The DANGER Zone: Surviving in Tanaan Jungle

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Tanaan Jungle. Fraught with danger. Gul’dan’s sitting in his ugly, spiky, green castle, waiting for you to go and smack loot out of Archimonde and pals, and along the way you have to sink his battleship.

You lose, Gul'dan
You lose, Gul’dan

Tanaan jungle is dark. Really dark. If they were going for a sense of foreboding, it’s harder to instill more foreboding than “TURN OFF ALL THE LIGHTS AND LET LOOSE THE POWERFUL MONSTERS”.

Thankfully, Warlocks have it easier than most classes, by virtue of this little guy:

Not the Dwarf. The Voidy.
Not the Dwarf. The Voidy.

Yes, it’s time to reacquaint yourself with your Voidlords, people, as this guy’s your best friend in Tanaan. Keeping him alive is a priority, because so long as he’s between you and your foes, you cannot die. So, it’s all about maximising his survivability to minimise your risk of death, and the best way of doing that? Well, I went Affliction for this, as you gain access to the Health Funnel spell, which is a significant factor in keeping Old Voidy alive, and I took these talents:


Dark Regeneration is the “OH SHIT” heal. Heals you AND your pet over 12 seconds. Shadowfury is best used as often as possible, or as a “OH SHIT” button for when things start hitting you. Stun, resummon your pet if needed, or just reposition yourself, get your pet to taunt off you, then resume. Soul Link heals your pet for 3% of damage you deal, thus directly increasing his survivability. The level 60 talents have no real benefit, though I suppose you can go Blood Horror, just in case something DOES target you, but be wary of it running into and pulling other mobs.

Supremacy makes the Voidwalker into a Voidlord, which is a no-brainer. Archimonde’s Darkness provides 2 charges of your DPS cooldown for when you NEED to pump extra damage on an enemy to finish it off quickly. Cataclysm is another great “OH SHIT” attack, as it hits like a truck in a large area, AND applies Agony and Unstable Affliction.

There’s useful glyphs too:



Demon Training increases the armor rating of your Voidlord by 10%. Fear turns the aforementioned spell into a better form of CC, rooting it in place for 20 seconds, as opposed to running around (and pulling extra mobs). Healthstone is more for YOUR survival, as it doubles the effectiveness of your stones, and turns it into a pretty powerful heal-over-time effect.

Health Funnel is an optional choice. It heals your demon for 15% instantly, as opposed to 36% over 6 seconds, but gives it a 10 second cooldown. You lose less health with the glyph too, 2% for the 1 GCD, instead of 12% over 6 GCDs. Thing is, it’s a bit less flexible than the non-glyphed version, thanks to the cooldown it places on it. It’s definitely good for if you can’t bear to sit and channel for ages instead of DPSing, though as Affliction, so long as your DoTs are rolling you’ll still do appreciable damage.

That glyph is, therefore, a matter of choice. Want a slightly bursty, quick heal, or a longer but more powerful heal?

Also! In moments of emergency, to resummon your demon if it dies, ALWAYS use Soulburn first, as it makes the summon instant! You really don’t want to be sat there casting for 5+ seconds while orcs and demons smack you in the face. Soulburn, Summon Voidlord, Soulshatter, Suffering. Make sure you have easy access to these!



Last piece of advice? Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Move slowly. Pull carefully. Good luck in Tanaan Jungle, my fel friends.


2 thoughts on “The DANGER Zone: Surviving in Tanaan Jungle

    Dobablo said:
    June 26, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    But all those juicy demons just waiting to be enslaved…

    Lynnoi said:
    November 30, 2015 at 12:50 pm

    Followed this, confirmed, whoops ass completely.

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