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I have the most terrible affliction.

Whenever I play my Gladiator Warrior, I have the old UK Gladiators theme in my head the whole time.

Oh gosh, do you even remember that? It was my favourite TV show! Every Saturday, my parents and I would go to Salisbury. We’d do general looking around, and one of the things we’d always do was go to the market and get a bag of sweets for me. I always had a bag full of sugary candy letters for some reason. I didn’t make words with them or anything, and there were nicer sweeties at the market stand, but I just gravitated to letters.

I’d eat them while we were watching Gladiators. Every Saturday, without fail. I remember Lightning  being really good at Hang Tough, Shadow being fuckin’ unbeatable at Duel (the one where people twatted each-other with oversized cotton buds, remember? He once hit a contender so hard he BROKE THE STICK), and Referee John Anderson, the most Scottish-sounding man in the world.

THREE, TWO, ONE, *blows whistle*

And yes, there’s an extended version of the intro theme, because of course there is. Usually it was played at the end of the series, when the winner was crowned.

I always had a bit of a crush on Saracen. He was always so smiley and nice, even when he was smashing people into the ground (figuratively. And probably literally too), thus confirming my overwhelming gayness began at the age of AT LEAST 9 years old.



So yes, just know that whenever I play this character:


I’m thinking of old 90’s television.

Thanks, World of Warcraft.


One thought on “Are You A GLADIATOR?

    Dobablo said:
    July 28, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    Saracen was on the recent run of UK Ninja warrior.

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