What I love about the French language is how their numbers work. Ninety four is “quatre-vingt-quatorze,” or “four twenties plus fourteen.”

I did GCSE French at school back in the day, did better in it than I did in English (lit AND lang), then when I went to college, promptly forgot literally everything bar the basics (hello, bye, where are the toilets), and here I am now. A while back, I started learning German in Duolingo, but I keep forgetting to go back to it, to the point where I got that pass-agg message from the accursed owl.

Still, learning a language, however slowly I do it, is fun and I really should pick it back up.


I said I’d do it and I did! I ended up swapping out Qin for Locke, and in the end I went with Nagi over Gilgamesh, as she can do AoE physical attacks, which trigger a load of counters that Warrior of Light can cover and evade! The sheer amount of magical counters Cecil was taking on previous attempts that all chained together were killing him every turn, and I needed Folka to be able to do more than just plonk Reraise on him constantly.

Bye bye creepy dolls. What’s next?


  • I have work tomorrow.
  • They wanted me to start at 2am, and frankly, no.
  • 4am is my limit!


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