Legion Wishlist 1: Demon Customization

We all have things we’d like to see in Legion, and rather than keep them in our heads, why not write them down for all to see? Here’s my pie-in-the-sky Legion Wishlist number 1, where I detail how I’d like to see Enslave Demon get revamped!



It’s not a spell we use very often, as the demons we enslave aren’t really brilliant compared to the demons we summon ourselves, outside of the Pit Lord from the green fire questline. I’d like to see it keep the same functionality in the field (control an enemy demon for 5 minutes), but also have a second effect.

If we enslave a demon that is a counterpart to the ones we can summon ourselves (different colours/skins, but same model), then the look gets “saved”, and by visiting an NPC in our class hall (which I assume is still Planet Awesome?), we can swap out the way the demons we can summon look. Maybe expand it to bosses too! So instead of summoning a normal Shivarra:

"Really? YOU summon ME?!"

“Really? YOU summon ME?!”

Have us be able to enslave, and thus use, the skin of Mother Shahraz!

"So, business... or pleasure?"

“So, business… or pleasure?”

Maybe if they’re a unique model (as above), they can use their different soundbites too!

Maybe we can enslave Durumu, and he can be a replacement for our Observer demon? Seeing as he’s an Aberration, perhaps Blizzard can add an item to his loot table that works like the Vial of Fel Cleansing that drops from Fel Rangari Anaara. We beat him one week, we get an item that turns him from an Aberration to a Demon, then the following week we can use it, enslave him, and use that AWESOME skin of his.

"Do you see what I did there?"

“Do you see what I did there?”

This way, we can have different coloured Imps, Succubi, Felhunters, the lot! Add a special Incubus demon that acts like the Molten Front hunter tames, in that we have to beat it to half health before we tame it, then we can finally get a male Succubus! Something that I think gets requested quite a bit, in terms of cosmetic Warlock stuff. Add it, but make us work for it. We all like having to earn our happy ending!

So there we go. Let us enslave things, and swap out how they look, but keep the “imp/succubus/voidy/feldog/felguard” thing going. We’re not Hunters who have 5 hydras about their person, we’re Warlocks with a balanced set of demons! Just let us choose what they look like.

(yes my Hunter collects hydras, they’re awesome)


1 thought on “Legion Wishlist 1: Demon Customization

  1. elkagorasa

    While I’ve never been too big on personalization of my demons, I do like this idea. Instead of the default fel-puppy, those running around Throne in Tanaan would be a nice change. We already have the warlock/grimoire trainer in town, we could simply run back to him to make the change permanent. He wouldn’t need to ‘sell’ demon name changes any longer.


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