Twenty Five


  • Yesterday, I had some of the most delicious Indian food I’ve ever eaten. I find a good judge of a place is how they do their tikka masala, so I had that with lamb, and it is the nicest tikka I have ever eaten.

  • It came from Celebrities, which is an awesome name for a restaurant. Despite it being among the nicest Indian meals I’ve ever had, it’s still only second to the Maharajah restaurant in Newquay. There, I have the lamb methi, a fenugreek-based curry dish that actually contains zero tomato! Great for me because of allergies and such.
  • We have a marinara sauce on slow cook right now, as there were meatballs for dirt cheap at work. Yay for price reductions! And 15% off!
  • I’m on part 2 of Fire Emblem Three Houses! I’ve been playing it for many many hours and part TWO has only just begun?! It’s still a fantastic game.
  • This picture, which amuses and delights me:

  • Going to use that as a reaction image to anyone I mildly disagree with.


So, about this image in my work Facebook group:

  • My department, Dotcom, is the online shopping department. You order online, we pick and deliver it. I’m a picker, meaning I’m the one substituting your cauliflowers for turnips or whatever.
  • Our single department, over the last six days, has taken sales that total more than ENTIRE STORES have, including a store comparable to our own in size, and we’re a fucking BIG store.
  • I’ve been starting work at 4am, meaning I wake up at 3am, because of this pandemic. Hours have changed, new staff have come in and out, everything is in upheaval. These are… not necessarily difficult times, but odd. Odd times. I’m operating mostly the same as normal, albeit shunted 2 hours earlier. I wake earlier, I work earlier, I finish earlier, I sleep earlier. But other than that… things are the same for me?
  • Apart from the fact I can’t raid at the moment, which is honestly my biggest upset right now. We raid from 20:00 to 22:30, and I’m having to go to bed at like 20:30 to 21:00.

The world is weird right now.


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