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Perhaps to avoid people getting the Fabulous achievement as soon as they log in, Blizzard made an update to the beta that saw the requirements for said achievement increase dramatically.

This is the most important change ever and so will be what I focus on today. Class changes? Who cares?! Not I!

Having copied my 3 most played characters over to the beta (Shokei the Warlock, Lillorigga the Warrior, and Lunchi the Monk), I was greeted with, well, everything bar the Fashionista: Shirt achievement, and that was only because said shirts were not yet soulbound.


So frankly I wouldn’t worry too much about these stringent 100/200 item requirements. At least shirts/tabards are reduced to 15!

Bear in mind I am a fairly active, rabid transmog item collector, and your mileage may vary. Still, I AM NOW THE FABULOUS.


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