Today, a tier list.

This is not a ranking of the strongest characters in the game, but a ranking of characters based on how I personally feel going up against them (either when the bf plays as them, or online).

There’s a tier at the bottom of characters I don’t really have any personal data on, as I’ve so rarely stumbled upon them online, and the bf doesn’t play as them.


They have a special tier of their own, because I have such immense joy in a potential mirror match! I’ve always been a fan of grapplers, and these two are absolutely my cup of tea. Mika, she’s one of those characters that is very momentum-heavy; once she gets going, she’s kinda hard to stop, and E Honda is just the chunky muscleman sumo king, with the best stage in the series.


Balrog and M Bison are here because I find it immensely difficult to find gaps in what they do, and they hit REALLY damn hard. Balrog in particular, one wrong move and he’s taking you to the corner whether you like it or not. Guile is much the same, in that it’s hard to find the gaps, but he’s less of a powerhouse aggressor, and more a defensive wall. FLASH KICK FLASH KICK FLASH KICK. Ugh!

G is a well-known problem character for a lot of people. He’s decent, then when he gets his V Trigger, he’s a fuckin’ juggernaut. The comeback king (or president I guess) of the world for sure. Rounding off the tier are ol’ Chunners, Karin, and Rashid, who all attack at weird angles that I find it hard to react to.

The boyfriend likes to play as Balrog and Bison. I encourage this, because they’re very much my weak point and I NEED to learn how to beat them!


Yes I don’t like the Brazilian electric duo, sue me. More weird angles and oppressive rushdown, much like Vega. He’s flying about the place, he’s poking at you with the claws, he’s rolling on the ground!

Dhalsim, much like Guile, is one of those pokey zoners, and it’s a very valid playstyle and I support it. Don’t have to like it though! Unless I’m the one zoning of course.

Cammy, Ed and Akuma just seem to have very good ways of keeping me off them, whether I’m Mika OR Honda, also Akuma’s hair is silly and off-putting. He looks like Mufasa.


These are characters that I don’t necessarily see as a free win (apart from you Ryu, you suck!), but I just personally enjoy playing against. Maybe they make me work for the victory in such a way that’s affirming and great when I win, but not frustrating to lose to (Zangief, Abigail, Gill, Cody), maybe I just rarely see them so it’s nice to see them blowing out the cobwebs (Kolin, Ibuki, Birdie, Sagat), maybe I just love their theme tune (Kage, Sakura, Ken)! Okay, Ryu’s theme is alright too I guess, and we all love that Hot Ryu costume.

I also kinda feel, matchup-wise, that I personally fight better vs Zangief, Sakura, and Ibuki, though when they get me, they get me GOOD. Not uncommon to see me take three SPD’s in a row.

He is the spinning Russian man
No-one can defeat his plan

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