Things You Do That Annoy Me, A Novice Monk Healer

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Hello, it’s me, Panda Steve, and recently I’ve been messing around with Lunchi. In particular, I’ve made her a healer now, because Mistweaver is very fun, and also because I can.


Here she is throwing out those hadokens or whatever.

Now, I’m a fairly novice healer, but I’ve been noticing some key areas where DPS and tanks can improve their play, because who better to give you advice on staying alive than the person keeping you alive?

I’m not just saying this to make my life easier. Honest.

(yes I’ve done a moaning novice healer post before, shut up I can do it again if I want)

  • In Halls of Valor, there’s lots of enemies that make lightning. You might want to NOT STAND IN THE LIGHTNING. Whether they’re tornadoes, or dragon breaths, or those lines of Crackle, just go away from them please.
  • Similarly, when fighting Fenryr, he may leap at you. Try not to be near other people or he puts the bleed on all of you and that’s just really annoying.
  • SPEAKING OF FENRYR! Please run away when he’s fixating on you, don’t just let him rip your face off.
  • SPEAKING OF (the trash before) FENRYR! Please don’t pick up ALL the wolves. They love to leap around and smack me random people, and they really can’t take too many of those before it’s unhealable.
  • Hide behind that BIG GLOWY SHIELD whenever Skovald does Ragnarok. I mean, you DO know what Ragnarok means, right?
  • Pull Hyrja to one side. Mein gott.
  • Don’t kill both the adds when facing Parjesh. You need to hide behind one of them so they get speared!
  • Pop. The bloody. Bubble. On Deepbeard.
  • Ordinarily I’d moan about tanks running off way ahead, but shit I’m a monk, I’ve got movement for days.
  • Please use your mitigation. I assume it’s on your bars?
  • I’m questing as Windwalker, primarily because I kill things marginally quicker. When we enter a dungeon and I say “just changing spec, gimme a sec!” (I have that shit macroed), give me a sec. I need to drink for mana. If you’re skipping off merrily to engage enemies without your healer present, I hope you’ve got a Druid healthpool.


I’m not a good healer, but I’m getting better. Healing’s just a side project for me, something fun to pass the time, but boy oh boy does it ever do that.


4 thoughts on “Things You Do That Annoy Me, A Novice Monk Healer

    Marathal said:
    February 25, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    As a Shadowpriest my roll is supposed to be strictly DPS. But years of being a team player, rather than one of those, the healer will keep me alive, players. My first action in a dungeon is to set focus on the tank. I have a shield I can cast if I see them dropping real fast, or if the healer is feared or forced out of range. I even have a heal good for a few hundred thousand I can cast. Now normally the byproduct of that heal is the target will take some damage over time. So I took the talent that negates that. Because there are two critical things in a group. The Tank, and the Healer. Lose 1 and that might be all she wrote, wipe and run back. I a perfect world I trade off having higher DPS in favor of everyone staying alive.

      elkagorasa said:
      February 25, 2017 at 8:24 pm

      This is why I miss dual spec. I used to have one for solo high dps and one for groups .

    elkagorasa said:
    February 25, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    Sorry, my pally
    just needed a quick Heroic dungeon because I needed the aegis from odyn. (last relic for hall in Dalaran). Being mostly in mythic dungeon gear, I tended to ignore most of the mechanics. As a dad, I know this sets a bad example for the other players and tends to get some killed. Also I saw that some in our group were >110, so yes I did pull all the extra trash along the way.

    With that said, my Karazhan team includes a monk healer. From him, I’ve learned that mistweaver is a competent but completely different play style. This is from someone who’s healed with every other class. No big party wide heals, more random. I think I’ll stick with discipline priest, or maybe try pally healing.

    Karsten said:
    March 12, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    wow you sound like a nice guy, all caps and sarcasm there

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