A List: Ten Things I Like About WoW Right Now

There’s a lot of negativity flying around at the moment, a lot of it justified of course, but it’s not all doom and gloom in the world (of Warcraft), surely? So I’ve decided to be cheerful and positive about this game, and list a few things I really enjoy right now.

  1. Survival Hunter: there’s something weird about playing a melee spec when you’re used to ranged, and even more odd when that class is usually ranged as well, but there’s an odd satisfaction to playing as a bomb-slingin’, poison arrow shootin’, polearm swingin’ panda that just wants to harpoon you, reel you in and turn you into burgers.
  2. Warlock: I mean of course. It’s the best class. Throw those demons!
  3. The New Raid: Battle for Dazar’alor is a fantastic raid, and while the first boss is a bit boring (first bosses usually are), the other bosses are magnificent, especially Opulence and Mekkatorque. We haven’t attempted Jaina yet, but we cleared through to her last night, so Monday beckons.
  4. Mining: Sometimes, I like to fire up the ol’ WoWs, find a neat playlist on Spotify, then run around and mine. Just diggin’ all those ores, turning them into gems, then selling that shit on the auction house. It’s my chillout activity of the moment.
  5. Pandaren: I mean of course. It’s the best race. Throw those bears!
  6. Transmog Hunting: Like, 99% of the reason to play is to make my characters look fabulous. Dress them up, pose them, take pictures. Digital Barbies! Which incidentally, is what my mother refers to The Sims as, which is 100% accurate. Check out her dream house (except it’s the size of a studio flat and has the cheapest wallpaper/carpet available)!
  7. Sethrak/Vulpera: Like seriously if the Sethrak and Vulpera don’t become allied races like YESTERDAY then I will… well I’ll get over it relatively quickly but it’ll still be a wasted opportunity. Also give me Jinyu, while I’m at it. I want to make a fishboy! I want to make a snake! They will be best of friends and fight crime!
  8. Spine of Deathwing: He’s about to roll left! He’s about to roll right! He’s about to roll left! He’s about to roll right!
  9. N’zoth: I mean of course. It’s the best old god. Throw those tentacles!
  10. Story Direction: Seriously though, the further we go, the more… tentacular things seem to be getting, and I am very very excited to see where it leads. I’m hoping we get to see Ny’alotha at some point. Maybe witness the rise of the Black Empire! I mean they were only defeated back then by the titans, and they’re somewhat occupied at the moment…

So yes, plenty for me to be excited about!


1 thought on “A List: Ten Things I Like About WoW Right Now

  1. elkagorasa

    🙂 need to try survival on my hunter. He’s a very determined BM hunter at the moment. Love throwing those pets, especially the bee. Little bzzz-bzzz in the tanks ear all night.

    Played my warlock last night and ran a few heroic dungeons and the older Arathi WF (trying to get to 350 ilevel for lfr BoD). Right at midnight he got a replacement trinket pushing him over the limit. Now I’ll get to at least see the raid from both sides of the story (Alliance guild is running normals).

    Chillout activity has been running my hunter through BRF from WOD and Firelands. I can fairly quickly clear both dungeons and net around 2000g each time (just selling soulbound loot). I was there for awhile, trying to do archeology for the Yogg Saron toy in Northern. Had to level from 200 to 375 before I could even start searching northren, then it became painfully-slow and dreadful. Really only 1 narubian spawn point for every 4 vrykul.

    I was holding onto my boost token from launch just in-case the volpera ever became a playable race. After playing through the horde campaign, I am assuming they’ll become a horde allied faction and not a cute alliance race. With most of my game play on the alliance lately, I decided to spend it on a light-borne draneii.

    Spine of Deathwing. my least favorite fight from that entire raid to solo. Started following a strat where you always leave one tentacle up while you stand in the fire waiting for 10-ish bloods to agro on you. Kill that last tentacle, spawns the fire elemental, and magic you can get your 9-stacks really quickly to blast off the next plate.


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