Panda Steve’s Favourite WoW Abilities

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I haven’t posted for a while and I need to get back into the swing of things. I like lists and I like talking about things that make me happy, so here’s my top 5 World of Warcraft abilities! These are in no particular order, and are purely aesthetic, because I’m shallow or something.

Storm, Earth, and Fire


Not only is this an awesome way of generating cleave damage (summon a clone of you to mirror your moves on a second/third target), it just LOOKS damn cool. Panda triplets attacking in perfect synchronicity, turning the chaos of a fight into a divine but deadly dance of death!

The ability is getting slightly simplified in Legion, turning it into a toggle rather than forcing you to switch targets to activate (or making a mouseover macro of course), so here’s to everyone being able to make use of it!



I will never NOT take this on my Priest.

I will pull everything by accident (if the Druid hasn’t already).


Shadow Priests lose this in Legion, but Holy and Discipline get to keep it!



Lava Burst


Not only do I like spells that always hit for a critical strike (MAKES BIG NUMBERS), the spell looks and sounds like it straight-up HURTS. You’re hurling a glob of lava at your enemy and it makes a very satisfying BOOM when it hits the enemy.

Honourable mention also goes to the Shaman Mastery, Molten Earth. You can see it there to the left of Shamwhoa actually. Shards of rock rising from the ground and smashing into your enemies!

I like smashing. Speaking of…

Final Verdict


Retribution Paladins have some weird obsession with smashing things with hammers. Retribution’s symbol is a hammer, the Paladin class symbol is a hammer, I’m of a mind to transmog Armageddon to a hammer if I’m honest.

A hammer made of pure divine light smashing into her foes? Final Verdict can stay!

Shame it appears to be getting changed in Legion to a passive buff to Templar’s Verdict. Sadface. They do get a talent that makes hammers spin around them though!

Chaos Bolt


Oh come on, like this spell WASN’T going to feature.

Much like Lava Burst, there’s something very visceral about this ability. It just feels good to cast, and when it hits, it hits HARD. It looks fantastic too, especially when used with Havoc. Green fiery dragons of chaotic energy spewing forth from your hands? It doesn’t get better than that.

So, what are your favourite abilities? Which ones do you like the looks of most? Which abilities just FEEL good when you throw them out? Let me know!


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