Look to the Future? NAH

7.3 is set in Argus, but who gives a crap about that? That’s decades away, or it may as well be. What’s going on NOW?

Tomb of Sargeras

This is a pretty damn fun instance. Okay sure there are boring fights (HI GOROTH, HARJATAN) and this tier seems to be the tier of “everyone stack to split the damage of something” (HI HARJATAN, DESOLATE HOST, MOON SISTERS, MISTRESS SASSZ’INE, MAIDEN OF VIGILANCE, KIL’JAEDEN, gosh this is a prevalent theme) but it’s still really good. Desolate Host on Heroic is a weird clusterfuck and I don’t know what’s going on even though I’ve read guides and watched videos. It’s just… what the what? Also when I do my opening burst AoE right at the start of the fight I have a frightening tendency to get briefly targeted by the boss and instakilled. Huzzah.

5/9 HC so far. Mistress Snakebitch can do one.


I’m slowly gearing up my Warlock so she can perform a coup on my Shaman and become my main again. It’s honestly stunning how a simple change as “bringing back the Burning Embers mechanic” made me fall in love with Destruction again. Shokei is item level 900, with the Destro artifact’s Concordance of the Legionfall, and she’s as skimpy as ever. I think I might sort out Demonology’s artifact next, considering it too is a fun spec. Gotta hear what Thal’kiel thinks of all the fancy places we go to!

Just know that when the day comes that Pandaren can become Warlocks, I am race changing the SHIT outta Shokei. PANDAREN FOR LIFE.

Having recently got some fantastic Destro legendaries (Feretory of Souls, Lessons of Space-Time) I feel pretty comfortable with my Warlock again. It’s a good place to be in.


So many. So numerous. Never-ending. You’d think the inhabitants would be able to sort their own shit out by now but apparently not. It must be me killing the dinosaur-bird-things, or fetching materials, or playing barrel games with the Kirin Tor who REALLY have better things to be doing, honestly.


Of course all my characters look fantasWHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE?!


1 thought on “Look to the Future? NAH

  1. elkagorasa

    Sadly my warlock has also taken a back seat to game play, but only because friends are all playing alliance. Orc’s don’t (yet) rate playing with draneii or humans (see blog post on patch 7.4!!) . This means that he’s only gotten his first legendary item dropped last week and it was also infuriatingly the portal pants?! Who honestly wants to use a warlock portal? Maybe back when trying to do the green-fire quest, fighting the last boss?? Drop aggro before the imps swarm you! Novelty? Running back from a wipe?


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