting things, levelling alts, etc) may not pique the interest of someone who’s a hardcore raider done with progression, or someone who’s collected all the battle pets and beaten all the trainers, or someone who may have just hit a stumbling block (seeing you have to collect 900 Elemental Runes is EXTREMELY daunting, considering how long it’s taken some to just get 125 Abrogator Stones).

So, I guess what I’m saying is it’s important to instill a sense of “I’m making PROGRESS!” in players, lest they feel like they’re done and move on, potentially never returning.

A tough ask, to be sure.



In Other News!

Today is LFR day, the day I spam LFRs on my characters for legendary quest items. To prevent a sort of LFR burnout, I’m only queuing for the instance relevant to the stage of the legendary quest I’m on. Raenah is collecting Elemental Runes, so I will queue her for Blackrock Forge, and ignore Highmaul. Lillorigga and Lunchi are still collecting Abrogator Stones, so I am ignoring Blackrock Forge in favour of Highmaul.

Lunchi has the added incentive of not having the item level for BRF yet, so there’s that.

I will do Lillorigga and Lunchi’s runs later. For now, I’m gonna have a shower and go out to lunch.

Thoughts in my Head

  • You know, I’m sat here watching the budget thingy, and I figured out what I hate most about politics. Every time George Osborne says something, everyone behind him goes “MYEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH” like Skeletor with lower pitch in his voice, and they all end up sounding like jeering zombies.
  • Garlic and Mediterranean Herb pita chips are very tasty.
  • 14 hours sleep. I had 14 hours sleep. I obviously needed it though, as the previous night I probably got a combined total of 2 hours sleep, so this is my body catching up.
  • It’s Wednesday! This means it’s time to go to Lunarfall Inn and get a new garrison follower! And time for me to CRY when it’s not a panda again!
  • George Osborne’s voice is overwhelmingly annoying. Still, £8 an hour minimum wage by 2020 sounds nice. Wish it was by tomorrow though.
  • I’m not on minimum wage, but I’m not on £8 an hour either.
  • I can’t believe I’m finding levelling a priest fun. I HATED the initial level grind of a priest. I mean, I once levelled a priest called Luah to 63 and deleted her because UGH.
  • I don’t even know why I’m watching this.
  • My boyfriend has one of those head scratcher things. It looks like a whisk that’s exploded at the top. He used it on my head the other day and it made my skin crawl. I hated it!
  • So much anime to watch. May start with the Frieza saga!
  • I need to go to the shop and get some things to drink. Days off are exciting.

Liebster Whatsibob

I was nominated to do this by Endgame Viable, and from what I can gather, I give you 11 quick facts about me, and answer a series of questions? Then I nominate some other people and ask THEM questions?

I guess, as chain letter-style things go, this one’s relatively fun! No creepy teenagers crawling out my bathroom mirror at midnight, or my crush turning into a pillar of salt if I don’t send it on and all that.

It’s also good because I’m doing that 30 days of blogging challenge, and this gives me a day when someone else gives me a topic!

Quick Facts About Moi

  1. I’m a quarter Russian on my mother’s side.
  2. I start work at 6am, which is why you see me rattling around Twitter/WoW at 5am or so. I’m getting stuff done before I go to work!
  3. I think pandas are awesome, I dunno if you noticed or anything. My second favourite animal, however, are rabbits!
  4. I have quite a lot of stuffed animals, because of COURSE I do. Sometimes I like to take pictures of them doing people things because I’ll never grow up.
  5. I’m allergic to latex and cats, and I have an intolerance to red-coloured food. Basically, I eat tomatoes, red peppers etc, I throw up soon after. I also have a contact allergy to tomatoes! Yay me.
  6. I’m a massive football (ugh, soccer) fan, and I support Bolton Wanderers. I’m not a fan of PLAYING football, nor do I like video games like FIFA. I prefer the statistical side of things, so I play Football Manager games.
  7. The first anime I ever watched was Sailor Moon. It was the episode where the gang went to some funfair, and a creepy doll-like woman with an apple stole everyone’s energy.
  8. I only speak one language, English. The boyfriend speaks English, Welsh, Russian and Japanese.
  9. I have all the Sandman books by Neil Gaiman. Delirium is my favourite character.
  10. I like my steak rare. The bloodier, the better.
  11. I studied accounting and economics at Aberystwyth University.

