Preparing for Legion

With a large gulf between now and the Legion prepatch, whenever that may be, it may be a good time to start making some preparations for your Legion experience!


Khadgar has been, after all.


An important topic. While you can go into the next expansion with minimal gold, there’s obvious advantages to saving up now. If you’re a raider, you can buy BoE items from the auction house to boost your item level before the first raid tier opens. If you’re a collector, there’s bound to be mounts, pets and cosmetic items that will cost a solid wedge of your gold supply. With this in mind, let’s look at what to do:

Cash Out

People are still buying profession materials, so why not take advantage of this and sell your stockpiles? Provided you don’t need them to level your own professions, this can be a good way to make some quick gold before their prices drop like a stone. It’s important to remember that it’s not fully important to max out your professions now (unless you want the achievement for maxing them all), as Legion will probably keep the expansion catch-up mechanics introduced in Warlords.

Working Followers to the Bone

The more missions you send your followers on, the more gold (and resources, oil, items etc) you will end up accumulating. Have as many Treasure Hunter followers for bonus gold! The garrison is probably your major, most consistent source of gold this expansion, so use it!

Solo Old Raids

A good way of making a lot of lovely gold is by taking your level 100 characters and throwing them at old raids. Most classes will find 25hc Cataclysm raids rather easy (especially if you have gear/abilities with Leech! Massive healing boosts), and a lot of Mists of Pandaria bosses are soloable too. Bosses can drop a cool 100+ gold each, and that’s not even mentioning the gold from vendoring all the crap they got. You may even get lucky and snap up a transmog piece or 2 to use/sell.

Let’s not forget the mount drops, either. Go for it.


"so many items, not enough space!"

“so many items, not enough space!”

While cashing out will clear a bit of space for you, and the transmogrification revamp we’re promised will hopefully deal with a lot more bag clutter, having more bag/bank slots is never a bad thing. Alternative Chat wrote a lovely guide on all the bags you can get for free, and if you have a character with Tailoring, you can make 30 slot Hexweave bags. Cash in all those Primal Spirits for Hexweave Cloth, use up all those Tailoring work order rushing items you’ve no doubt collected, and use the resulting cloth to make lovely bags.

And if you’re feeling even fancier, you can sell those bags to other people too!

For those without Tailoring, or for whom free bags just won’t cut it, you’ll have to visit the auction house. Just… be prepared to spend, my loves.


Which character(s) will you be taking into Legion? Are you taking a main and a load of profession mules? Are you taking a character for each dungeon/raid role? Do you plan to level everyone? I’d take the time to have a think about what you might want to play in Legion, and make a decision, because you can use the time to prepare them! Get them a legendary ring maybe, get them geared so early Legion levelling is a breeze.

Me? I’m going the tank/healer/DPS route. Protection Warrior (except she will spend more time as Gladiator, so she’ll be the “oh shit emergency” tank), Shaman Healer, Destruction Warlock!


Of course, you COULD be waiting for Demon Hunters to come out, in which case… I suppose you’ll have a lot of free time to make gold!


Whether it’s achievements, mounts, pets, transmog items or even a natty title (like PREDATOR!), there’s something out there you want, why not take this opportunity to go out and get it? There’s no better time than in a content lull after all!

It might not explicitly be preparing for Legion itself, but it DOES ensure you don’t necessarily have to come back and farm it all later, when the appeal might well have worn off completely.


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