A Prelude, If You Will

Blizzcon starts tonight, which is lovely and all but what’s more important is that I AM ON HOLIDAY! Currently on the hotel wifi, making a silly blog post while I drink and think about what I want for lunch.

Is 3pm an appropriate lunch time? Is there a name for a meal between lunch and dinner? Like brunch as a concept?

What I Wanna See At Blizzcon



What I Wanna See In Newquay

You know, it’s changed a lot since I was last here, all of two years ago. There are fewer gift shops for instance. I suppose they cannibalise each other’s custom; if you buy your gifts in one, you’re not gonna be buying more of the exact same gifts for the exact same price a bit further down the street. I suppose the most popular ones survived, and the unlucky bit the dust. It’d be nice for some more unique stuff to be put there instead. Fancy eateries, or cool smoothie shops!

That church sign has been like that since, I dunno, the dawn of time? I distinctly remember it from when I lived here back in 1999/2000. It’s obviously a refreshed sign, the colours aren’t faded, but they just keep going with that same CH__CH joke, which is charming I guess! Like they’ve peaked in terms of creativity, and every time they have a brainstorming session to come up with a new pun, 99% of the parishioners vote to keep the old sign, and some jokester keeps submitting “Singers wanted, INCHOIR within!” or something to that effect, and everyone’s like “WE HATE CHANGE” and the sign stays the same.


If you’re in Newquay and fancy a good Indian meal, then I can recommend a place for you! I remember seeing it 18 years ago, and every time we visited, and we always wanted to go and never got around to it, but this year! This year we FINALLY went to the Maharajah restaurant, and it’s so amazing. I’m possibly still full from it, 18 hours later.

Also found a New Favourite Curry to eat whenever I go for an Indian. Lamb Methi! Yesssssssss.


Birds here are as dirty as ever. Shitting on people left right and centre. BEWARE.

You know though, the bravest, most nasty birds I ever experienced were located in Wales. In Barmouth, I was literally dive-bombed by a seagull who knocked a doughnut out of my hand, snatched it from the fuckin’ air, then fucked off before I know what happened. In Conwy, birds were congregating outside an ice cream shop, swooping on any unsuspecting person with food. People were literally having to chase them away constantly, and they didn’t take the fuckin’ hint.

And one time, when I was in Aberystwyth university, I had a sandwich in the Wetherspoons by the train station, and figured I’d sit outside as it was a nice day, and some fucked up bastard seagull just stole like half my lunch.

Birds can go fuck themselves.

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