And now onto the questions!

WHat was the last animated series you watched?

Archer series 1! I loved it so much, I asked for series 2 and 3 for my birthday. I can’t wait!

How many mobile devices do you own? (choose your own definition)

  • Mobile phone
  • Old mobile phone that I use as an alarm to get me up in the mornings
  • PS Vita
  • 3DS
  • I suppose a laptop is fairly mobile

That’s five. I defined it as “technology I can easily take place-to-place.”

Are you right- or left handed? do you wish you were the other?

I’m right-handed, and I frankly never wished to be left-handed. If I were left-handed though, I don’t think I’d wish I wasn’t.

at what point in your life did you give up on the political system (an intentionally loaded question)?

Heh. Heheheh. I apologise for this.

Recently. I’m almost disgusted that we’ve let UKIP rise to prominence. This is a political party that blames immigrants for traffic jams on the M4. It has high-profile members who believe that gay marriage causes storms and floods, who think it’s okay to use words like “poofter” and “chinky”, who supposedly aren’t racist, but have a problem with “people with negroid features”.

They’re the BNP with a better PR deparment. Nazis without the dapper dress sense.They spout horrid xenophobic epithets about how the foreigns are coming to claim your benefits and steal your jobs. They believe marriage should be between a man and a woman for the procreation of children, so bye bye gay marriage! They think you should be able to discriminate based on race, sexual preference or gender! Got HIV? Don’t bother coming to a UKIP-led Britain!

These people have made me lose faith in the political system. The fact people are planning to vote for them. The fact the media seem to be focusing on them more than other parties with more members of parliament, such as the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the DUP, the SDLP, or Sinn Fein. The Greens have more members than UKIP, yet when was the last time you saw them in the news?

People are legitimising the politics of fear, hatred, racism, homophobia. It’s disgusting.

is it weird to peel a banana from the bottom?

A little bit. There’s an easy peeling handle at the top!

what is your favourite season and why?

Winter. I like it cold. My body regulates temperature incredibly badly, so when it’s warm I feel like I’m melting.

what kind of coffee or tea or orange juice do you drink?

Tea is vile. Orange juice is too sour and yucky. I like my coffee black, with no sugar.

how many games are on your desktop right now?

  • Football Manager 2015
  • The Sims 4
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • WoW

So 5!

how many musical instruments do you play? are you out of practice?

I don’t, sadly. Never interested me. I prefer listening, not playing.

what kind of car do you drive? what would you rather drive?

I don’t. I can’t drive! Don’t even have a provisional license! One day, if I learn, I’d like to drive a VW Beetle, because of COURSE I would.

are you more of a mulder/believer or scully/skeptic (of whatever subject you care to fill in)?

Going with this apparent X-Files theme, I’m a skeptic of anything paranormal. Ghosts aren’t real. Aliens aren’t abducting anyone. Mediums and fortune tellers are con artists

So, that’s my answers! Here’s my questions!

  1. A genie appears and gives you one wish. What do you wish for? (assume a malicious genie, so word your wish very carefully! Saying “I wish I was rich” may well turn you into a chocolate cake)
  2. What is your least favourite character class and why? From any game, not just Warcraft.
  3. What is your favourite book?
  4. Are you a fan of skinny jeans?
  5. You’re a rich and famous singer! What are the demands on your rider?
  6. How many languages do you speak?
  7. Do you like your milkshakes thick or thin?
  8. What is your proudest achievement?
  9. You’re a condemned prisoner! What do you request as your last meal, you bad person, you?
  10. In games that allow you to create and customise a character (think Saints Row or Skyrim), do you tend to make similar characters in different games?
  11. What is your dream job?

And  I’ve decided to nominate the other people taking part in the WoWBlog30 challenge!

That way, if they’re ever stuck for something to post about one day, they have my inane questions to answer!

Classy black & white panda picture ahoy!

Classy black & white panda picture ahoy!