Things You Do That Bother Me

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Not you specifically, you generally. People. I’m going to generalize here, you see. Here’s a list of behaviours people exhibit in World of Warcraft that bother me in some way:

  • I don’t mind so much the PvPing. I’m on a PvP server, it’s to be expected. I’ll admit it, I’ve nuked someone a lower level than me on the way somewhere, just because I COULD, I think most of us have, but if you’re a level 100 and you’re constantly killing people lower level than you (I mean to the point of having killed the same person several times), and trolling their questing experience for your shits and giggles, then you’re a twatbox.
  • You’ve joined a group, probably Kazzak, and the first thing you do is some variation of “SUMMON ME,” whether it’s that, or yelling “123” (why does that mean “summon me”?) or “TP” for the French among you because you’re too lazy to mount up and fly there. You douchecannon.
  • MORESO if there’s no Warlock present in the group ANYWAY. Turdbin.
  • You get a bit of a pass though if you literally CAN’T fly there because you haven’t done the Draenor Pathfinder achievement. Only a bit though, you lazy sack of hammers.
  • You’re in a PUG, and someone asks the group to speak up if you don’t know the tactics. You don’t speak up, even though you don’t know at ALL what to do, and you wipe the group because you keep mixing the fire together on Xhul’whateverthefuck, or you drop void zones where they don’t go, or keep hold of the damn Eye of Anzu. Speak up next time, you wankrocket. They won’t shout at you, they explicitly asked, which implies they’re okay with explaining stuff.
  • Raid leaders in PUGs that don’t explain fights, or don’t bother to ask if everyone’s up to speed. Not everyone’s as super advanced as you, bitchstick.
  • The GOGOGO sort of people you encounter in dungeons. Sweetie, I go at my own pace.
  • The tanks that speed off into the horizon, when Paladin mobility feels akin to a snail wading through molasses. Cockhammock.
  • People who complain about other people all the time, seriously, BE the change you want to see. Oops, nothing to see here.


That’s not to say there aren’t wonderful people in the game. For every wankstache, turdcanoe and, I dunno, dicksmacker, there’s wonderful people who do the opposite of the above. They explain, they’re patient, they’re friendly and undemanding, they’re attentive and polite.

Call out the dickish behaviour you see. Don’t tolerate it. If enough of us push back against the idiots, maybe we can make this game one that new players will be happy to play, one that will nurture and teach them, rather than tear them down and drive them away. And speaking of new players…

Hearthstone has a cross-promotion with WoW at the moment, where if you level a character to 20, you get a new hero to play with. As a result, people who haven’t played WoW for a long time, or even EVER, are floating around the low-level areas, trying to get their bearings. It’d be nice if some of those players stayed, y’know?

I’m not saying we should all go to low level zones and baby them through, but how about not actively working against these people? How about helping them if they ask, rather than mocking them? There’s potentially going to be even MORE new players when the movie comes out, consider this a trial run for then. These new players could be your guildies in the future, your healers and tanks, the friends you never knew you had.

They could of course be the GOGOGOers and the 123ers we never wanted, but we never know until we get there do we?


Well done for sitting through all this. Here’s a Pandaren.


3 thoughts on “Things You Do That Bother Me

    Cinder said:
    March 22, 2016 at 12:24 am

    Brilliant! And I totally agree with you – we need to encourage helpful behaviour in the game. Because you’re right, there will be loads of new players when the movie comes out and we want them to stay! So everyone – don’t be a douchcanoe! And if you can’t be nice, then just be quiet!

    Things You Do That Bother Me – said:
    March 22, 2016 at 2:44 am

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