I’ve Been a Naughty Boy

So I’m currently on day 4 of a 7 day Twitter ban because I had the absolute temerity to say that transphobes are awful and should be bitten by horseflies, which was reported as apparently inciting violence or something. I mean good luck to anyone who wants to try and corral a load of horseflies to do their bidding but I think they’re gonna be bitten as much as their intended target.

Plus, it just looks like Twitter is taking the side of the TERFs and not trans people and that’s just a bad look, yes it is.


So if you follow me on Twitter, you see that I occasionally post stuff about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which is a mobile game I have been playing every day for 3 years, but recently I have also started playing Gems of War, which is a match 3 puzzle game with “combat” elements and whatnot, and it all started because of that one world quest in Nazjatar, which made me go “I wanna play more of this type of stuff!” and now look at me, living my dream.

And yes, there is a panda character you can have on your team, and no he’s not combat ready yet, BUT HE WILL BE. PANDAS FOREVER!


I’m so sorry body, I never appreciated you properly when you were healthy and well, and now that I am ill (it’s typical man flu stuff, don’t worry) I see the error of my ways and I promise when I return to health, I will treat you better, with the love and respect you deserve!

lol as if, bring on the cake!


I have had many PSL this joyous spooky season, and so I feel comfortable giving you a ranking of them.

  1. Coffee #1! Do you want cinnamon on top? Why yes I do and don’t stop shaking. I wanna be circa 2012 in this bitch, with my own cinnamon challenge.
  2. Starbucks! I actually had a PSL from there days before they were officially released, as I have a Starbucks Card, and Starbucks Card holders got exclusive early access to the PSL so get on my level, trashbag.
  3. Costa! Except they call it “bonfire spice” but it’s basically the same thing, just call it as it is ffs.
  4. The PSL my bf got me from his office coffee shop that one time! He works for the Welsh Government, and they have an outsourced canteen and coffee shop, and the latter has seasonal drinks, so he got one at the end of his work day and carried it home on the train for me because he is wonderful and I love and appreciate him endlessly.
  5. Greggs! Seriously I saw her pump like 6 squirts of PS into my PSL and it STILL tasted faintly like someone whispered cinnamon into a cup of coffee.

Hey, just sell them all year round please. Also, Tim Hortons you need to get IN on this, holy hell. I’m spending so much money on places that are not you right now because you just don’t do a PSL. I want a PSL with timbits! You’d be number one easy!


Still enjoying retail WoW. Still messing around with Porcelaine. She’s not max level yet, but she IS Heritage Armour level!

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been a Naughty Boy

  1. elkagorasa

    ah the mobile 3-way matching games, those are the bain of my color-blind life. I had to quit playing candy crush at one point (~ level 200) because they added a new ‘gem’ that had the same color/style (at least to my protanopia as another existing gem. bleh. )

    1. ikralla Post author

      Oh no! All the ones I’ve played at least have different patterns on the gems so you could distinguish them even in black and white, but I looked at Candy Crush just now and the shapes are all very similar 😦


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