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I’m not playing WoW as much as I used to. Recently, I’ve been playing other games. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed me playing Civilization V a lot recently.


Some days, I log in, do my garrison junk, then log out again. Other days, I may incorporate a bit of old raid soloing. Gotta get those mounts, after all! Thursdays appear to be my raid day now, and I genuinely look forward to that a massive amount, which is odd as I never really saw myself as a raider.

So… why am I giving the game a bit of space?


I’ve been rather neutral on the issue of flight. I made the point in my last post that I was fairly sick of hearing about it, and I kind of am, but it’s not an issue that’s going away, nor is it an issue I should just ignore.

When they announced that flight would be disabled temporarily, to be enabled in a future patch, I didn’t mind. I would have preferred what Mists of Pandaria did, where you can unlock flying at max level, but this was an interesting way to do it. I like being able to explore from the ground. It makes the zones feel larger to me. Of course, this is mainly artificial size; objects¬†blocking your path, making you go around, and the fact you walk/ride a lot slower than you fly, but to me it still makes the zones FEEL bigger, even if they may not be larger than the zones in Mists (though do be aware I’ve not measured them!).


I KNOW there was nothing promised about flight. I KNOW that they said they were “looking to” introduce back flying in a future patch, and that statement is therefore not a guarantee. All the people who are whining about how “WE WERE PROMISED! WAAH” are wrong. Blizzard are VERY careful with their promises nowadays, and when they say that it was a direction they considered, but ultimately decided to go the other way, I believe them.

Just because I believe them doesn’t make me happy. I would have been fine with them enabling flight at max level in zones that aren’t “current patch content,” so not in Tanaan Jungle. I would have been fine with some sort of requirement like “find 90% of the treasures of Draenor” before you spend 5,000g on flight. To be told that there’s “no flight this expansion, no flight forever after” galls slightly, especially when they’re selling mounts with the ability TO fly for full price on their cash shop. When they initially ADVERTISE these flying mounts on a background that is plainly Shadowmoon Valley, a zone where you’ll never be able to fly.

They have since changed it. Too little too late?
They have since changed it. Too little too late?

Sometimes, I just feel like we, as players, aren’t being listened to. Quite a few Priests left the game recently, including the lady who runs HowToPriest.com, because they feel that there’s a large breakdown in communication between the developers and players. Whyso?

A number of people have made the connection between the developers shutting up shop, as it were, and the introduction of the Warcraft Devs Twitter account. Now, they can pick and choose the “right” questions, it feels like, and ignore anyone that doesn’t have “favour” or uses the right words.

A word of advice. This Q&A on Saturday? Don’t hold your breath on anything. They’ll not answer your hard-hitting questions. They’ll answer the fluff questions, the ones that don’t disagree with them too strongly.

Other Games

It stands to reason that when I play other games, it cuts into Warcraft time. I mentioned up top that I’ve been playing Civ V a lot recently, and now I have Fallout New Vegas working with mods, I’m going to put some time in that too. The announcement of Fallout 4 stirred up a bit of desire in me to revisit the wasteland, you see, and that’s what I’m gonna do before raid time today. I’ve also got Samurai Warriors 4 to play, Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires to play, Mortal Kombat X that the boyfriend and I play together, and all this means that I’m not in Warcraft as much.


I have mentioned this twice on Twitter recently.

I criticize World of Warcraft, not from a place of “I HATE THIS GAME, IT SUCKS, YOU SUCK FOR LIKING IT” but from a place of “I love this game, but I see things I don’t like, and I want the game to do better.”

Because I DO love this game. I wouldn’t have sunk as much time into it if I didn’t. I derive a lot of enjoyment from the game, from wandering around and taking screenshots, to raids old and new.

In Other News

Demonology BUFF?!

This is taken from the official 6.2 patch notes, so that’s more set in stone than not. Still subject to change, however! Initial reports saying this reduces the OVERALL nerf from 25% to about 5%, which is actually kind of what people expected for a spec that was said to be overpowered.

And let’s face it, it was. It was strong single target, it was strong on burst AoE (possibly strongest in the game), it was strong on movement fights, basically it was strong on anything that wasn’t sustained AoE, which is where Destruction and Charred Remains really shines.

Now, let’s hope for something Destruction-based next?



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