Bring Me Your PANDAS

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I had such lofty goals at the start of this expansion. I wanted a garrison full of Pandaren. I wanted Panda guards, Panda followers, and my characters to be Pandas themselves.


There’s only 1 guaranteed Pandaren follower, however. Fen Tao, over in the Ashran towns. The rest you have to acquire through the inn, and that’s sadly subject to RNG. Week in, week out, I barely get any Pandaren.



Demonology Warlocks

The Warlords Q&A was last Saturday, and a Warlock-specific question was asked. It of course created a huge furore among the Warlock community.

Why are you nerfing Demonology warlocks to the ground?

Because we’d rather you not play demonology…  There is an ebb and flow, now it’s your turn to be not the best spec, Demo locks.

Of course, in their sheer RAGE, people neglect to notice this:

We saw Aff and Destro mostly drift over to Demonology. We weren’t happy that this was the spec people were forced to play…

And also this!

Demo is still viable but probably not the best spec.

In other words, if you still want to play Demonology you can. You’ll still do good damage. If you want to play Destruction, or even Affliction, then you also can, because they will also do good damage. Warlocks are in a good place in 6.2, believe it or not, and having all 3 specs be viable is amazing! I mean, Affliction is mostly awful now, and Demonology was terrible in 5.4. 5.2 and 5.0, Destruction was rubbish. To have a patch where all 3 specs are actually USABLE is foreign ground for us.

Demonology won’t be the best. They’ve made sure of it.

In the meantime, we want to make sure we’re alleviating the pressure to play Demonology over other specs, which means making sure that it isn’t the best warlock spec.

Now, can we get a fix on Rain of Fire?




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