Tanaan Terrors: Who’s Got It Easy?

I’ve been messing around in Tanaan Jungle a lot recently on various characters, and I decided I’d make a throwaway ranking of which class has it easiest in there. I’m not factoring in Druids or Mages because I don’t have those classes at 100 yet.

Also Mages suck.


5: Warrior (Prot/Glad)

Tanaan Jungle is a scary place. Thankfully Warriors can take on the place with relative ease. By playing as Protection, you have access to a wide array of defensive cooldowns and generally high armor rating. By taking Gladiator’s Resolve, you reduce damage in Defensive Stance by a further 5% which is pretty tasty, and have access to a competitive DPS spec in the form of Gladiator Stance. A 15% heal every 30 seconds (with that cooldown reset when you kill something!) through Impending Victory is not to be sniffed at, and through resolve, that healing is further increased!


Also Plate-wearing classes get access to awesome-looking armor, and looking awesome makes things easier somehow.

4: Paladin (Prot)

Like Warriors but with better healing  and slightly worse DPS. The better healing is what bumps them above Warrior, so sorry ’bout that. I like being able to last a while. Protection/Retribution Paladins have a fairly shallow mana pool though, so chain-spamming Flash of Light isn’t exactly viable.


My Paladin’s a Draenei, of course I was going to have her /flex.

3: Warlock (Destro)

You can tell I’m not biased because I don’t put my main at #1. This is how legit I am.

Destruction is naturally the way to go. Though it has no Health Funnel, the passive pet healing/shielding provided through Soul Link and Soul Leech will prove invaluable. Soul Leech in Affliction is practically non-existant. With Demonology it sees some benefit as it procs from Soul Fire hits, but the fact that Destruction’s Soul Leech procs off Chaos Bolt damage is mighty good, and with Charred Remains you’ll be firing a LOT of Chaos Bolts.

Warlocks also have the advantage of them not being the ones taking most of the damage, but a Voidlord. It’s easier to survive if you’re not the one being hit.


No I don’t know why a Warlock’s wearing Fel-Proof Goggles either. It’s best not to ask, you’ll only make her mad.

2: Death Knight (Blood)

The former undisputed kings (and queens) of soloing! Blood Death Knights may not hit terribly hard, but they last fuckin’ forever. Just when the enemy thinks they’re about to kill you, DEATH STRIKE/DEATH PACT, BITCHES. Being a sturdy plate-wearer doesn’t hurt either, nor does the array of defensives, like Vampiric Blood, Icebound Fortitude, Remorseless Winter, Bone Shield, practically everything else in their ability list.


Goddamn if she’s not careful she’ll put her eye out with those shoulder spikes.

1: Hunter (BM)

Hunters, the current undisputed monarchs of Tanaan! They themselves might not be terribly durable, but like Warlocks, they have their own portable tanks. Unlike Warlocks, they’re somewhat competent at keeping the damn thing alive. By using a Misdirect-to-pet macro, you can ensure that things don’t aggro on you for very long, and if you glyph it, it doesn’t go on cooldown if you use it on your pet! Glyph of Mending makes Mend Pet extremely potent, and the Spirit Bond talent adds a constantly-active, passive heal. Your level 100 talent Adaptation will allow you to keep your pet in Ferocity spec (for best DPS!) while retaining the Tenacity cooldowns (for best survival!).

Basically you can steam around the place and just NEVER DIE. Your pet is killed somehow, even through all those heals? Disengage, Revive Pet, Misdirect macro, Feign Death.

Beast Mastery Hunters also have access to Spirit Beasts, which have a healing ability you can cast on yourself using this macro:

/cast [@player] spirit mend

One thing I’d recommend doing though is macroing together Misdirect-to-pet and Barrage. You’ll thank me later.


I’m legit surprised that this is only the second Pandaren picture of this blog post.

Anyway, what classes do YOU have it easy with? Are Shamans superlative? Priests perfect? Mages matchless (Ahahahahaha no)? Let me know!


1 thought on “Tanaan Terrors: Who’s Got It Easy?

  1. sivation

    The problem is gear, which outpost buff, use of Mage tower and the bodyguards used can all impact how Tanaan feels.

    Thus my well geared shadowpriest tears through packs of elite saberstalker mobs, but that’s in part thanks to his gear level (currently poking mythic HfC), synergy between the Mage tower rune of power & the Asuspicious Spirits talent, the guardian orb from Talador and Leorhja as a bodyguard. With that combination Tanaan would be a scary place!


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