Panda Steve’s Best of WoW 2015

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LISTS. I ADORE LISTS. Orderly. Functional. Informative. Here’s a list of what I loved about World of Warcraft last year.

These are all me-things. This is a relatively personal post. Your list will be different, to be sure.


Last year, I joined a bunch of people on Twitter/OpenRaid in a once-a-week raid group. Some of them had raided (then) heroic modes in the past, others (like me!) had little-to-no experience. We started in Highmaul, moved on to Blackrock Foundry, then Hellfire Citadel came out!

A few of us had obviously got bitten by that ol’ raiding bug, as we ended up forming an actual guild together over on Sylvanas.


I’ve gotta be honest, actual organised raiding has rekindled something within me. I wasn’t disliking the game, I was just… bored. I was logging in and not DOING anything, but now I’m actually PLAYING again. So thanks Rel, Hunni, Svallin, Saty, Trimble, Thysis, little indecisive Swainy and everybody else from The Usual Suspects for making me fall in love with the game again.


I’ve been playing my Monk a lot recently. Windwalker is quite a frenetic spec, there’s always something to press, buff/debuff timers to watch, transmogs to collect…lunkick

Also she looks a little bit like Chun Li and that’s always a crackin’ bonus.

I’m simply having FUN with my Monk, something I find missing from most other melee classes/specs. Gladiator is the only one that comes close, and that’s going away in Legion so why bother? Instead, my Monk will be my secondary character, with my main of course being my Warlock.

Who knows, I may even raid on her.


I loved the Timeless Isle. I loved the gear catch-up mechanics. I loved the grindy nature of it (I’m a Disgaea fan after all). I loved the scenery, and killing rares for pets and toys, and challenging myself by soloing progressively tougher enemies. The first High Priest of Ordos I killed on my own? Exhilarating!

I loved the Isle of Giants. Uber strong enemies that drop bones I can trade in for cool stuff? A cyborg dinosaur that littered the whole isle with skeletons? MORE GRINDING? Sign me up!

Tanaan Jungle is all this and a box of Jaffa Cakes. There’s rares, there’s gearing, there’s crystals to farm and challenges to be had if you look properly. Treasures litter the landscape, waiting for the eager adventurer to claim them. There are even reputation grinds and an area with tougher-than-usual enemies that drop items you can trade in for PRIZES!

Prizes deserve colourful text.



FUCK YOU YOGG-SARON At least I get to experience the sheer fabulousness that is Ulduar every week.

12 times.




Say what you like about Thrall stealing the Garrosh kill (it’s been fucking long enough, don’t SPOILER WARNING me), I’m just glad to see that arse dead. Kinda wish Taran Zhu had got the kill though.

You know what? This expansion has not had enough Taran Zhu. He was an annoying little whiner in Mists but let’s be honest, he was pretty badass too. Remember when he basically knocked Jaina and Lor’themar’s heads together on the Isle of Thunder and was all “you wanna fucking kill each-other? DO IT IN YOUR OWN TIME we got bigger, thundery fish to fry” then proceeded to knock seven bells of shit outta Garrosh AND punch him right in the daddy issues?

I’d like to have seen him not accept the result of the trial in Pandaria and gone to Draenor to hunt Garrosh down himself. “THIS IS FOR TRASHING MY HOME!” he’d say as he twatted Garrosh on the head with his stick. “THIS IS FOR THE VALE!” he’d scream as he choked the life outta that prick.

… Aside from that the story was fantastic!

Well, 90-100 anyway.



Gotta get more gear gotta make the Chaos Bolts bigger more crit more mastery more more more feed the chaos EMBRACE THE CHAOS LET MY FIRE BURN YOU UNTIL ALL THAT REMAINS IS A CHARRED HUSK gotta get more gear gotta make the Chaos Bolts bigger…


Sure, Garrison/Shipyard missions are a nice, passive way of making gold, but if you approach it more aggressively, you can make shedloads more. I recently downloaded TradeSkillMaster, and I’m finding it so helpful in helping me price up transmog items, crafting materials and the like, and in the last week I’ve made roughly 80k?

And I’m not even using all my characters to their full effectiveness, just my Warlock, my Monk, and my Warrior on the old server.

Warlords is the expansion where gold making is so easy, you’d do yourself a disservice to not get in on the action while you still can.


Look, is that not just the best weapon introduced in this whole damn expansion? IT’S A FABULOUS PURPLE SCYTHE DAMN IT.


Okay I’m done.


One thought on “Panda Steve’s Best of WoW 2015

    Cinder said:
    January 4, 2016 at 2:16 am

    You know, I agree – it would have been nice if a Pandaren showed up to at least punch Garrosh a little bit in the face. They had every right to. Stoopid Garrosh.

    Great list đŸ™‚

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