Twenty Four

People who have shared Facebook accounts terrify me. I have this mental image of them speaking in one voice in unison whenever I see a joint account post.




Remember that island I was waiting in the queue for in our last installment of Panda Steve Writes Stuff?

Honey, I be a bellionaire now. I will use my funds wisely of course, by MAKING MY HOUSE THE LARGEST ON THE ISLAND.

Anyway, to today. Blathers was saying yesterday that he wanted to show off art in the museum, and guess who’s on the island today?

IT’S ISABELLE. Oh wait she’s here every day. Of course, she’s talking about Crazy Redd, that cunning fox we all love and hate in equal measure. We love his art, we hate the fakes!

Before I saw Redd though, I saw Teddy ruminating on whether to leave the island or not, because apparently his house is so untidy, it’d take just as long to clean it as it would to pack up and move away! I told him he should stay though, because he was an original islander on Halfhill, and he’s totally adorable.

Crisis averted, and I head to the secret beach and look! A sketchy boat! Not sketchy like the Take On Me video by a-ha though, sadly.

Lo and behold, the sketchy owner of the sketchy boat. Redd is here, finally, and he sells me a “dynamic painting” for just under 5,000 bells, though I had to talk him down from ONE THOUSAND TIMES that price. Crazy indeed.

Before I took the painting to Blathers, I decided to go and find my villagers and talk to them, let them know they’re awesome and should never leave. Bangle loves my new flag, which is basically Tom Nook’s face, so that says more about her than I needed to know, honestly.

Lopez, meanwhile, was paying a little visit to Kitt! Probably to snoop her design choices, Lopez is a smug villager who’s very concerned with looking good, and Kitt ALWAYS looks good.

Besides that creepy doll on the fireplace what the FUCK.

Petition to make NIntendo let us see Blathers with his hard hat and toolbelt on, sledgehammering an art display into place.

The four fossils I brought him were duplicates! Third day in a row! Must be getting close to completing the exhibit!

Then naturally I sped home, minding my flowers and marvelling at the growth of the shrubberies, to change my outfit and write this blog post. Now I leave you with the wise, wise words of the wonderful Boyd:

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