Twenty Three

Day 31 of the lockdown, and I’ve still resisted the urge to modify my hair, and it’s not because all the hair dye in work is still sold out weirdly. Although it partially is.

We’re even sold out of this, the hair dye with the most 80’s-looking aesthetic, both of the model and the box she’s on. I’m fairly certain I’ve seen that hairstyle on a Princess Diana commemorative plate.

Speaking of, I remember when the bf and I went on holiday to Cornwall, we went into a charity shop and saw a Diana commemorative plate. It was so glorious that we had to buy it, it featured her in the most 80’s skiing getup, something like this:

But with larger sunglasses and bigger shoulders. We gifted that plate to a friend who loves kitschy crap even more than we do, but I wish we had taken a picture of it beforehand, as it was just a sight to behold.


And not a native sell price above 70 bells this entire week. Thanks Timmy and Tommy. So again, I am forced to the Turnip Exchange site, because doing it last minute on a Saturday was annoying. Might as well get it done now!

Anyway, Leif is here and he’s selling shrubberies! So naturally I dismantled my Bunny Day fences and planted shrubs around my flower patch.

Buy my weeds, you adorable sloth! Sell me your flowering bushes! Blathers also told me he’s expanding the museum to accept artworks, so I assume that’s the Crazy Redd trigger, and he’ll arrive soon! How exciting! Now all we need is a coffee shop!


In villager news, Rodeo was thinking about leaving, but I convinced him to stay because how dare he leave?! Not allowed, he’s one of my favourites!



  • Today was my second day off, my Sunday if you like, so naturally I went to work for a bit of overtime because YAY MONEY. Only four hours mind, so I was done by 8am.
  • Jerk chicken for dinner tonight. Mighty.
  • We have a Tassimo machine, and recently I bought some hot chocolate pods for it, Milka brand, and while the drink itself is nice, it’s also absolutely tiny, like it fills half a mug. I expected more to be honest.
  • Might try the Cadbury one next.
  • I’m still #4 in the queue wtf, Joe Huge has been there 10 minutes, this is a travesty.

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