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A running joke the boyfriend has with me is that he seems to think that I have some sort of… “fetish” (not necessarily sexual though!) for people with eyepatches. Like, yesterday I went on a website that had concept art for one of my favourite Street Fighter 4 characters, Juri. It features her new look for Street Fighter V and OH MY:juri

IS THAT AN EYEPATCH?! Well hot damn I’m totally playing as HER when she’s made available!

It’s not just her. Sagat from the same series has long been cyclopean, having lost his eye to Dan’s father, Go Hibiki, back before Street Fighter 1 even happened:


He’s also an impossibly badass Muay Thai fighter, and I love to play as him!

Carrying on with the fighting game theme, from Samurai Shodown (and also from historical feudal Japan) comes Yagyu Jubei:


Two swords, eyepatch, a handsome older gentleman… and capable of killing you DEAD in the blink of an eye.

Just the one, mind.

Hailing from the same period of time but a different game (Samurai Warriors by Koei, and Sengoku Basara by Capcom) comes Date Masamune, the one-eyed dragon!

LEFT: Samurai Warriors; RIGHT: Sengoku Basara
LEFT: Samurai Warriors; RIGHT: Sengoku Basara

I’M SORRY IS THIS BADASS HOLDING SIX SWORDS SIMULTANEOUSLY? Why yes he is, because he’s yet another eyepatch-toting badass no matter WHAT game he appears in!

I can’t mention Koei without hovering over to Dynasty Warriors, where we have Xiahou Dun:


He, much like Jubei and Masamune above, also is based on a real eyepatched badass from the Three Kingdoms era of ancient China. He was shot in the eye by Cao Xing, and rather than lay down and gently die as most of us would, he ripped out the arrow with the eye attached, ATE it, hunted down Cao Xing and killed him. He didn’t retire from battle after that either.

And there’s more! So many more characters with eyepatches that I end up loving:

Iron Bull!






General Beatrix!


I mean dammit, a number of my WoW characters have eyepatches or blindfolds too:




It’s just a crazy coincidence, honest.




    Thuggs said:
    February 13, 2016 at 8:17 am

    Why oh why is not XO Tigh from Battlestar Galaxtica on here? He did more acting with one eye than 10 actors can with the full sets!

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