The Thoughts of a Levelling Holydin

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Say hello to Poundshopwig, he of the holy light and the cheap weave. He recently hit level 60 through a combination of questing and dungeons, and I’d like to present my thoughts on Holy Paladins thus far, and levelling in general, as it’s not something I have done for quite some time:

  • They’re relatively simple. My Clique bindings don’t number in the hundreds! I have the main single target heals (Holy Light/Flash of Light) bound to left click/alt+left click, Holy Shock as right click, and a couple other spells bound to the middle button and the two side buttons. I have one more spell to get (Light of Dawn at level 70) and I may bind that to where Cleanse is now, and have Cleanse on alt+right click, so my two Holy Power-spending heals are next to each-other on my mouse.


  • Questing as Holy isn’t too fraught, considering Holy Shock hits like a goddamn truck. Being on a PVP server also means people are going to try to engage me in a fight, and so far I haven’t died to someone on/around my level! Taking a lot of damage? Healing spells! Spend Holy Power on Eternal Flame! Killing stuff does end up being “use Holy Shock on cooldown, spam Denounce” though, with occasional uses of Crusader Strike if an enemy gets too close.
  • Goddamn there’s a lot of level 100’s that just camp Hellfire Peninsula, aren’t there? I had to log off and play another character because the Horde would just kill quest NPC’s all night long. Bugger off some of us are trying to level here.
  • Hexweave Bags are stupidly cheap at the moment, so take advantage of this and deck your alts out. I got mine for 800-900 gold each! Remember when they were THOUSANDS? Yeah well not any more.
  • Pet hates in dungeons: Monk tanks. They roll/Tiger’s Lust out of my range all the damned time, and Paladins are REALLY damned slow when Speed of Light is on cooldown.
  • So grateful that intellect plate heirlooms are a thing.


  • Alongside Humans and Blood Elves, Dwarves are one of the only races where I’m happy to go male rather than female. This is not to say I dislike Dwarven ladies, but the males get some splendiferous beards and it’d be a crime to pass that up.
  • Seriously, leave Honor Hold alone.
  • I dislike the Blasted Lands as a quest area. It’s just dull and uninspiring. As soon as I got the Loremaster achievement for the area, I dropped it like a sack of hot shit and bailed. Hellfire Peninsula is no better really. It’s just BIG, and it makes flight a necessity to not become horrendously bored, but also to stay somewhat safe. Also too much brown.
  • Protip! Don’t level in Hellfire Peninsula during the evening on a PvP server.
  • There’s this one part of Hellfire Peninsula called Shatter Point that’s really badly textured and it just bothers me. “Shatter Point might make you queasy!” says the Dwarf that mans the flight path and YOU’RE RIGHT, IT DOES.


So that’s that, I guess. ONWARDS TO 100!


2 thoughts on “The Thoughts of a Levelling Holydin

    The Thoughts of a Levelling Holydin – said:
    March 13, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    […] Source: The Thoughts of a Levelling Holydin […]

    Fussypants said:
    March 15, 2016 at 4:24 am

    Holy paladins are the bomb! (Although I might be biased because that’s what I main). If you want to go full on shockadin, I’d recommend Glyph of Denounce, Glyph of Harsh Words, and/or Glyph of Holy Shock for even more crusading powah!
    And I feel you on the griefing in Hellfire Peninsula. I’ve had to swap to a max leveled toon to crush those fun-sucks more times than I care to count. Keep Divine Shield handy!

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