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In the face of a renewed interest in Civilization V and the newly released Street Fighter V, what can World of Warcraft do to compete?

The answer is of course “bears in wrestling outfits”

I mean, WoW has no masked wrestler class (missing a trick there, sweeties) and I can’t denounce and declare war on Thunder Bluff or something.

(Saying that, I downloaded some World of Warcraft-based Civilization mods, so I may give those a whirl, and you may see me do just that)

Well, love is in the air apparently, despite Valentine’s Day being long-gone, and with it we all get x chances at the Love Rocket every day. Naturally, it has not dropped for me or anybody I know, but I saw some random on Trade Chat brag about getting it so I can’t do the whole “IT DOESN’T EXIST” schtick that I could do for, say, Elegon’s or Yogg-Saron’s mounts.

Also I’m still raiding every Thursday. so I guess there’s still that going for it! We’re up to heroic Socrethar and Xhul’horac. We’ve killed them both, but we’re not consistent with them like we are the preceding six bosses. Practice makes perfect, though.


WoW also has pandas going for it. Pandas are LOVELY.

I’ve gotten to the point where I am generally unenthusiastic about writing about Legion stuff in a second-hand manner. I want to actually PLAY it, to feel what the new Demonology is like, so I can write about it and give you my impressions, but I cannot, alas. Way I see it, shit goes in two directions:

  1. I get into beta. Yay! I then regale you with Warlocky goodness;
  2. I don’t get into beta. Oh well! I’ll still post stuff but it will be nowhere near as detailed, or enthusiastic.

That sounds like a “get me in or else” but it really isn’t. I’m content to wait until SEPTEMBER (lest we forget my release date prediction), but it leaves me with not much to write about. Thankfully, as you have seen I can make “not much” stretch out for MILES! Lists! Theories! Wants and desires! Heck, maybe I’ll even dust off the old creative writing part of my brain. Not used it in, oh, 12 years, mind.


  • The Aztecs are a grave annoyance and they ALWAYS START RIGHT NEXT TO ME;
  • Rainbow Mika is AMAZING in Street Fighter V! Like, everything I’d hoped she would be;
  • Screw the Aztecs. And the wonder-stealing Austrians;
  • Screw you too, backstabby Carthage and the WEIRDLY AGGRESSIVE Japanese;
  • No really, they’re always killing literally anything near them, I don’t even know WHY;



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