As Bent As The Soviet Sickle

And as hard as the hammer that crosses it.

Yesterday, the bf and I made tarka dal, which is basically an Indian lentil curry. I might do the recipe on this blog one day, because it’s awesome and everyone should eat it, but I don’t think I can churn out 20 paragraphs of preamble beforehand just yet.

I’m not a good cook. Never have been, I was raised by parents that loved to cook themselves for everyone, then I left home to move in with a bf that can cook amazingly, so I’ve never really had to. Oh sure, I can marinate chicken breasts and throw them in the oven, or bung stuff in the microwave, but that’s not really cooking, is it? It’s more “heating up” if anything, especially when it comes to the latter.

So yeah, I’ve had not much experience in cookery or baking, which is why it’s always a surprise to me that I get so enamoured with reality TV cooking shows, particularly Nailed It (which is more my level let’s be fair), Bake Off, Zumbo’s Just Desserts, and also general cookery competitions like Masterchef or Final Table. Perhaps it’s an idolisation of people doing amazing things with food I could never hope to replicate? Maybe I just like cake?

The general gist of this is that it’s Valentine’s Day soon and the bf said “maybe you can cook for us!” and I excitedly agreed and now I’m completely stumped on what to do. This isn’t an appeal for recipe ideas, I have a general idea of what I could do, but that idea ranges from “a fancy fry up” to “roast dinner” to “maybe some sort of non-chicken curry idk.”

Maybe all these baking shows are leading me to some sort of weird dessert-dinner hybrid, like an entire roast beef dinner turned into a croquembouche somehow, where all the pastry balls are filled with roast potatoes, or beef, or gravy, and now that just sounds positively nightmarish. The physics alone, my god.

Maybe instead of sweet pastry balls, I can make it out of veggie samosas?

I am still enjoying the current WoW patch. I’m doing the dailies in the Vale and Uldum every day (and occasionally taking a quest in Uldum that takes me BACK to the Vale I just completed dailies in, which has fooled me TWICE now, but never again!), I have 25k Coalesced Visions, I’m at cloak level 8, I am always excited for the Horrific Visions because they’re actually fun (and are making me MORE excited for Torghast, especially if there’s no massive barrier to entry, like you can enter as many times over, rather than farm 10k currency to buy entrance), and the raid is super fun.

Except Skitra. Even on Heroic that fight is a massive snoozefest. It feels like it’s missing a mechanic, especially when compared to Maut and Xanesh, or even Wrathion who came before it!

The only thing I am not so enamoured with is the fact that everything seems very alt-unfriendly. Not actively hostile to alts, as you can use the tokens to get them to a respectable gear level rather fast, but the dailies take time to do on ONE character let alone more than that, especailly if you get the “kill 3 rares” quest, because NOTHING EVER SPAWNS GODDAMMIT.

Still, I am willing to actually put in the time and effort to get my warlock up to scratch because as much as I like the hunter, I miss Shokei and Metasik, I miss Arak’zekeel and Betxia, and even little Pip’tok the imp and Wraadrom the felhunter. Yes I still remember all their names, without having to look.

It’s amazing the small things you emotionally bond with, isn’t it? Even when it’s a minion that comes with a name you can’t change or select yourself!

1 thought on “As Bent As The Soviet Sickle

  1. Claudio Vallesi

    Stumbled upon this blog while looking for info on how to do some old raid’s boss (naxx) and pleasantly surprised that there are still blogs going on instead of the toxic facebook pages.

    Nice one mate, keep writing 🙂


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