BURNIN’ in the Jungle

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6.2 is fun. I’ve started playing as Destruction with Charred Remains while flitting hither and thither around Tanaan, armed with numerous Chaos Bolts and a mouseover Havoc macro. Pull too many and the Voidlord dies? Flames of Xoroth and Soulshatter! Voidy dies before FoX is off cooldown? Mechanoshredder as the “OH SHIT” button. burn everything in sight, fly away if I really need to.

Thanks to the Baleful tokens, I’m finally getting towards the level of Critical Strike where Destruction starts to become more viable, and so I shall keep on using it. Charred Remains is really fun, guys. Tripling ember generation means you pump out more Chaos Bolts, and with Grimoire of Sacrifice, high Crit and high Mastery, those Chaos Bolts do a TON of damage.

Of course, Grimoire of Sacrifice is more the raiding talent, you wanna have your Voidlord with you actually in Tanaan Jungle. He takes the hits so you don’t have to!


Doesn’t Khadgar look grumpy today? Cheer up Khadgar, it’ll be the next expansion before you know it.


Thanks to where I work offering double staff discount, I ordered a new laptop that I can collect tomorrow. This means I’m gonna have to find some way of transferring my Elvui/WeakAura/etc settings over because no WAY am I configuring all that shit again.

Shall I get use the bf’s USB storage device, or throw it onto THE CLOUD and hope for the best? Not decided yet.

Clipart yay
Clipart yay

8gb ram, AMD A8, 1tb hard drive… basically this new laptop is WAY better than this one I am using right now, and I’m getting it for way LESS than I paid for this one. Insanity.

Maybe, just maybe, it’ll also have a working cooling system. This current one heats up a LOT when I play anything more taxing on the CPU than Spider Solitaire.


Both my Shaman and my Hunter are fannying around in Gorgrond at the moment, and my Death Knight, Paladin, Mage and Druid are sitting in Tanaan Jungle (the first time, where we’re breaking through) so MAYBE I’ll do some leveling when the new laptop arrives. Alternatively, I could spend my time actually getting more stuff done on the Warlock! Or even send my Monk into Tanaan, get her some Baleful tokens and whatnot.

In short there’s so much to do I can barely decide what to start with. I love it.

Maybe I won’t play Minesweeper though.

I’m sure there’s a lot of people who smashed through the content as fast as they can, though. People who did it all in the space of 3 days or something, and are now sat around twiddling their thumbs and saying “I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WAAH” as they usually do.



3 thoughts on “BURNIN’ in the Jungle

    Bodhi Rana said:
    July 6, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    Just copy the WTF folder from the old machine to the laptop. That’s where your various configs are stored, along with your macros.

    Bodhi Rana said:
    July 6, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    Also the add-ons folder.

    Balkoth said:
    July 18, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    “Mechanoshredder as the “OH SHIT” button. burn everything in sight, fly away if I really need to.”

    If you haven’t, you should try the Artillery Reinforcement from Talador at some point. The main difference is that the bad guys are going to be the ones yelling “OH SHIT!”

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